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  1. I would like to purchase please, A local friend is purchasing the watch and would like to update the back, Do you have a spare case to ?


    thanks Mark

    1. markmelheim


      Still Available case back or medallion only ? TOP GUN

  2. Happy Birthday markmelheim!

  3. It Glows Bright as the Moon !
  4. Finally finished - pictures shortly !!!
  5. This watch is really growing on me.......... man I like it.
  6. if it hits a ceramic floor just right BOOM...... Just like the Gen an explosion, chipping or nothing at all, I've had 3 IWC TG, and have owned 3 others and only have chipped one of them, and it was that bad.......
  7. So finally got it back, Set the time, adjusted the GMT, & Date. After 2 days the watch is within 1-2 seconds of the Colorado Web Atomic, The Watch looks fantastic with the new band ! Speedy did an excellent job on this project. Now I have a spare 2893-1 and a spare 2893-2, I'm thinking of using 2893-1 into a sub build. Just not use the rotating 24 function. This movement is so much nicer than the clunky 2824/36. The smoothness of a wind, the delicacy of the rotor movement, the sweep of the seconds...............
  8. OCD is truly CDO if you really have it........
  9. test fit - H5 kit going in...........
  10. This project has beed with Ed for 6 months my request, ITS NO GREAT RUSH, I know he's taken a lot of metal off the back of the dial, He stated it'll be a project to make it right I told him to Take His Time. If you look at pic #2 you can get a very good idea how the hand stack. and it appears none of the hands will be bent and it'll clear the indices, My fingers are crossed, Additionallly H5 vcan be used if it'll clear the crystal. 2893-2 movement.
  11. Here is the soon to be completed 2893 Rolex Project, Ed - SpeedyG is doing all the work, getting the fit finish all the right parts and custom build is the important part of this Project. What do you Guys Think ? Its the latest NOOB dial, thicker indices, and Bright Lume, case is BP with green GMT Master II, However the 24 hour is Red, This will be fixed at a later date. Checkout that custom built movement ring from bulk 6061 bar stock ! I've said it before - Speedy G is Fantastic, And does great work.!!!
  12. another week or 2, and it'll be ready to show off..........
  13. Still looking for that elusive 2893-2 Panerai Rotor........................