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  1. It sure did. 3130 was when it transitioned into the 114270 36mm model with no lug holes and sels.
  2. Stem height matches up but your have to use movement tabs. Personally, I'd use a genuine 162xx datejust case and it would be all plug and play.
  3. @blackboxes i was trying to remember where that went! I am glad to see that the gen jubilee is still on there
  4. Nice! reminds me of the gen ranger with gen snowflake hands.
  5. 38mm Tudor Jumbo - custom dial, Rangerized.
  6. I totally forgot i built one of these. Its been sitting in my drawer ever since i got my 94010 franken built. This is in a 94110 case. It has a swiss eta 2824 with the correct hard to find serif font date wheel.
  7. DVNE

    16610 QC

    I'd accept and swap out the DW for a gen one. It doesn't get any better than this.. shameless plug:
  8. Thank you all for the links!!! The Amazon one is perfect because I was just gifted a $25 gift card. This is so perfect. Thank you all!!
  9. Hi All, I have tried to install a 7030 Clark tube on my vietnam case and it snapped off inside. I was lucky enough to get the broken piece out but I still need to install a new tube. Can anyone lead me to a online source where I can purchase this? I am local to Ofrei but I can not seem to find it on their website (or I am queuery-ing it wrong) Heck if someone can loan me one I can send it right back. I'll pay for shipping both ways of course... Thanks in advance! B
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