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  1. I believe raffles has this case.
  2. jmb

    Rolex cal. 1570 to 1520 ?

  3. jmb

    Rolex cal. 1570 to 1520 ?

    2836 has the plate while the 2824 uses a wavy washer...
  4. I understand...
  5. You have way more patience than I, my friend!
  6. I'm almost as old as you are! 😕 I remember helping my dad put up pasture fencing back in the day...
  7. I actually have one of those and it gets good use. But, I won't bust your bubble by telling you what it is used for...
  8. Coming along nicely.
  9. jmb

    James Bond's Sub up for Auction

    Yeah, I think I'd rather have THAT one instead of the watch...
  10. https://newatlas.com/james-bond-rolex-submariner-auction/56962/
  11. jmb

    What's it worth?

    It was sad about Holden. They had a couple pretty bad-a$$ hotrods...
  12. jmb

    What's it worth?

    Now, I've heard that one!
  13. jmb

    What's it worth?

    Heh, good one, hadn't heard that one before. I might have ran up against some of that stuff in a Fiat 850 Spider I had years ago...
  14. jmb

    What's it worth?

    What if they didn't have Lucas electrics?
  15. jmb

    Franken Tudor Ranger build

    Interesting interpretation, I like thinking outside the box.