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  1. Youare right Legend. It was not he best shot: too much glare, low definition, and who knows what else. Quality wise for pics, I think I'll go for a Huawei cell phone nex time, even if this might pose a threat to privacy.
  2. Hi Mlfloyd: bought in Buenos Aires, while on vacation las January.
  3. orBought mine for $950 from a 100% feedback (about 900 sales ) The bracelet was very short. Looked for spare inks in the internet and they are about $ 100 each (too much since they are not solid gols. so I added three SS links I had on my spare parts box and that solved the problem momentarily.
  4. Thank you Mike. The I paid $ 350 for the watch and it comes with an ETA (Swiss) 6497 -1 movement.
  5. I run into this guy browsing the homage pages by google. I liked it and bought it. The watches nose art theme is Menphis Belle.
  6. Hi brothers. I have a question that has made me think there is something fishy in an auction at Oh boy. I've been looking for a decently price gen gold Rolex President for sometime. Prices for this guys vary from 7 to 15 K. and , although I cannot afford that amount, I accept this ias this is what free market is about. The weird thing is there is a post offering a Pres for sale at 5.5 K. and when I looked at the "sold" items list trying to see if that was a common price for completed auctions. I found that the same watch - pics are identical - has been sold by the same seller 4 times between Feb 19 and April 20. ???
  7. Wearing this kissing cousin of the Datejust. The Prince (quartz): a real pleasure on the wrist
  8. I'll always regret having sold the gen. Here's what I humbly I wear today.
  9. I'll always regret having sold the gen. Here's what I humbly I wear today.
  10. Thank you. The watch has been on my wrist for a week and and it's bvery comfortable to wear.
  11. You are definitely right. Here yoiu are.
  12. Bought this guy about three years ago and I found it when cleaning my spare parts box.
  13. I just cannot afford the real thing and this is not a bad choice when you want a gen rather than the rep.
  14. I just saw this rare nickname for the classic Tudor Sub in the net. I see no difference between this and the one I wear when going to swim.
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