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  1. Didn't MBW do that on a batch of GMT Master dials way back in the day?
  2. Nanuq's answer was a bit more diplomatic than the thought that came to my mind..
  3. Maybe an RSC used a rep dial?
  4. Screen printing is not fine enough. Dials are printed using a "pad-printer."
  5. Diameter wise it should fit and as long as the stem position will be close to the 2824 I guess it would be OK with a spacer.
  6. I don't know, what diameter is a 1570?
  7. I will be heading for the hills in about a week but when I get back (maybe in July) I'll crank out some case sets.
  8. It looks quite "domed" and would be nice in a 6350!
  9. Mike, Glad you have found something to keep yourself occupied. I hope you are able to start writing again soon, I really need to see how the saga ends! Justin B.
  10. I've built one Day-Date from the rep case and the 2834 with plastic spacer for day wheel fit perfectly. I mill down Sub case backs all the time to engrave as Tudor but these 1 6200 case backs are much too thin.
  11. Was that for a Date-Day? They do have a pretty flat back on them...
  12. Yeah, not much can be done as it is so thin. About all I can do is slightly reshape kinda like a bubble back but the height stays the same.
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