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  1. Hi there, i cannot PM you

  2. Hi folks, I am very sorry to hear that not everyone is refunded. But I think its worth speaking out loud: He refunded me! Not via the refund option and "only" the net amount with fees on the way back deducted but though he did! So I lost 9 EUR which sound a lot better than 145 EUR and although I am still quite confused about the circumstances I am quite happy with the outcome now. Some info: The refund came from a different account than I paid to - strange but he** I dont care. So I think he's on the right track now - and may be hasnt ever been on the wrong one and just has a weird communication style? I wish you all best luck in receiving your money back and want to thank everyone for the support here in the thread and also via PM. Cheers!
  3. Pete, I am 100% with you. But he promised to refund - and if I understand his mal right he will do so even today...so lets wait a few more hours then we'll know. All I said is: what else then a refund can we want? So now he will refund we could at least keep quiet untill the deadline has passed fruitless. He was talking about "end of february" at latest.
  4. Well such small amounts I pay cash and so probably does he. Anyway, what does the receipt help? Its still no tracking number. Also I dont think it makes sence to keep bashing on him - he will refund, lets wait till that has happened!
  5. Beeing one of the buyers...I dint get an Email - even checked the spams. May be you should resend to mynickname at gmail dot com.
  6. I have kept very quiet in this matter so far - not because I dont care, I do care a lot - but becaue I didnt have the time. By now, this might turn to the good. I very much appreciate you promise -xslyyx - to refund if nothing shows by end of february. I asked for a tracking twice before paying and I you send not trackable after all, thats your responsibility. Although you said this would be an "EU deal" (I would never buy from outside EU), I just failed to do my homework that Croatia ist EU :-( So if the watch would have been lost in customs-clearance I would not be claiming you - defenitely not at all! BUT: since you send without tracking we will never know what happened. I have bought and send closed to 100 watches over the years in all forums (just did a quick count on my pic-folder) and never ever did I or anybody else send a watch without tracking....not a single one...not even a strap or a single screw! You did send 4 watches withou tracking by now - all of them got lost - doesnt that ring a bell? So lets wait until the end of february and I strongly hope you use the time to do whatever is neccesarry and not to "disappear". AND: I feel a lot more confident now, the forum works great, you'd be surprised what all the users and ***** have piled up on information about you I will more than happy to press delete on this once the watch or money turned up. (and I have to rething my internet habbits - quite a bit scary what traces and hints I left myself)
  7. So its 4 watches by now - I dont think this can just be jst bad luck! Something must be wrong with that guy. I will wait for another week then start to take aktion. My cousin lives in Sweden and she will try to find out if I can give her a power of attorney, and the other two one of course too so she can start to press charges at the swedish prosecution in our names, whats nice about her: her husband is a lawyer. Mods: please save his IPs whick are usefull for reporting him or identifying him when prosecuting. This will be three reports about the same person - I think we will get the swedish prosecution to take action. All we need is his address also his IP will do: btw. one watch arrived - so there should be a senders address. I am not willing to get him by with that! This summer all my family will take a three weeks trip to sweden....again, knowing his address...he should start up hiding. So lets stay in contact via PM to exchange his address and some official paperwork lter on for the power of attorney - more via PM in about 1 week which I am willing to wait from today. Cheers BJ
  8. Hi marinamm20! Did you receive the watch by now? Me and another guy are also waiting for a a watch to arrive....again no tracking number and no reply to my PNs. I explicitly asked for shipping it trackable. Cheers BJ
  9. Great idea! When I suggested the same nearly 2 years ago http://www.rwg.cc/members/index.php?showtopic=64250&hl= noone cared about it, so nice it has some interest this time! Unfortunatelly my PAM dont come with a serial, but the next serial I see, I will of course post in here!
  10. No...just replying to:
  11. I can strongly recomend Domenico. Thank you so much for the work you did on my 212! It keeps time now spot on and even beats most of my COSC gens. I am afraid I cannot tell you what he did and what I paid for it, because doing this might have two results: 1.) Domenico won't have time for my watches anymore as he well be overrun (if he isn't already) 2.) he will face bankruptcy sooner or later
  12. Well welcome to the right pages! What you are looking for, is probably the Euromariner: http://www.rwg.cc/members/index.php?showtopic=80604
  13. I have ordered one of the 108 Explorers and it has arrived already. My opinion: keep your hands off! My watch arrived with one of the markers floating around and the dial is scratched. Joshua promised to send a new dial...hasnt arrived yet. The most problem is: the hands don't clear the dial enought so the hour hand nearly scratches the dial and has to be mounted in an angle in order to clear the dial. My watchsmith tried to install another movement but then the seconds hand doesnt fit because touching the dial. Next problem: with my watch the glas isn't straight so the crown in the glas at 6 is way off center. Conlcusion: I wasted 108 USD and will never ever order a watch there again!
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