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  1. Hi Pete,


    Do you happen to still have the 2013 LGI Watch Collectors survey?

  2. PeteM

    DSSD dials

    Best thing to do is buy on from a dealer or maybe try BK ...you will probably get a BP crystal without much problem but Noob wont sell parts generally unless your dealer has an in Then send crystal to Prof in USA or Domi etc in EU... Profs is best as its colourless.. Or just keep look out for sales threads as I just sold one and they do appear now and again... Or just send your DSSD direct to Prof or Domi etc and they will take it out and get it ARd for you..
  3. Its defo not front loading mate You have 3 screws holding movement to the movement holder ring.. You probably wont get the dial out by taking the bezel off without doing some damage
  4. Rochest is Watchesinternational Mary is Kingshow Ken is Chazingtime All are TDs either here or other forums but you will find top 2 in TD section mate
  5. There's a few more of the 03s already released in last few days in PVD etc movement is 9125 Miyota There's still a bit to do with the lume colour uncharged but these are al ARd and superlumed etc
  6. Its the magistrates comments that get me.... Be interesting to see his sentence.. bound to be community service and repay damages at £5 a week...
  7. As well as the big influx of IWC reps coming over next few months this new B&R should be here soon as you can see from the prototype below... Another maker may be bringing out some of the larger models as well... {robably after the national holidays over there
  8. Hi guys I am still getting used to this new format for the forum and I have tried searching in the usual ways but the answers all refer to the old format site... I want to edit my signature... It used to be in settings on my profile but now I cant find an option to do so... I can do my avatar and other user info etc but i cannot see a signature edit option Can any one point me in right direction .... hopefully it wont be the door ... !! WANT TO BUY OR TRADE FOR A BELL & ROSS 01 (46mm) PLEASE
  9. loosely they are abbreviations I guess that are used to differentiate between makers... some makers produce better or lesser reps... all dealers sell these watches (with a few exceptions, but generally speaking) Its too much to explain here all the variations... but once you decide on the brand, the model, the budget... you choose the maker (if there is more than one) usually and if you are lucky there will be one maker that stands above the others for your particular watch choice... (or maybe only one, in which case its a no brainer) anyway then you find out with research on here in releva
  10. Oi Oi 'ammer !! Welcome mate... plenty of interesting sources for your project mate and most that work within all ranges of budgets... Many guys here do that sort of stuff themself but parts wise guys like TC, Jacksontse, getatwatch Helenerou River etc etc But you will find that info as you trawl around.... also try HF forum as they do lots of sterile stuff and can get some great ideas.. Look forward to seeing you around mate... Close one so far... COYI...
  11. Blimey T ... where you been mate.. Good to see you mate... I hope all is well? Thats some sweetness right there... Lets see that Blue baby... Would like to see that beauty on the wrist mate or in daylight... see some dial action.. Very Sweet and very tasty mate
  12. Blimey mate...Quartz.. really... surprises me you would think of going for that in any of those... The newer 25J asians are very robust and pretty well made.. much better than the older 2813s etc I think you would be better only going for Swiss if the watch is a keeper and worth the expense If not go for a Swasian hybrid or Asian Clone which you can pick up cheaper from a M2M sale usually in a watch that no one really lies and ends up or even starts out cheapish.. Or find a cheap one from the dealers as you can find some decent movements in some horrible watches that because they are horribl
  13. No matter where you start it wont end there so dont get to hung up on the first one mate... I would recommend if you cant decide that you start with a brand you like or wanted to try... then think about your minimum and maximum watch size.... after that comes the makers and/or versions and best and more reliable after that.. Say if you wanted Breitling then size can be either say 42 or 44 then best OTB rep is arguably the SuperOcean Abyss... even laying next to the gen you cant spot the differences.. then you can look at the movement options... If you are budget limited then do the same exerci
  14. My reaction was the box was rep..or certainly from that pic the cloth inner etc... though many guys mix and match old gen boxes with rep accessories etc... For me the only box worth buying is a branded multi watch box like the OP 6 or 12 watch display box etc... Other than that they are only good for pics and even when it comes to selling it can be a PIA... But each to their own ...thats what makes this hobby so great and so appealing as you can go as little and/or as far as you want and no one can be critical of it as its a very personal thing just like an opinion... Best of luck to you m
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