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  1. JF 16610 SH3135 - no rehaut engraving

    Get those DW's. Super easy to swap too. Easier than swapping a DW on a ETA.
  2. JF 16610 SH3135 - no rehaut engraving

    Nice @Raphaeeel. Which DJ is that?
  3. JF 16610 SH3135 - no rehaut engraving

    Much better but not perfect. Numbers do not have any serifs at all. I will be swapping a gen dw in.
  4. JF 16610 SH3135 - no rehaut engraving

    Such a bargain NOW compared to the last TC offering. It honestly is a great watch for the price. If I have a gen 16610, it would remain in the safe and I would waterproof this and wear it carelessly. All it needs now is a new caseback gasket (the one that comes with it is so thin and does nothing for water resistance) - Same with all of the previous JF 16610 versions.
  5. Sh3135 winding

    Which screw is it to tighten on a SH3135 (for reference purpose of course)
  6. JF 16610 SH3135 - no rehaut engraving

    Just got mines in yesterday. They updated the datewheel font. Much thinner than the previous versions.
  7. JF 16610 SH3135 - no rehaut engraving

    which aftermarket one is that? I saw a few on the bay and that doesn't look half bad.
  8. http://trustytime.store/

    Nice work. Just saw this thread. lol. You can ignore my PM
  9. BP vs ARF 126600 Seadweller

    Wow. That is quick! Whats your take on this rep now that it is in hand?
  10. Yep. In this case I would have a local watchmaker fix that if you aren't comfortable messing with it. I would definitely NOT send it back to the TD
  11. That coiled up spring in the movement could be jammed. Tap the watch face down on your palm and see if that frees it. Same thing happened to a brand new 005 I ordered a while back. Simple fix and after that, it worked flawless with nice and healthy power reserve. These shipping companies are brutal with our small boxes.
  12. JF 16610 SH3135 - no rehaut engraving

    Hmm... my last one was hard to open. Especially after I cut my nails. lol I agree. Used gen clasps are OLD are over priced.
  13. JF 16610 SH3135 - no rehaut engraving

    I used a TC clasp for mines because I had it but I didn't have any issues with my other JF when I was using it. Whats your issue with the clasp?
  14. JF 16610 SH3135 - no rehaut engraving

    It is worse. The 3135 and 3135 clone fit loosely in the case. You have use really long movement tabs and bend them in a weird shape to secure the movement in the case. The JF is much better in this regard plus it is engraved between the lugs. I have this same version in transit to me. After owning 3 of these JF's and going crazy on one build upgrading damn near everything from the dial, crystal and insert, crown etc.., I have found that for me, the only upgrades this needs is a gen datewheel and a gen insert. Everything else is good enough for me.
  15. Homage

    Merry Christmas to you and the family!