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  1. capice

    My ever expanding collection

    nice...also love the 8 days....:) @kernow already sold it I think,...will have a look
  2. Fully agree,...the best forum for sharing and learning about tinkering with watches.... maybe this site can be of help when servicing/repairing...Mark is a watchsmith and he has a complete course online, also many videos about assembling and disassembling, specific problems ect...I think a lot of us here already know him. https://www.watchrepairtalk.com/
  3. capice


    Welcome and enjoy m8
  4. Nice job @ Timelord...that is what this forum is about. Sharing knowledge....thumps up m8
  5. Not an Explorer fan at all but .....WOW, this is ART man
  6. capice

    My ever expanding collection

    Here is a part of my collection.....
  7. capice

    new member here

    Welcome and enjoy rwg
  8. capice

    116520 black modded ARF by legend

    good to hear m8, congrats with the watch. Emails about being friends, eachothers phonenumber and a box and receipt always worked for be in case of customs issues...
  9. capice

    Noob needs advise

    a lot of nice Seamasters to get m8, maybe consider buying m2m, so from members here....
  10. capice

    My Fantasy Rolex Semi Bubbleback Project

    love these pictorials...way to go mate...well done so far....
  11. capice

    german watchaholic says hi...

    Finally you made it mate,...enjoy...;)
  12. capice

    Forum Announcement - Mike On A Bike

    woehahahahaha....thought they were MBW's....:)
  13. capice

    Forum Announcement - Mike On A Bike

    Are these original Bergeon tools?....
  14. capice

    Rolex parts gen or not?

    As a Rolex newbie I looking for some gen parts for my 16600, dail, bezel and crystal. I know dails have the crown-rolex-crown two times on the dailback inscribed, gen crystals have LEC or an S when it is a service crystal. But how to tell when a crystal is offered as gen but hasn't got the LEC or S? For the bezel, even a gen bezel has no Rolex marks... Hope the experts can chime in..