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  1. Always liked those Doxa divers...take it easy on 'em 😻
  2. Is the low beat movement that much of a giveaway/tell? I thought the main tells on the rep were the chapter ring/hands/dial
  3. Are you talking about Neil aka TTK....master photog and wordsmith?...still have a pic of him and some tigers prolly at Sriracha Tiger Zoo from back in the day. Came aboard here about 14 years ago. Reps from MBW....to MBK...Eddie Lee's photobucket, River's Reps and DSN...wow have times changed. Miss The Zigmeister, his work and writeups the most. Mostly lurk and flip reps here and there on the boards now
  4. same same Another one to add to the proverbial list
  5. Gents...these are awesome! Legends' mods are sublime. I have worn mine into the Ginza boutique and was complemented on it....yeah, I know...but I just couldn't resist.
  6. Just received mine....giddyup. Its a beauty! Thanks A!
  7. I picked up the Steve Caporal bag from Ben at that price point. It really is an excellent bag and I am impressed to say the least. Shipping was $108 EMS but the packaging of the shipment was shit and I need to engage with Ben on that as it was very poorly wrapped. Faux croc Hermes box was all fucked up due to a few broken pieces of styrofoam used for the packing job. For Fucks Sake Ben....if I spend $1k for a bag, could you please fucking wrap that muther fucker up a little more with some bubble wrap. /rant off/ I plan to post pics and do a review here soon but am moving and wanted to chime in on the bag. I would like to comment that just like our watches and the various factories that kick out our reps, their are really good reps and really bad ones. Mine is excellent. OP got a shitty one for sure.
  8. sexymuthafucka holy shit…i just wet myself….again Superb build. Nice photos too! Wear it in good health!!!!
  9. Also waiting on the KW version as well... These pics are driving me mad!
  10. Mate, Have you tried Rex? Since Ziggy's departure, I have used both Rex and Vac...yes, Vac will tell you 4 weeks for something which is really code for 4 months...lol. He does great work but be prepared to wait! Rex was about 5 weeks for some A7750 work on one of my ROOs. Maybe give him a try no? cheers
  11. I have uttered those words many times….sheesh.
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