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    Music addict, vinyl collector, vintage Hifi, newly vintage Rolex rep fan.

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  1. What terrible news. My thoughts go to victims and families.
  2. Beautifully work RJ ! Each time I see your slimmed 5513 it make me think mine will need the same treatment soon.
  3. Congratulations for these beautiful builds. Special mention for this stunning PN Daytona.
  4. Yeah it would be nice to see this case.
  5. I used a Startime bezel on my Cartel 5512. It's very nice.
  6. Trying T39 today
  7. Looks nice ! It's a lovely Tudor. Congrats
  8. Google Drive preview don't work but you can download it.
  9. Happy to read that. You're welcome my friend
  10. I searched everywhere, I finally decided to buy it. It's not an expensive book like Mondani's.