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  1. you need an updated 15202ST get it now quick! or that new Vacheron Constantin
  2. we need to see the relics of the past by reposting images of these rarest SMP frankens out there!
  3. hello man since the old images on these sites got deleted, will you be able to re share once again this franken SMP you built like light years ago?


  4. OP I am necroposting I know but can you please re share the images of your watch? thanks!
  5. did you receive the case how does it look like?
  6. @automatico the nerve of these sellers to sell literally golden rust is baffling, also the almost unusable omega parts in the listings as of this date damn life is hard indeed
  7. what about them classic fords chevys 64 impala caddy coupe de villes
  8. this made m chuckle, on the same boat looking for Omega Parts on the bay and same story ROFL
  9. This dude should be IP level banned forever in all major gen watch forum sites and here at the 4 rep watch sites too, we don't want his scammy [censored] over here. Sent from my Mi 9T Pro using Tapatalk
  10. Whoah this looks like a sad turnout... Was planning to get the new 42mm Titanium heck not even sure if the case and bracelet is titanium Sent from my Mi 9T Pro using Tapatalk
  11. nice watch but I gotta say; 2531.80 for life baby yeah!
  12. another one of those reverse shilling new member posters
  13. that is one Clebar I mean clever project you got right there, wear it in good health!
  14. nope there has been no rep of this, probably cause its not feasible?
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