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  1. @robertk "we're not worthy"... hi - my friend...R
  2. Members and Friends...and yes - there is an american "huge" difference between the two,,, greetings to all - but more importantly, a warm "hi" to our long-term members and those that can recall my contribution in horology and avatars... 8 1/2 years of membership with RWG and a similar tenure with our friends and repgeeks, rwi, etc... disclaimer: owner of $12k in genuine watches (breitling implied) and holy crap, over $100k in rep valued watches... first and foremost - to one of my most loyal friends, Sixx, "i suck!...pls forgive me"...pls know this, feel this - dude - i love you like a brother...life and a slew of excuses that are lame to say the least, have kept me away from keeping in contact...it's not from not caring - cause you know, and others know, i care deeply about our relationships and this hobby/obsession we share...my most valued watch is not one i own...it's the one, Hike and I sent to you when you we felt you needed it most...not b/c you needed it - but rather b/c we thought you did and loved you enough to care!...members - this is but one vignette of what's behind RWG...it is - what is, at the core of RWG... to members old and new - judge not...as some of you know - we all drift in/out of this hobby fior a variety of reasons... that said, hi to everyone that has drifted away...it's ok and expected....watch collecting and/or whatever we cloakly call this hobby is not the only interest we share...my family, my work, my other sorted "obsessions" take me way from RWG...but at the core, we are all connected... thanks to all of you for the years of friendship, knowledge and comaraderie... rock on and thanks...i am, and always will be, thankful for RWG... Rob
  3. soooo misunderstood...lol...us old timers...with millions of dollars of rep watches...not to mention the minority of gens we have to keep us honest...greetings friends...the hack is back!...work/life has kept me in the lurking ranks...not to mention the M3 i picked up that is keeping my motoring interests forefront...hi to all my "old" time friends...miss you guys...to you "newer" members - "hi!"...remember to respect your elders...and always remember, its not the watch that matters, it's the lineage!...
  4. depends upon age of the BB rep...the older ones, have rock solid movements, IMO...mine hasn't an issue...Z worked my BB...the movement has never failed me...and my BB is acutally a BlueBird...Z lumed me blue...unique and a keeper!
  5. hey T - don't like the brown strap...like the black one MUCH better...nice texture on the watch dial...sweet watch...R
  6. bump...still haven't found that small hand that's keeping my 204 on the bench...help wanted!...(hi to everyone!)
  7. Or a really small black 6497 hand...the post size is 0.27mm...it's for a PAM 204 Wempe...thanks for any leads...R
  8. Hi guys...i just picked up grew's PAM 204 Wempe and it's in need of one of the smaller seconds hands with black paint...the PAM 204 is a venus 175/seagull st-19 (ST1901) movement...from my research the hand is 0.27mm (can anyone verify this?) which is the same post size as the 6497...i am not sure if there's a height difference or not... Does anyone know of a source for this smaller hand...all i can find from the usual sources are the "standard" 6497 seconds hand... Thanks for any assistance, R...
  9. generally, i prefer Breitling over Omega... ...i own a Colt SQ panda dial...your Colt is a GMT - which is kinda cool...but with the GMT and the numbered dial, i don't think it is as "well-balanced" as other Breitlings...that said, i do think your yellow dial Speedy is pretty cool...yellow is more or a "novelty" color, so you might get more wear out of the "calmer" Breitling GMT...personally, i'd pick the yellow Speedy - ditch the two-tone bracelet - and put it on a NATO or rubber strap...
  10. hey m...i love these...it's been on my list for awhile...i especially like the one in your pix of the various models...quartz or not - who cares...go for it!...R
  11. very sobering news...may he rest and peace...thoughts and prayers to his loved ones...
  12. Happy Birthday hackR!

  13. IWC Portuguese Regulateur - a la redwatch, The Zigmeister and Francisco...great heritage...better watch!...(photo courtesy of red!) Meow!
  14. really nice, J... Happy New Year...R