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  1. Once you've seen that the movement performs normally, you can finish it with the rest. Therfore rotate the movement and we'll start with the bits on top! Not a lot of pics here as the process is quite straightforward. Anyway install in this order: "CANNON PINION WITH DRIVING WHEEL 028-A16", then together the "24HOUR WHEEL 103-A16" (103-A09 in the PDF) and the "MINUTE WHEEL AND PINION 072-998", and finally the other smaller gears: "INTERMEDIATE DATE CORRECTING WHEEL(1) 087-A71", "INTERMEDIATE DATE CORRECTING WHEEL(2) 087-A75", "CALENDAR CORRECTOR WHEEL 213-614" and
  2. Let's start with the rest. A premise: this is the way the main spring goes into the barrel, as reference (picture taken while disassembling it, quite dry as you can notice...): Once the plate has been rotated, you can install the "Complete barrel 001-992" but, before, install the click and its spring ("Click 060-551" and "Click spring 903-A15") with their screws and the "Breaklever for second hand 269-402" which is the one that hacks the watch when you put it in time-setting mode. Respectively 1, 2 and 3 in the pic below. Another suggestion is to have the click spring sli
  3. Hi Mates, within my researches I've never been able to find a proper step-by-step Miyota 9015 assembly tutorial online, and neither an oiling chart for it. I hope this thread will unveil it for a larger public and will be a kind of reference for those that will have to deal with this movement. It all started when I got this watch, a BP factory 16613 sub. A very nice watch with a Miyota 9015 inside (I chose the "undecorated version" of it, as it's a closed case back watch and I value reliability and ease of access more than a fake plate glued on top) with a blue sun-ray dial (w
  4. Actually I measured the retaining ring on my V3 and V5 Noob and the right size of the die should be 30.5mm (internal). It can't be 29.5 as that is the internal diameter of the gasket, and you need to press a ring which is placed outside the external part of the gasket.
  5. Thanks to botsyboy (RWI) I got the size: 29.5mm, on CousinsUK it's the R30520 THe fact is that the crystal of rolexes are smaller in the hidden part, so even if outside it is a 30.4mm, then below it's a 29.5. See a Milgauss one for example:
  6. You can try to contact him. The mail is wilerwetta AT gmail DOT com
  7. I have a couple of Noob subC, a hulk v3 and a black V5 (and also a BP PRoHunter GMT 2). Measuring the diameter of the crystal, without taking it out, I read around 30.4mm, so I suppose it is a 30.5mm as normal for a Noob one. May someone help me to get which is the right one 2.3mm tall to select? At cousins, if I check in the "Rolex non branded" parts, I can select up to 29.6mm (internal) size: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/glass-gaskets-iso-swiss-additional-sizes or 29.5mm: https://www.cousinsuk.com/product/glass-gaskets I'm a bit lost... Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks Rolexman! I found out that one of the best cleaning way is warm isopropyl alcohol (put some hot water in the ultrasonic cleaner and a little jar with the alcohol, bain-marie way) and give a full 5min ultrasonic shake
  9. Scam site. Noob factory does NOT have any website. They are just pretending to be them. And, by the way, they are at v7 now. Look for the v7 sub on any of the TD site like InTime01.co or tb-688.com
  10. New Seiko Turtle with domed aftermarket blue AR sapphire crystal. And good beers
  11. tb-688.com Yes but they still have made them wrong colour
  12. Look what arrived at Toro (not yet on his site): Waiting to see the price. It could me my next watch. I love that vibrant yellow
  13. Congrats! Probably the same I am waiting This is mine: http://iwatchstation.com/navitimer-01-11-ss-black-dial-on-black-leather-strap-a7750.html Inviato da mTalk
  14. OOKKKK, forget about this thread... I looked well pictures of the 341 on the web and the real crownguard isn't short. It's just beveled on the sides, so I'm not going to shorten the whole thing, but at most make it very flush with the case and bevel the external parts:
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