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  1. Quite different when compared to the "standard" Daytona. Is the Rolex coronet engraved on the crystal ?
  2. Great pics and information on old divers in this thread. Tomorrow I'll look for an old Sicura from the 70's that is somewhere in my storage area, and I'll take some pics to share. .
  3. Hi brothers. I've been looking for a Girard Perregaux Time Control Traveller Chronograph. I'm crazy about his piece and I cannot find a decent replica in the internet. None of our trusted dealers seems carry the rose gold version, which is the one I want. Can someone tell me where to find ?I found one a couple of days ago from a Chinese dealer but they want me to send the funds to by western union transfer. I'd rather use visa or pay pal. The name of this dealer is watchesjob.com Please, let me know if you know whre to look. Thank you
  4. These watches are real art pieces from an era when you didn't see the crowd of divers that flood the market today, at prices that are absolutely out of this world. I'll never let mine go. Best
  5. Wearing an "Aeronautique" militare homage to the classic PAM, this morning
  6. Old school Sub with Swiis ETA, bought in this forum about 10 years ago. They don't make them like this anymore.
  7. Thank you alligoat and automatico for the information . I found myself very much with the same situation when I saw the watch in ebay. I thought the watch had something special and I just wanted to have it so badly. This was about ten years ago. I wore it quite often after the purchase and gradually lost interest, pressed by the need to try other watches from other brands. I could write a whole page about that, but the most important thing is that I have rediscovered the watch. I like the simplicity of its lines, love the unclatered dial and I believe me, I hadn't noticed the "Tudor" lolipop hour han, that raises the price of a Tudor Sub considerably. Great watch, which I wear today and probably will wear much more often now, that I'm begioning to know its story.
  8. This particular tool watch is the diver worn by French Oceanographer Jacques Costeau in the 60s and 70's; if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Same 6538 from different angles
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