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  1. Thanks my frind...I´ll be waiting for.

  2. Oncyte, While your watches are ridiculously nice, the straps are just gorgeous too!! Mind telling which strapmaker the gator on 02c is from? Thanks in advance!
  3. Wow!! I guess 005 and 176 are Gen! But actually they all look spot on! Super collection!
  4. Hi, Diggs,

    Your watch has been shipped.

    The tracking no. has been sent to you via email.

    Have a nice day!

  5. Diggs,

    No problem. Got your payment this time and thanks! The watch will be shipped to you early next week and track no. be provided afterwards. Also, if you don't oppose, the post with your address will be deleted from this page when the deal is completed. This can better protect your personal data as the current page is open to the public for viewing.


  6. Sorry, I saw the l after waters as a !. Fortunately no one claimed the payment and I was able to cancel. Hope I got it right this time. If not contact me @ [email protected] For some reason I'm not getting an email notification when I get a PM.

  7. I will take the GMT. send me your paypal address

  8. Think it's a LH... Am I correct?
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