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  1. The most valid point is that Good Muslims are as powerless to stop Bad Muslims from committing murder as Good Christians are from stopping Bad Christians. Think Timothy McVeigh, Anders Breivik and in my own country Martin Bryant and these are just the tip of the iceberg. The fact is that radicals are just as hidden from those in their own religion as they are from others. This war is never going to finish by a few well placed bombs somewhere in Syria, maybe we should try to just the hell out of their country and see what happens? Ken
  2. can't forget the TRL Ken
  3. and who remembers 'Sticky Balls?' Ken
  4. penultimate
  5. fountain
  6. Ok first up I saw your thread on the ebay/Paypal issue and to me it demonstrates the level of stress you have, I mean you say they agree with you but they need 11 days for the seller to respond, that's less than 2 weeks nothing to get worked up about. The other point is that gaming is in no way a hobby, in fact depending on the games they can actually add to your stress. Ken
  7. Bob (Bob Jane famous Aussie driver)
  8. Just one little tip, get a hobby that you can do at home at any time when you want to clear your mind. Ken
  9. A little birdy told me he is celebrating in Las Vegas, pretty sure he's have a good one:) Happy birthday M Ken
  10. Where-as I cannot claim to ever being rich I was earning $120K+ with my own company before my back went 10 years ago, I then dropped to $20K a year work cover. At that point you need to make tough decisions, my wife and I have learned to live with less and we have recently celebrated 20 years of Happy marriage. The lack of money can define you if you let it or it can make you more determined to live a good life, you say having money would make you dump your alcohol for a better life...what if dumping your alcohol will in fact give you a better life? Ken
  11. Actually no, I do feel that the word fake in the replica game is mainly used to loosely mean junk. Even in your description of the fake fur, the manufacturer will state faux, those that label it fake are in fact doing so to point out how cheap the item is. Where-as I do agree with you that the word itself does not have to be derogatory, I have only ever seen it used on these boards coupled with other words like 'knock off' and 'crap' There are even many watches that we have seen that simply do not have a genuine counterpart, they could easily be referred to as fake but we call them fantasies, the best reason I can see for this is that even with all the inaccuracies as long as it works it is still a real watch, maybe a shocking replica but a watch none the less. Again this is just my viewpoint and it is one that has grown mainly out of being a dealer. The number one indicator of buyers remorse is when the customer stops calling an item replica and starts saying fake. Ken
  12. Ok I haven't read all the replies but I have read enough to know that my view is a bit different from others. A replica is a copy of a genuine, that can be anything, watches, jewelry, furniture, cars etc etc....There are good reps and bad reps but as long as they operate in the manner one expects they cannot be fakes. Fake can only be 2 things 1. Derogatory term used by one who owns a genuine. 2.Something that looks like the item (for example watch) but is in fact nothing more than a paperweight. Ken