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  1. Word Association Thread

  2. Word Association Thread

  3. London attacks

    "Because the topic was the political correctness stifles the ability of those who must take action to protect the populous from doing so" No it wasn't, at least have the courtesy to read the opening post. Again back on topic... Yes thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this atrocious evil event from Australia too. Ken
  4. London attacks

    How does that even come close to the topic we have here? Of course your sprouting rubbish when you are throwing up stories like that in a thread about about terrorism in London, it is not even your thread so it is a complete hijack. It would be akin to me discussing all the pedophiles within the Christian clergy...it is not part of this discussion, so take some advice and stay on topic. Ken
  5. London attacks

    @HaydenM I am also a centralist and I personally think you should stay on topic because that stuff you just sprouted is rubbish. This discussion can only remain if it stays civil, we have very strict rules against political threads but we mods are allowing some levity here. So back on topic, please explain how you believe deportation will work. Ken
  6. London attacks

    I'm just waiting for someone to offer a solution short of another world war. We have already had the 'Political Correctness' label thrown in, soon someone is bound to try the 'Liberal bleeding hearts' tag, but you know something...Left, right or center we all want this terrorism stopped by any means...that work. There was 80 million civilian deaths in WW11 so no it is not a liberal bleeding heart that does not want to go there again. Some points to remember there is 1.8 Billion Muslims in this world, nearly 50 countries that have a Muslim majority and one Muslim country that has Nuclear weapons and that is before we see which side communist countries will favour. That is a war that will touch every corner of the earth, it is a war that will doom mankind, it is a war with no winners. Make no mistake a terrorist is the scum of the earth no matter what colour their skin is or what religion he follows and yes we do need to meet it head on but we also need to remember that they are currently a motley crew that recruits kids to blow themselves up, don't let the political fear mongering turn the ugly dog into a fearful monster. Ken
  7. London attacks

    sorry but your vision then is basically WW111 Ken
  8. London attacks

    Just a quick point on what I stated about home grown terrorist. These are people that have been born in the countries they attack, some have roots to that country going back further than those calling for deportation. So in fact you are not calling for the deportation of a few unsavoury types but in fact every single Muslim, in the UK that is about 3 million so no it is never going to happen. For that fact alone the focus must be on trying to stop or reduce these attacks by other means. I think that Theresa May has taken a step in the right direction by looking at shutting down the online networks used by these people to communicate and recruit, sure it's not eye for an eye stuff but start an all out war with the Muslim religion and the death toll is going to be thousands of times worse and that is not the world I want to leave my daughter. Ken
  9. London attacks

    That is the point though Mike, the majority of these attacks now are home grown terrorist so there is no real military way to stop them. We need to get out of their countries, let them slaughter each other if need be but don't give them the excuse to continue these attacks in the west. Ken
  10. London attacks

    It's a sad sad world we live in now. Unfortunately if there is one thing the Irish conflict taught us it's that there is no easy fix. I still think everyone should just get out of the Middle East and let them sort their own problems. Ken
  11. Word Association Thread

  12. Word Association Thread

    KGB Oops
  13. Midnight in Alaska

    BTW not for sale so don't ask Ken