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  1. Wich movement is this

    On the Eta the engraving of the minus and plussign is slightly bolder(on the 2nd version it is) I guess this is an Asian one.
  2. Breitling Navitimer

    Andrew will get you this one, he changed websites a few times but store is the correct one.
  3. This is where the boys leave and the gents come in,...good noticing mate.
  4. Finally finished 5513 - uncommon crystal

    Never been a fan of Rolex in my life....but I changed my mind a few weeks ago.....very nice build this one,
  5. Back online

    thanks mate...
  6. My return to the forums *PICTORIAL*

    And I thought I was crazy......
  7. Dutch/Belgium GTG April 22th (2018)

    Will try to have a coffee, ...have to work there...
  8. Dutch/Belgium GTG April 22th (2018)

    Hope to see some of you guys again,.....:)
  9. Nice to see my pics from 2010 again....have a ball guys
  10. You deserved it mr B....hope we will meet at the next EU GTG...and many to come. Take care.
  11. PAM005 on BOB "Marino"

    looks great, I love this color
  12. Another Diver back from Uwe.

    Had the pleasure of meeting Uwe and his wife at a GTG in Brussels....great guy and awesome work this
  13. Dilemma with TW Steel Watch

    dutch company producing in CN, pretty popular here...depends all about your personal taste I would go for a franken
  14. Guangzhou Unusual

    looking good R...is it a gen "beammeup" watch you are wearing..? Enjoy your stay