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  1. Incredible. Pams really got a lot of attention by the factories to 8 more years
  2. Beautiful build. The bezel looks more 16570 though. Enjoy finishing this gorgeous watch.
  3. Just saw this post as well for the first time. Incredible build. Spent many hours on Microsoft’s flight sim myself as well as their older ww2 fighter plane sim.
  4. Yeah it's a very good rep that looks gorgeous.
  5. Many who joined this hobby years ago knew that the quality of what was being offered was worth $100-300 max. The joy was connecting to other members and modding the watches to our tastes and in regards to the gen article. Remember the old Pams? Having to buy separated crowns, crownguards, dials etc etc. It was joy in itself and within decent price ranges. Then came the change in the pricing strategy in the gen world. After 2010, demand for luxury watches went through the roof, and so did the pricing in both the modern watch and vintage watch world. This spilled over to the rep game. But this increase can also be partially put down to the fact that rep factories have improved tremendously to give us watches that are near perfect out of the box. So much so, that i would never buy the gen article of certain reps. I,e. many Pams, some IWCs and Blancpains etc etc. I stick to reps that are reasonably priced, well made and out of people's eyes.
  6. Interesting observations. A few cents: - A lot of reps don't require more hefty modding. I remember the Pam years from many years back, where you had to mod so many things to get a passable rep. Now you buy them and they are near perfect. Same with some other watches. - Some of the most popular watches have been super-repped, paving the way for less frequent visit here. -However, I do see different foums getting more traffic from time to time. Sometimes most chat is here, then RG, then RWI... it all depends on cyclical crowd movement.
  7. Agreed, after all, it is the gen we pursued in the first place - hence why we considered the rep to give us a taste. But a rep is a rep. However, and as you obv know, some of the reps have been so brilliant that owning the gen has taken some of the sparkle away. I've owned the gen Pam 111 and the Noob v3 at the same time. Whilst differences were there, they weren't enough to offset the proposition of the rep. I currently wear the Fifty Fathoms V1 with a gen dial. Again, the value proposition is so great that I couldn't justify immediately. To me, dress watches are better gen than rep. Sports watches get banged about here and there and the rep market is quite large for them. Dress watches are a little rarer in the rep world and there is more focus on luxury details which reps don't always have. I also feel that gen dress watches can be had for pretty good prices and they are odes to traditional watch making (when looking at movement as well). My personal rule of thumb - enjoy rep sports watches, save up for gen dress pieces.
  8. Nice duo there. Yeah IWC has always been my long time go to brand.
  9. Absolutely. Bond plays a factor but in no way drives the reason for Omega to be so popular. Omega has a higher quality background compared to Breitling and has also positioned itself to be slightly more luxurious over the years.
  10. You are insane. Please send watch and box to ...
  11. Apart from the JLC Reverso - nothing really catchy
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