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Bart Cordell

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    Music addict, vinyl collector, vintage Hifi, newly vintage Rolex rep fan.

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  1. @eunomians Superb ! [emoji632]
  2. How could I miss this thread. I'm thinking of a future 6542 project. I will follow closely your progress. [emoji632]
  3. [emoji632]
  4. @JoeyB Yes red printing is bad. I already tried to place a decal with only red depth on the first decal with no success. I will continue to search a way. [emoji632]
  5. @JoeyB I thought to do it but I have not yet found out how. I want to first find a way to have a pretty red depth. [emoji632] @Sogeha [emoji1303] lighter lume @6 done. Is it nice enough ? [emoji632]
  6. [emoji632] I make clearer lume @6
  7. New dial today [emoji632]
  8. Received a pair today. Those bars are fantastic! [emoji632]
  9. Ordered 20 bars, I should receive them within a week. 10 for me, If anyone is interested in the other 10. [emoji632]
  10. I found a wholesaler in my area. I had the explanation of beco's refusal. They do not accept orders below 2000 €. This local wholesaler has agreed to order me some [emoji632]
  11. @champagnesky [emoji1303] [emoji632]
  12. @Champagnesky Nice ! I tried again and they still refuse with the same argument, "we only sell to industries". [emoji632]
  13. Upper [emoji632]
  14. http://www.beco-technic.com/ersatzteile-werke/ersatzteile-fuer-armbanduhren/federstege/sonderformen/federstege-rohr-laenge-20-00-mm-o-2-00-mm-zapfen-laenge-2-80-mm-o-1-20-mm.html I tried to restart them, I wait for the answer. [emoji632]
  15. "We only sell to the industry" [emoji632]