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  1. Nice.....ahem......HANDy work.......Mittens
  2. Welcome back! All the great members are still here and it's great to have another return. Post up some pics of your current obsessions....... JAG
  3. I see no beers.....or did you mean "Bears" on the deck?
  4. Sorry to hear of the issue but happy you finally have an answer!
  5. Well welcome aboard. As you probably know, this is "The" Greatest replica site with the "Greatest" resources and members. BTW, banks make loans😜
  6. Brand new genuine ETA 2824 just installed
  7. Cheers V! show us your favorite Rep and where do you see your hobby taking you? jag
  8. Who makes the best Submariner rep? An age old question. Really just need to search and look through the TD's sites. You get what you pay for and a really nice Rep with reliable movement will cost. It makes a difference if you intend to have it modded or just look good straight from the dealer. All dealers have reviews and this community posts quite a bit regharding quality and accuracy. No quick ref. can replace your own research and intentions. Good luck!
  9. If only I had my tools I'd take care of it for you....... Plenty of great guys on this board that can help.
  10. TeeJay, Glad to hear from you and I pray that all things work out for you persona;;y and health wise. Warms my heart to see the olde folks checking in.....
  11. Brand new genuine ETA 2824 just installed
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