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  1. capice

    A3135 or .......?

    Thanks bro, highly appreciated
  2. capice

    A3135 or .......?

    Nobody who can help if it's a V1 or V2?
  3. capice

    A3135 or .......?

    anyone can chime in if this is a V1 or V2 SA3135?
  4. capice

    A3135 or .......?

    cheers m8....
  5. capice

    A3135 or .......?

    thanks D, I will make some more pics tonight...anymore experts who can tell me?..I wanna be sure about the correct mvt in order to get parts for it or a replacement mvt...
  6. capice

    A3135 or .......?

    Help needed....anyone?
  7. capice

    A3135 or .......?

    Got this a few hours ago...I thinks it is an A3135, can an expert confirm?
  8. capice

    Scammed @ RWI by Frederico Houtjes

    I am in the Netherlands, let me know if I can be of assistence
  9. capice

    Tudor 9411/0

  10. lovely project m8, great skills...
  11. capice

    Where to buy a Noobmariner

    gngngngngnggood old days with TTK, whata guy that was...
  12. capice

    Couldn't resist on reps again

  13. nice story, I will follow this closely....:)
  14. capice

    Changing to Swiss movement NYC

    welcome m8,...depends on what mvt is inside....if it is an A2824-2836 or 7750 it might be possible...cheapies normally have an A2813 which is not swappable for a Swiss