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  1. jmb

    JMB '1016' project update...

    R, You must have one of the early cases, they had a smaller dial seat. The later cases will take up to a 29mm dial, lots of play but personally I like the old ones better. When I build these I use the "low" ETA dial seat/spacer, place it on the movement, drop on the dial washer, then glue the dial to the spacer making sure I keep it centered. Also, don't you mean the case is 28.3mm" Seems it would be kinda hard to stuff a 27.9mm dial in a 27.3mm hole! Justin B.
  2. jmb

    My JMB 1016

    Looks good! And, it's a "real" low-beat movement!
  3. jmb

    Cars & watches

    Not a car, but...
  4. jmb

    Yet another JMB 1016

    Great job!
  5. jmb

    Installing a hev valve on a cartel 1665

    I have no idea, it was for a member a long time ago.
  6. jmb

    Installing a hev valve on a cartel 1665

    I installed one of the functional Yuki valves for bro. woof a long time ago - exactly like the Rolex item. It was a bit nerve-wracking but I got through it. But, it's not a project to tackle with a hand drill unless you are going to "cheat" like Automatico did!
  7. The "Certified Cheap Ba$tard" in me says "Bravo, a job well done!"
  8. All kinds of different watch related terms explained. Of course all of us here already know all of them... https://newatlas.com/watch-terms-glossary-technical-reference/53691/
  9. I'm glad Nanuq volunteered to take this project on as I'm broke...
  10. jmb

    What we really need...

    I don't think it would be feasible as the "Rolex" DW is wider than the ETA DW. I suppose maybe a very thin (.oo6" or so) blank brass ring could be bonded to a standard ETA DW and then be printed but unless thousands were sold it would be a helluva lot cheaper to do a good DWO and then futz around with the alignment.
  11. jmb

    Rolex 1016 Space-Dweller

    Sweet! Did the case require any mods for the movement to fit?
  12. Hi JMB, 


    I'm trying to contact you, but have an error message when I try to send you a message... 


    Best regards, 



    1. jmb


      Try it now, I had to renew my "membership."

  13. jmb

    Still no 1570 or 1520 Movement clones, right?

    I don't think "complication" is the issue. Although I would love to see the 1570 repped I understand why they don't do it. Parts suppliers tell me that most factories are primarily interested in producing what is "hot" right now and don't put much priority on "vintage" stuff. This was the reason I was given to explain why I had to wait 8-10 months to get my last batch of 2824 DJ cases. That being said if there is a petition going around to present to get a 1570 repped I'll gladly sign it!
  14. I don't think a T12 would fit a 36mm case, it would the 34mm. So a dial and a T22 would give you a passable Explorer.
  15. I had to switch to "Alternate" theme to be able to post or reply to anything...