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  1. jmb

    What's it worth?

    It was sad about Holden. They had a couple pretty bad-a$$ hotrods...
  2. jmb

    What's it worth?

    Now, I've heard that one!
  3. jmb

    What's it worth?

    Heh, good one, hadn't heard that one before. I might have ran up against some of that stuff in a Fiat 850 Spider I had years ago...
  4. jmb

    What's it worth?

    What if they didn't have Lucas electrics?
  5. jmb

    Franken Tudor Ranger build

    Interesting interpretation, I like thinking outside the box.
  6. jmb

    What's it worth?

    I do believe they can sense fear. I had a BMW 320i that I nicknamed "Hitler's Revenge" as it was always trying to bankrupt me. jim - I agree, any tool can and will be misused but if we are afraid of what things might be used for we'd never leave the house! I never considered a car to be a weapon of mass destruction until a couple of years ago, how times have changed since Nanuq and me wuz kidz...
  7. jmb

    What's it worth?

    I see nothing terrifying about it, just a mechanical device or tool... I appreciate the history and technology behind most mechanical devices.
  8. Great job on the dial! Here's my early 70s franken (all gen except crystal, movement, and hands) which I sold a few years back in a fit of insanity. Keep working on the lugs and the bezel is still a hair fat but you're getting there.
  9. jmb

    What's it worth?

    Well, R, I am getting to the point in life where I almost agree with you. As I get older it's more "chore" than "fun" working on the ol' heap. But, when I get thumbs-up going down the street in my '57 Belair Rat-Rod it makes it almost worth it. That being said, having a rebuilt front end, disc brakes on all 4, newish GM 350 crate motor, TH700-4R overdrive tranny, power steering, power bucket seats, and air conditioning makes it easier to put up with the little issues that pop up from time-to-time!
  10. jmb

    Rolex 6350 Case Set

    I promise, after I hit the lotto this will be the first thing I do!
  11. jmb

    Rolex 6350 Case Set

    You keep this up and you'll force me to build one!
  12. jmb

    My first rep!

    I remember back in the "old days" if you wanted a Tudor you had to build one! Nice that there are decent looking off the shelf options available for folks now.
  13. jmb

    Yuki cases "out of stock"...

    They have Monte Carlo cases as well...
  14. jmb

    Rolex 6350 Case Set

    Oh, Man! Don't ask Nanuq for any vintagizing tips or next thing you know you'll be driving over it with your car and then hooking it to the bumper with some paracord and dragging it for a few miles down a gravel road!!!
  15. jmb

    A couple good '1016' project threads...

    Eet no worky...