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  1. Great shot of a Master
  2. Somehow related to the Chrono with a WW II F6F Hellcat on the background. here's a Breguett Aeronavale Type XX I wear today
  3. This is a thought provoking thread folks. A few days ago I criticized a well respected member of this community for his rude comments on watch whose pics I posted on the Wrist Shot section of the forum. These comments were about the poor quaility of my rep, that he rated as a Cannal Street watch. Now the topic is not about spending too little on a rep - which wasn not exactly my case - but spendind too much. In my humble opinion, everyone has the right to decide which way to go when purchasing or creating a rep. The most important thing is to bear in mind though, is being aware of the fact that we are talking about replica watches. No matter how much or little they cost, they are just copies of a gen watch that in no way are intended to assume its "identity."
  4. A valid point, but members in this forum rarely make such rude comments about the pics we post. Perhaps it may be that you do not see beyond your own concept of repplica, which I understand. There are thousands of collectors that are happy buying what this diverse market offers. I'm sorry but think your comments are arrogant. I feel I deserve an apology. I also think that a significant number of replica fans ( of which I am part of) know that no matter how close to a gen a replica can be, it still is just a copy, not intended to "pass" for the gennuine watch, unless the owner's intention is to cheat those around as well as himself Regards
  5. wearing this classic today
  6. That's a nice "Newman" Daytona. Winder about the source of such piece. I meant wonder. I need new glasses.
  7. Youare right Legend. It was not he best shot: too much glare, low definition, and who knows what else. Quality wise for pics, I think I'll go for a Huawei cell phone nex time, even if this might pose a threat to privacy.
  8. This is my favorite Sub. No date, no cyclop lens and solid hour markers.
  9. Hi Mlfloyd: bought in Buenos Aires, while on vacation las January.
  10. orBought mine for $950 from a 100% feedback (about 900 sales ) The bracelet was very short. Looked for spare inks in the internet and they are about $ 100 each (too much since they are not solid gols. so I added three SS links I had on my spare parts box and that solved the problem momentarily.
  11. Thank you Mike. The I paid $ 350 for the watch and it comes with an ETA (Swiss) 6497 -1 movement.
  12. I run into this guy browsing the homage pages by google. I liked it and bought it. The watches nose art theme is Menphis Belle.
  13. Hi brothers. I have a question that has made me think there is something fishy in an auction at Oh boy. I've been looking for a decently price gen gold Rolex President for sometime. Prices for this guys vary from 7 to 15 K. and , although I cannot afford that amount, I accept this ias this is what free market is about. The weird thing is there is a post offering a Pres for sale at 5.5 K. and when I looked at the "sold" items list trying to see if that was a common price for completed auctions. I found that the same watch - pics are identical - has been sold by the same seller 4 times between Feb 19 and April 20. ???
  14. Wearing this kissing cousin of the Datejust. The Prince (quartz): a real pleasure on the wrist
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