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  1. And you didn'teven call me
  2. Not a very smart thing to do and rather frowned upon in the Rep community.
  3. Nooooooooooooo. .........
  4. I'm here, been gone saving my life and family. Miss everyone. ..
  5. Hate me....
  6. Let's see.....stainless steel case, sapphire crystal, leather or stainless steel strap, swiss movement: Random gen cost for the above from (omega, tissot, longines etc. ) 1500-2500 Rep cost of similar build 400.00.....yeah, I'd say the reps are still "justasgood "
  7. Moab, Paypal sent from recent sale as promised
  8. I love the look....radiation degredation
  9. Blessings my Friend, I have no disposable money, but I am willing to donate 10% of the sales on the remaining items I have for sale. http://rwg.cc/topic/185141-10-to-stephanes-fundraiser-make-offers-gen-ebel-omega-rolex-valjoux Can someone bump the ad? Congrats and continued peace and Love!
  10. Now you'rejust showing off. ...where's Rocky?