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  1. Thank you Freddy for your help. I have already contacted the seller without sucess. I also reported this situation to ebay. I have not received their response to my request. My guess is that they are trying to ignore my claim. I will write another message to them (formal letter) letting them know the seller'signoring (ignoring my messages). I will describe the damage in full, with pictures of the receiver and the box. I hope my 20 year membership and 100% positive back will help support my claim.
  2. Hi fellow members . I'm writing looking for advice regarding a situation involving oboy, which is practically refusing to intervene, so that I can have a seller to respond for a mencrandise that I bought from him.,m and that was delivered damaged, after being missing for two months. The carrier, tells me that the person who shipped the item ( a vintage Pionbeer receiver) must claim the refund at the carrier´s branch at origin (UK). The seller has not done anything about it. So I reported this to 0boy, asking them to step in and help me by pressing the seller to do what he is supposed to do, which is askinf the carrier to pay for the (total) loss of the item. I suspect these people couldn't care less, since I have not received any comments from them. I paid 400 GBP for the whole deal, shipping and import taxes included. What can I do ? I apoligize for adressing you as a cosntituencey, but I don't know what to do. Thank you for reading my message
  3. Thank you Jason. Indeed it is a beautiful watch. I'll be posting it for sale on ebay soon.
  4. I received this as a gift long time ago. Yesterday I put new batteries( 516 and 521 and it runs great.
  5. Thank you for your comments mates. I agree that the watch looks great in a metal bracelet. But, I have seen the same watch on a brown leather strap and it's a totally different look. Straps (gen) are expensive though; about 130 bucks without the buckle, that is around 90. Here is a pic of the ladies Dynamic in its "leathered" veersion, for illustrating my impression.
  6. Hi Omega community. I´m looking for a leather strap for a vintage ladies Dynamic. Hopefully a blue or tan finish. Can someone suggest where to look for ? ebay does not have any for sale of the color I want. This is a rare vintage Omega. A gold tone metal bracelet would also do in this case. Thank you for reading my question gentlemen and ladies.
  7. I very much agree with your shopping strategies. As you say it pays to scratch the itch for a while and wait for the right time to buy. That's the way I bought the 1601 I own . I´m going to keep looking and if it takes too long, I may do what you did with the replica Explorer, and have the feel of the 3 extra mm on the wrist, without spending a fortune.
  8. When I take the plunge, I think I´ll look for a preowned on the bay.
  9. You maybe right. Or maybe it's the application that is not working as it should. I'll have the computer checked by a technician. Let's see if this works now.
  10. Wearing this 10 plus year old rep today. INGENIEUR.lnk Sorry the pic doesn't show. Something unusual happened during the process. I'll try again later.
  11. You are right. We see a lot more gens these days than two three years ago. As you say, keep them coming.
  12. I was browsing some older magazines and I run into a Cartier ladies watch Calandre in the shapoe of stirup. Beautiful watch. Then, a couple of weeks ago I saw a Ralph Laurean mens Chronograph with the same shape. This was a 38mm wide and 42 mm North/South. Beautiful watch. Then I found two available in the internet, but they want 5 K for a steel cased one and 7.5 K for the gold version. That's a lot of money for a designer's fashion watch. I wonder if there is a replica version of the watch.
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