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  1. capice

    Slevin relumed

    nice job m8, well done....Slevin, oldie but goodie
  2. capice

    Hello from San Diego

    welcome and enjoy,...the best info and knowledge is here
  3. capice

    Tudor MT5612 movement - real, fake, clone?

    better pics then in your other post m8...need a pic of the balance...
  4. capice

    As Close To Original

    welcome, check our TDsection for the best deals on reps
  5. capice

    Afternoon all.

    Welcome and enjoy, ...if you don't ask questions, you will never learn answers
  6. capice

    Ammo Strap Gallery

    they look amazing, nice job.....
  7. capice


    well done legend and mods, so good to see scammers like Tariq are being exposed and paypal has acknowledged he is a scammer too.... let's visit his shop in Boston and treat him on some falafel........🤑
  8. capice


    it gets more and more strange....why send the clasp and the strap???
  9. capice

    Problems uploading pictures

    uploading when dragging files in a post? it works for me
  10. capice

    Hello to everybody

    Welcome and enjoy rwg,...would be nice to see your collection
  11. capice

    miyota 8200

    If you have the decorated one it looks nice
  12. capice

    Arrived today, ARF SD43 V2

    naaaaaaahhhhhhh....amazing watch....I wonder what you will do to the poor thing..
  13. capice


    dealing replica's is still an illegal activity so i wouldn't say too much about it to paypal, just refer to watches.
  14. capice


    +1, totally unexplainable....the guy is nuts. Make sure you weigh the envelopes and make a photo while they are unopened on a scale as proof for paypal.
  15. capice


    Simple, just weigh the watch or another with the same weight and give this with the video to paypal. It will prove that this scumbag did not send anything but an empty enelope