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  1. Hi all! Got stuck yesterday and in the heat of the moment my watch bracelet broke. see pics for better description. so, where can i find a new clasp? or do i need a whole new bracelet? and lastly, can anyone float me one? or point me where to find one. Thanks
  2. Hello!My SA needs repairing, Crown doesnt screw in anymore Movement A 7750. Also would like som reluming done aswell.Any one near or perhaps in Sweden??
  3. Many thanks DMS, placed an order for the 8 watches
  4. ... worst site ever.
  5. Im having a really hard time finding good watch boxes, any fellow swede (or any other for that matter) that will point me in the right direction. Have searched the Bay and googled like a mad man for the past 3 days.. So.. Fire away! Show me the good stuff.
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