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  1. I will probably switch out the movement. Have two laying around. That or save up 25k for a gen
  2. Andrew. The bracelet really is crap though. And it's 28.8 high beat, although the gen is not.
  3. Is this light for a watch of this era or is the weight what you would expect?
  4. Critique time. I received this 1019 yesterday and although I'm happy overall with the quality of the watch, the bracelet is absolute [censored]. It's the cheapest feeling bracelet I've seen since starting this game. The links screw head slots are also so wide that my screwdrivers have trouble removing them. The SEL also 'dips' in at 6 and 12 leaving an awkward gap with the bezel. The dial, crystal, and hands look pretty good but the bezel, like the bracelet, looks cheap. Almost like its chrome plated and not polished stainless steel. Total weight with 2 links removed is 87 grams.
  5. I just received my vintage milgauss from Trusty and you're completely right, the riveted bracelet is SO PATHETIC. Are there any updates on the Yuki bracelets? NDT still the best option after 7 months?
  6. Your post is probably worth around $1000 hehe... Thanks for sharing!
  7. Bought the wrong bracelet!!! Should be 7835, not 78350. Off by about 20 yrs . It's in beautiful NOS condition but I'm still an idiot. Smh.
  8. I would get one from BK or TC. Higher cost on the front end but you won't have to deal with the cost and hassle of a service. Plus gen like construction so it can accept gen parts if you choose to go that route.
  9. So many movements! That pic doesn't even look real. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. I got a prohunter sub from TT and it passed a 5ATM dry test. For a beater, I think it's fine but the PVD looks cheap (almost transparent) so prepare to get it recoated. Because of this, I don't know if they are worth what they are charging for it. I'm sure I'll love it when I get mine back but that's another $200 invested that I'll probably never see again. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  11. And how did you come to that number? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  12. I guess I'll get a 5500 dial from Yuki. Any other makers I should consider? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  13. You still get satisfaction from the building process though right? I don't plan on selling this and if you can get the parts at the right price, why not?
  14. I'll decide on the dial after I decide on the movement. Currently have a whoopy explorer dial but it's designed for ETA
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