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  1. Views??? Note I know the date is slightly of center
  2. The order is in... will post a picture once I have it in hand.. hopefully early august
  3. I have the same build - still very very tempted
  4. Pinged Phong, the price is 1650.. but can't get much more details.. might be worth a punt
  5. That's the way I read it e.g. 1650 for the complete kit. If so, it's not a bad price for a Phong. Also, Looks like it's possible to swap the eta for a 1570 at a later point. I would appreciate the forums view, I'm very tempted
  6. All, Looks like Phong has a new "eta" offering for some of his Rolex's. Was thing of the 1665 Comex, but before splashing $1650 i was hoping to get the forums view on the build. Thanks
  7. For the London guys; Harrods has a minor vintage Panerai exhibition these days (~10 watches) including a stunning 6154.. Apologise for the poor picture quality..
  8. All the TD carry the samme models, so look in the Dealer section.
  9. hey omegasix, It depends on what you will be doing and for what company; i work for an IB and trust me you don’t want to come day one as an intern with a Patek or a AP ROO. Also, if you work in a high paying environment a lot of the guys will know something about watched and will be able to pick our the Patek as a fake fairly easy (if thats something you care to avoid). I would suggest a Panerai or a high end Rolex if your looking for something you would be able to pull off. Alternative, the Tudor BB Avoid rose gold, as an intern ppl will know you cant afford it. Hope that helps
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