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  1. Franken 1968 OQ This should be a sharper image Was not. Comments are welcome
  2. Indeed. It could pass for a a Rolex Oyster Perpetual/Datejust/mix at a glance. I guess most brands have Rolex inspired pieces. This could be a good topic for another thread.
  3. You are right jim. The aeronavale (original version) came out in the late 50's or early 60's. This look is probably from the late 80's, when Breguet revamped the caase and dial, adding new hands (see pic) turning a classic into a more updated watch for the avid sports watch market, that is still going strong today.
  4. Thank you guys for your opinions. I'll try to get a better shot with my camera tomorrow. Here are more decent shots taken with my camera
  5. Found this beauty walking along San Thelmo flea market, in Buenos Aires about a month ago. The watch runs great.
  6. What a woderful piece. You are right, that's what I see in the internet. Posts start around 6.5K and up but completed auction prices go down. I made an offer an excellent condition 1803 under 6 K but it was rejected. I'll keep an eye on it. Congrats for your purchase.
  7. That's a beauty. I oove the minute tracking markers on the dial. Any idea of the the watch number fwith this particular dial ?
  8. I wonder how much one of these would cost if available.
  9. According to the literature on JLC , the Memovox was launched in the late 1950s, so, according to the pics I have seen this would be an early 60s piece.
  10. I picked up this vintage classic during the week end
  11. i think i need a new cell phone for better pics
  12. Congrats on this classic Rollie. Just perfect. Can you tell us a little bit about how you fond this?
  13. Sorry I just saw your message. I'ts been kind of hard to keep track of all messages beceause, in my experience, whenever I receive a notification, I just can get acces to that pic, not rhe entire thread. Is there a way to reach the whole thread, as it used to be ?
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