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  1. jmb

    18238 Build

    I suppose that makes sense...
  2. jmb

    18238 Build

    I have always wanted to understand why people obsess over the weight. I like a lighter watch and have debated with myself whether it would be worth my time to build an aluminum case. If somebody could enlighten me I would appreciate it!
  3. The main issue you are going to run into is the stem position is different between the two movements.
  4. Thanks for everybody's conjecture guess educated hypothesis, I don't feel so bad now! I'll go with "service" dial that way it could conceivably be in anything.
  5. I hated this the last time I tried to answer this question. The more I stare at them the more they all look the freakin' same!
  6. No, I don't think that will be the end. They run out of the white ones quite often. They ran out last month, got some back in and a week later they were out of stock again!
  7. Yeah, sometimes the white ones have the 3/6/9 spaced in too far from the edge. It is a shame ingod went away but for an affordable dial Yuki is about it...
  8. Does anybody have a guess as to what circa the Yuki matte dials are based from? Got a couple of the yellow lumed ones on order (white is out of stock - AGAIN) and was curious as to what serial number range I should use...
  9. Found 'em! Have 3 of the buggerzzz... Oh, sorry about the hijack.
  10. Don't have complete watches but might have a couple of the dials...
  11. I may have one or two of them in the box, I'll have to check. They worth anything as a collectors item?
  12. Didn't MBW do that on a batch of GMT Master dials way back in the day?
  13. Nanuq's answer was a bit more diplomatic than the thought that came to my mind..
  14. Maybe an RSC used a rep dial?
  15. Screen printing is not fine enough. Dials are printed using a "pad-printer."
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