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  1. I think Rolojack's based in EU.
  2. What I heard they are from the same source but MQ does more case work (I might be wrong). The best way to same money, buying the cheapest case from Viet and do a little case work by master builder should be fine. BTW you seem to like Sea Dweller huh? I recently got a 1665 from one of master builders in my opinion and I really enjoyed it more than my Red Sub 1680. I love how the thick case and the crystal without cyclops look. Welcome to the RWG club amigo!
  3. Ning Quang Kimjong is the best seller. The best top 2 factories are "RL" (Rolex) from Swiss and "RM" (Read More)!!!
  4. Definitely! My favorite car forever is a Classic Jeep Grand Wagoneer. I wish I could have them in one day.
  5. Open the song while riding a Ford F-150 1975 back home, wearing a Red Sub 1680 with Jubilee (oh and no pip on the insert please)
  6. Can't go wrong with RWG.cc, the best!
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