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  1. My small (Big ?) contribution to this thread There are many faults that I accept on my builds but the crown is a detail to which I attach a lot of importance...
  2. This dbane build is wonderful. Congrats mate !
  3. Thanks ! I would like to find a way to smear hands like that.
  4. @JSebWC Gorgeous my friend ! by the way, how did you age the lume on hands please ?
  5. @jimcon11 I sincerely love your work on this 7922
  6. Same thoughts when looking at Mondani Submariner story. Some 6538, 6536 and 5510 have short minutes hands. Perhaps a service replacement?
  7. WOW ! Great skill to make these hands closer to original. I want to try it, I have some spare hands, and perhaps a long HR minutes hands somewhere… Sincerely your dial and hands look so legit to me. Congrats !
  8. Haha ! Not my work, purchased as is from Tonny. I just wear it and it aged slowly
  9. Can’t give better detailed informations than Nanuq, and as English is not my native language, here is some case pics.
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