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  1. Hello there. Reading some messages from others I found that you were highly recommended. I am interested in purchasing few bags and such. What is the link to your store or website. Basically just guide me. I have bought items from Andrew at Trusty Time and Ben from Finer labels before. Generally a good experience. Yet given some latest reviews I think it is time I check your place out.

    My email is : gene.shapiro@gmail.com


    Looking forward to doing business with you.


  2. I'm seeing a theme here.... 😄 kick
  3. but first you would have to wrestle them off T Ken
  4. KB

    Happy Pi Day!

    Oh sorry I just popped in because I thought there would be food 😳 Ken
  5. I just popped in to...um...damn I forget I hate when that happens...
  6. G'day mate, we have our fair share of Aussies here Ken
  7. 13 years 😮 I can still clearly remember the whirlwind of activity on our first day, being in Australia I had to be up at 4am for when we first opened the door Ken
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