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  1. DVNE

    16610 QC

    I'd accept and swap out the DW for a gen one. It doesn't get any better than this.. shameless plug:
  2. DVNE

    Online source for 3.0mm X .35mm tap?

    Thank you all for the links!!! The Amazon one is perfect because I was just gifted a $25 gift card. This is so perfect. Thank you all!!
  3. Hi All, I have tried to install a 7030 Clark tube on my vietnam case and it snapped off inside. I was lucky enough to get the broken piece out but I still need to install a new tube. Can anyone lead me to a online source where I can purchase this? I am local to Ofrei but I can not seem to find it on their website (or I am queuery-ing it wrong) Heck if someone can loan me one I can send it right back. I'll pay for shipping both ways of course... Thanks in advance! B
  4. DVNE

    Rolex Wristies thread

    Decided on no crown guards for a Friday. Tough decision though...
  5. You are better off reselling that crystal or saving it for a future project with a different midcase. Ofrei has 4 different t19's and one of them fits perfectly on the cartel case. I used it plenty of times.. I forgot which exact one.
  6. DVNE

    Baking a dial in an oven - Tropical Dial Recipe

    I personally would let the gen dial age naturally. I'd bake the aftermarket stuff.
  7. Please share a pic of the movement in the case.
  8. DVNE

    Installing Athaya Lume Pip?

    Toss the basket and insert the athaya pearl directly into the hole. I just pushed my pip into the hole. I should really fill the pearl with paint.
  9. DVNE

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Tudor Tuesday for me...
  10. Anymore pics of the bracelet?
  11. It would be a easier task to find a gen 16200 Datejust case then it is to find this 114270 gen spec case. Mines was the last one I saw for sale on RWI and it was years ago. BUT if you ever come across a used eta 2824 complete Explorer 114270 rep, buy it asap. That is the best rep midcase ever made for the 16200 Datejust/114270 Explorer.
  12. My franken says hellooo! I regret selling my old tritium build in a gen 16200 lug hole case but this luminova build will do for now.
  13. DVNE

    TC to 16800

    I had Justin drill out my lugs on my old TC build and he did a excellent job. I am currently looking for another modder capable of the same job on my JF since Justin isn't taking in any new work until later this year. Is there another CONUS modder that anyone can refer?
  14. The raffles 2824 ring is perfect and needs no mods. Only the 2836 rings (that are taller) need to be notched.