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  1. Brilliant , best if there is a conversion kit available for diver to transform
  2. Post some pictures with your PO ti here thanks!
  3. Dear members if your interested do drop me a pm for the TD contact details and promo code
  4. Appreciate if you could kindly share if you have ordered or enquired on the new 3.5 on here
  5. The truth is out and mjmj has given his opinion, I would appreciate if he would post his comment on here rather than leaving it in private
  6. Update: I have provided both mjmj and miagi the link to the TD. After investigation I would like to invite both mjmj and miagi to provide me the due feedback points.
  7. Remember if possible use a payment which you can trace.
  8. Fellow forumers ,please exercise caution should you need a further clarification please email the moderators
  9. Yes. Thanks for flagging up this issue. Nonetheless, I wish to clarify with you that the promotional code is only for this specific V3.5 model and it has a limited run. I will provide Miagi with further information to investigate if this is a "Scam"
  10. FYI this is a thread with regards to the noob v3.5. It is essentially a facelift for the cyclops and its ready to wear instead of bearing customs risk and installation risk should you order a part. Its ready for order from the dealer. Kindly PM me if your interested I can provide you with the full link to the website.
  11. I will remove this post should I violate any of the forum rule. I am posting on behalf and for the interest of members nothing else.
  12. The above watch is not for sale. Please do not be mistaken. I might have phrased it incorrectly. But with the discount code you will be able to receive a further bargain due to consolidation and economies of scale to the TD. Encourage you to compare before selecting your TD.
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