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  1. dcpark87

    Scammer Alert!! Surgcmdr@yahoo.com

    Stay far, far away!
  2. dcpark87

    Scammer Alert!! Surgcmdr@yahoo.com

    Both Mikes to the rescue!
  3. dcpark87

    Scammer Alert!! Surgcmdr@yahoo.com

    Rwi mods are on it as well. This guy also filed a chargeback on yodog as well.
  4. John K Lee (street address edited by Nanuq) Has opened a PayPal claim for an unauthorized transaction for a 1680 phong case set I sold him back in November 2017. If you have purchased/sold anything with surgcmdr@yahoo.com please contact me.
  5. dcpark87

    [QC] Submariner

    Dark green insert is hideous.
  6. dcpark87

    Gen 3707 parts fit 3719?

    http://www.scotchwatch.com/IWC_winding_crowns_and_tubes.html They have the crown, but which tube would be compatible for the 3719 crown?
  7. dcpark87

    Gen 3707 parts fit 3719?

    Need a tube as well, does anyone know if 3707 will work from scotch watch?
  8. This grail is up for sale on Repgeek at a steal price of $2250.
  9. dcpark87

    Franken Sean's Case Rolex Submariner Blue 16613

    Wife approved gen purchase. Up for sale on the RG. http://www.repgeek.com/showthread.php?t=210358&p=2268144#post2268144
  10. dcpark87

    Franken Sean's Case Rolex Submariner Blue 16613

    I appreciate all of the kind comments. I'm contemplating whether I should sell this, and get the gen.
  11. Here's a few snaps of my Franken Rolex Submariner LV. I hope you enjoy the photos. Thank you in advance for your kind comments. Specifications: 1. Sean's Case Set 2. Genuine LV Dial 3. Genuine Flat-Four LV Insert 4. Genuine Bezel and Crystal Retaining Ring 5. Genuine Crystal 6. Genuine Crown and Tube 7. ETA 2824 H4 8. TC V3 Bracelet 9. WM9 LV Hands Superlumed by PbDad
  12. I'd like to first thank Sneed.12 for taking his time to help me with this project, and apologize for the dusty photos. I hope you enjoy the photos, and thank you in advance for your kind comments. Specifications: 1. Sean's Submariner Case Set 2. Genuine 18K Bezel 3. Genuine 18 Crown 4. Genuine Crystal 5. Genuine Crystal Retaining Ring 6. Genuine Insert 7. ETA 2824 H4 8. Superlumed MBW Dial and Hands 9. WM9 Wrapped Bracelet 10. Custom Gold Datewheel overlay
  13. dcpark87

    Blue ceramic Sub built on BP case, attempt #2

    +1 Superb craftsmanship, and narrative. Would not of expected anything less.
  14. Could an expert kindly help me identify which version Daylight this PAM is, and the origin factory? Thanks in advance.