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  1. Thank you all for your comments and information. I'll explore the options to see which are available. I'll kep you posted. Regards
  2. Thank you Phil and Jim. What a wealth of information that I got from you. I thjinlk I'm not prepared for building such a watch. Specially when it's so easy to ruin the project because of lack of experience in this respecdt. I'm going to look in the fourums you mention, hoping to run into one for sale or hopefully have one built by a modder.
  3. Hi guys. I've been rather shy about buying more watches lately. But, I had a gen 1016 that I sold years ago and I haven't regreted enough about my stupid mistake. Todayu I cannot even dream about getting one one. So, I'm looking for a trusted source (dealer) that may still have a good replica of the this venerable icon in Rolex history. Pleaase, let me know where to look for my elusive explorer. Thank you much for reading my message and hope for some advice.
  4. Incredible article on "1953: the year of the diver". Amazingly, it's been a lonnnng time since the diver was introduced. I was 8 years old when this happened. Thank you for sharing this information with the not so knowledgeable about the topic.
  5. Just saw on line an Invicta "Pro homage Diver" for sale for 90 dollars. Looks nice and with NH 35 movement. What gen is the inspiration of this "homage" ? I'm guessing some Rolex vintage sub ?
  6. I like Seiko watches. I have about half a dozen vintage and a few current divers. Among the most recentpurchases there is this Seiko Premier Perpetualcalendar. I bought the watch for 30 dollars in a flea market, because it was kind of different and running perfectly. About trwo weeks ago I tried to sert the correct date and there my head ache began, as the "date " wheel is stuck in the "year mode", as every time I follow the steps to change date, the watch stops in this functionI. After consulting some on line forums and watching some videos , despite my efforts the date wheel stubbornly stops at 22, that happens to be the year showing function. Several sources discussing Seiko watches suggested the date change procedure is "simple", which is not as intended. Well I don't want to bore those who are readiung my posting, with my frustration. So, May I just ad that I'd greatly appreciate if someone can give me on what to do or where to look for an explanation to solve the problem. The movement is SEIKO 6a32.
  7. Thank you brother for your reply and advise. I will contact Mary and ask her if she can enlight me on how to get a hold of a good watch. Best. Alt
  8. Hi fellow collectors: I haven't bought a replica in three yeras. I'm back and I cannot find my wsay aroeund. Everything is so changed. I was trying to contacvt some trusted dealers and most I dfealt with are history now. I'm looking for a Explorer 1655, to replace the one stolen a few years ago and I don't know wher to look for one. I'm interested in a solid Old School style piece, like Narika, Maria Best and Trusty used to sell in the old days. Can you guys give me a hand formy search ? Thank you all
  9. You can't go wrong with such affordable options in the market. I'll pass theis rep offer and probably go gen. Thank you for the tip Freddy. Regards
  10. Hi there: I'm lookingI for an Eterna Kontiki 1958 rep. Have you ever heard of " Shopstore" on line seller ? I wonder about the source reputationb as they offer three dial variants (color) of this rare watch for as little as $89.00. Too good tobe true ? I appreciate your suggestions
  11. Thank you for your comment on this situation. I'm going to change browser and try.
  12. Hi fellow members: Although I have been part of this community for many yeras, because of several work commitments reasons I've been a passive member the last three tears. I want to b e part of the action now and I thought of posting a few pics on the Rolex wristies thread. So I tried and i keep getting a screen saying there was an error 200 and that's the end of the interaction. I tried several times with the same results. Is there something that I have not done right or are there special requirements to post pics ? Pleae, let me know what can I do. Thank you or reading my question
  13. Thank you Freddy for your help. I have already contacted the seller without sucess. I also reported this situation to ebay. I have not received their response to my request. My guess is that they are trying to ignore my claim. I will write another message to them (formal letter) letting them know the seller'signoring (ignoring my messages). I will describe the damage in full, with pictures of the receiver and the box. I hope my 20 year membership and 100% positive back will help support my claim.
  14. Hi fellow members . I'm writing looking for advice regarding a situation involving oboy, which is practically refusing to intervene, so that I can have a seller to respond for a mencrandise that I bought from him.,m and that was delivered damaged, after being missing for two months. The carrier, tells me that the person who shipped the item ( a vintage Pionbeer receiver) must claim the refund at the carrier´s branch at origin (UK). The seller has not done anything about it. So I reported this to 0boy, asking them to step in and help me by pressing the seller to do what he is supposed to do, which is askinf the carrier to pay for the (total) loss of the item. I suspect these people couldn't care less, since I have not received any comments from them. I paid 400 GBP for the whole deal, shipping and import taxes included. What can I do ? I apoligize for adressing you as a cosntituencey, but I don't know what to do. Thank you for reading my message
  15. Thank you Jason. Indeed it is a beautiful watch. I'll be posting it for sale on ebay soon.
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