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  1. Nice, always good to check. If anyone has a rubber rep strap for sale please let me know. Kindest Chrono
  2. Hi All, I am just waiting for the arrival of my repaired Breitling BCE but since it was broken since forever I used and then sold the old straps so I dont know what size I need to order as a replacement. I am guessing 22mm but just wanted to put it out there. Thanks in advance Chrono
  3. Anyone that has not taken part in the raffle in Watches please take a looks. It's a great raffle and more importantly it will hopefully help get one of our best patrons a helping hand during a tough time. A lot of people complain about faceless charities, well here is one that has a face, some great tattoos and a lot of history here.

  4. Time for some gentle mods to my little Pasta Missile, new stripes, remap and soon new wheels and wrap. 190BHP and near on 250 Nm of lovely torque. Shades on, top donw and find me a road with broken "safety" cameras
  5. Nice piece AJ. Courtesy of your recent sale I am now rocking the FM CH Jumbo today.
  6. One point about classic mini Z-cars - if you don't know do a search, utter madness but great fun to drive. www.z-cars.org
  7. I must admit the boot(trunk) is not that big but if I jack out the rear seats it can fit about the same as the Cayman
  8. Thanks, it's more fun when you take off the safety features like traction control
  9. I got the wife a VW Touareg so I can have fun with this little fella and fun it is. Reminds me muchly of the good old days when the Mk1 Golf GTI and my Pug 205 1.9 GTI would wither the manpieces of fat cat Mercs, Jags and Rovers around both street and country lanes. Both smoking fun, smoking fast and my mother wouldn't have gotten into either of them
  10. I was introduced to the idea of layering complimentary scents. Current favorite is Issey Miyake and Terre D'Hermes. Takes a bit of juggling to get eh balance but holds well, fresh and zesty and mellows of to a good spicy finish later in the day.
  11. Oops, I completely missed the official wristie post so lets try again Just out of the box from the ever steadfast MR AstonJenks and on the wrist for a big Bank Holiday Countdown
  12. @Beachcomber - Similar beast but on steroids - I considered a Porker but TBH this is more stealthy and gets a lot less attention from the police and running costs are borderline sensible but my goodness Autnie Agnes it can shift. Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you the Abarth 500
  13. Just out of the box from the ever steadfast MR AstonJenks nad on the wrist for a big Bank Holiday Countdown
  14. Indeed, the only option is to replace the top bushes. I am going to go the Bilstein route and head to Rob Boston Motorsport to get the suspension geometry bang on. Can't wait to find what's going to fall foul of this diminutive rabid mouse
  15. Found a gen dial on the bay in a pale mint green, might consider this for my CH arriving today.
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