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  1. This is my web site here.... http://cyckdb.com/ However I haven't had time to update it for a long time so if you don't see what you want ask and I will check stock. Ken
  2. Wow 😮 nanuq is there any way of getting back into the sub forum? Those interviews are part of my being Ken
  3. I think we also tend to get used to the low shipping prices we get from China. I tried shipping from Aus to other countries at one point so I could see first hand the quality of the item but in the end the cost was prohibitive and I had to put my faith in my Chinese sales rep. Ken
  4. Forgot to add that until CNY next Feb all shipping worldwide will be free of charge. Ken
  5. What I find interesting about this topic is the fact that buyers of softgoods obviously have a much higher expectation than those who buy watches. My customers expect the actual item they chose that looks like the genuine item and on their doorstep within a couple of weeks. Ken
  6. Happy Birthday buddy Certainly one of my favourite interview subjects and fortunately the only one that has lasted over time Cheers Ken
  7. Hi Hamad and welcome to RWG, however you have posted in the wrong area. I assume a mod will be along to move this post into the correct section. Ken
  8. Yes I had to go around my connection warning to get in but seems ok now. Ken
  9. KB


    1, 2, 3 and again
  10. Yeah buddy it's been a lot of years, come down South with your family one day and stay with us for a bit we have lots of room Ken
  11. Ok with Christmas fast approaching it's time for a few little gifts from me. CHRISTMAS BONUS SHOPPING Every order over $250 will receive a free gift, you specify man or woman and a gift will be added. Or a discount of 10% If the order is between $599 and $899 you will receive a free woman's purse. Between $900 and $1099 you will receive either a pair of ladies fashion shoes or a man's suit. Between $1100 and $1299 you will receive a ladies LV canvas bag...Damier or Monogram. Above $1300 and you will receive either 2 ladies bags or one ladies and one man's (of like value) bag free. Cheers Ken
  12. Ineed I was there was 10 of us in Bali and it was a bit of a boozy blur Good to see you Mike Ken
  13. Unfortunately over the past few months life has taken me away from the boards. All good things such as my Birthday trip to Bali and the Daughters 18th with family from oversea's, just it has been too much going on for me to run Bergies at the standard my customers expect. Anyway I am back on board now and I will soon put up my Christmas discount sale, so stay tuned and I promise to check in most days to service any orders Cheers Ken
  14. KB do you source high qauilty watch

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