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  1. hello man since the old images on these sites got deleted, will you be able to re share once again this franken SMP you built like light years ago?


  2. How i miss my frankens.... Heres some from the past...
  3. My only concern is that it does look somewhat like an apple watch....but no where does it say apple and if they power it on, no apple logo. Even the ui is different.
  4. I know this thread is a few months old, but yesterday, i shipped a generic smartwatch (head only) back to a dealer in china using First Class (cheapest). The watch is unbranded - no company logos nothing. Well today looking at the tracking, i received the same status as OP regarding being held bu US custons for further inspection. Im pretty sure since i was shipping to china, that could have set off a red flag? But since the head was shipped by itself again unbranded, no logos, could customs confiscate?
  5. He got banned because he got caught profiting. He came up with a story that his brother used his laptop and it wasn't him. Huge thread on RWI that shows theres a lot of holes in OPs story. Also, basically stated on RWI thats it's Ok to profit. Sorry, your story is BS.
  6. This account regardless if it was you or your brother got caught trying to profit. That's a no no in the rep community. Also, how do we know it was really your brother and not you. Regardless you guys got caught.
  7. Damn....talk about close calls.... Hopefully they didnt f with the chronos
  8. Mike - knocking on a door isn't trespassing (not in Illinois). Not going to debate it. My point is that if he had my stuff, I would make the trip to his house. If his mom/dad answered the door, I would have a talk with them. Who know, maybe his mommy would ground the little [censored].
  9. Is this really becoming a conspiracy thread? If a plane didn't hit the pentagon - then why hasn't one conspiracy theorist locate any of the passengers that were listed to be on the plane or confirm if they are even real. As for no planes hitting the tower - i think there were enough civilians on the ground that saw planes hitting the towers. Again, the government released the names of victims that were on both flights. If no planes - then please, locate the passengers. As for hearing bombs that day - yes, when i hear a boom - i too would think its a bomb. Lets face it - who know
  10. Did they find anything else up there from her previous "massages" ?
  11. You better run !!!!! Anything from overseas must go through customs. Wait a day and see if it gets updated. If it doesn't wait another day. Sometimes the watches get delivered even before usps updates their site.
  12. Makes you wonder how US based modders get watches from overseas members to work on watches.....
  13. I know that i have seem threads where it took 3 weeks,after being held in customs, to be delivered. How many watches were included?
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