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  1. Ok with Christmas fast approaching it's time for a few little gifts from me. CHRISTMAS BONUS SHOPPING Every order over $250 will receive a free gift, you specify man or woman and a gift will be added. If the order is between $599 and $899 you will receive a free woman's purse. Between $900 and $1099 you will receive either a pair of ladies fashion shoes or a man's suit. Between $1100 and $1299 you will receive a ladies LV canvas bag...Damier or Monogram. Above $1300 and you will receive either 2 ladies bags or one ladies and one man's (of like value) bag free. Cheers Ken
  2. Ineed I was there was 10 of us in Bali and it was a bit of a boozy blur Good to see you Mike Ken
  3. Unfortunately over the past few months life has taken me away from the boards. All good things such as my Birthday trip to Bali and the Daughters 18th with family from oversea's, just it has been too much going on for me to run Bergies at the standard my customers expect. Anyway I am back on board now and I will soon put up my Christmas discount sale, so stay tuned and I promise to check in most days to service any orders Cheers Ken
  4. KB do you source high qauilty watch

  5. KB


    Some may be wondering what has happened to me and my sales. The answer is life, sales dropped to a point that I had to take on another job which when added to time for family gives me very little time for RWG I will always pop in from time to time as I do love this place but my irregular visits is no way to run a business I therefore ask anyone who is looking for goods to please make contact through my email Bergies57@hotmail.com My email is checked a few times a day so you will always received a prompt reply. Cheers Ken
  6. Hello there. Reading some messages from others I found that you were highly recommended. I am interested in purchasing few bags and such. What is the link to your store or website. Basically just guide me. I have bought items from Andrew at Trusty Time and Ben from Finer labels before. Generally a good experience. Yet given some latest reviews I think it is time I check your place out.

    My email is : gene.shapiro@gmail.com


    Looking forward to doing business with you.


  7. I'm seeing a theme here.... 😄 kick
  8. but first you would have to wrestle them off T Ken
  9. KB

    Happy Pi Day!

    Oh sorry I just popped in because I thought there would be food 😳 Ken
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