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  1. @eshow3907, @SSTEELdon't bother replying to explain m8....let this insulting ignorant find his own answers somewhere else
  2. Seems you are pretty arrogant....and this is positive??....Thanks BUT...NO thanks! I expected a more mature and professional answer, especially as I specified that I am a beginner.someone helped you out and this is how you thanks him.. .....your attitude needs a lot of work
  3. yeah right, .....and you have a professional attitude insulting members like Ssteel who answered your question? Seems you are too lazy to do some searching of your own as Nanuq found that in seconds.....
  4. are you serious???...2 post with the second one insulting a member who answered your question....if you would have bothered to do some reading before you replied in a ass way, you would have known the answers to your questions!!
  5. My watchmaker works on Rolex and all the major brands professionally in Bielefeld, let me know if you need his contactinfo
  6. just buy a cheap crystal press on the Bay, it will come with several dies...
  7. https://www.topwatchparts.com/ https://www.ebay.com/b/audemars-piguet-parts/bn_7024827996
  8. 😀😂Seems they were high on some kind of stuff when they made these....
  9. looking very nice mate, I would age it a little as the crystal still looks brand new but overall, very nice
  10. If you are in Germany, I am happy to send you the info of my watchmaker...
  11. @Nanuq, @Mike on a bike...spammers around
  12. @Nanuq, @Mike on a bike spammer around
  13. Nice write up mate....Every watch with a gen ETA goes first, rep second in terms of quality....but for me the point of collecting watches (reps and gen) is the chase of a watch, modifying it when possible, selling and buying another ect. I know...I am a watchaholic but can't help it. I have collected watches for about 25 years, reps came along in the early 20th century...I must say I have been very lucky buying reps...started out with some phantasy pieces form Reg/Narika, then I got hooked by the watches of TTK/Neal, a totally 'intersting' experience dealing with Neal, then Paul, Silix with his crazy sales and Andrew/Trusty. 90% kept on running. I bought some very nice reps M2M and after visiting some GTG's, some from Deltick, a collector and great guy from the States which, allthough running on A23 mvts, were great watches...still have two now running as new after 13 years. One is my Pam 005 which will not be sold...:) That was the time of watches hidden in plastic toys, even got one in a chinese shaver form Andrew ....great times...and no QCpics whatsoever...lol Today most I buy M2M or from Andrew or Sead. Sadly I got scammed twice on RWI recently, I have lost a few k all over the years but it seems scammers are free to do whatever they want over there even a mod is defending the scambug so still waiting for a refund and then I am out of there.. But in general, 95% of my reps were good buys from trusted members on RWG and RG. I almost never had the quality experiences you had with crowns falling off or bezels....I love tinkering with watches, repairing and modding whenever possible....luckily I have a good friend who works for a major watch and jewelry chain in germany and he helps me out when i am stuck, my collection now is about 65 reps and 10 gens, all in good condion and I notice that it get's harder for me to sell a good piece...sold my Pam 000 old skool last year and still regret ....:)
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