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  1. Ah I literally broke the escape wheel because of doing this by myself Lol.
  2. For the Vintage Watches, no one has build them better than anyone. The charm of vintage watches, each of them aren't the same because it has of its own unique beauty, plus It depends on the budget of the buyer. I wish I'd have a higher budget for this project. Good luck OP.
  3. I think the balance bridge (on the right photo) looks the same. Could the movement be put together from Valjoux 72, and some Rolex touches added some Gen parts? The movement below from........looks really similar.
  4. "July, she will fly" Watching the graduate (1967) tonight.
  5. We are human, We make mistakes, We learn, We grow, We move on, We live, & We're not a Robot. Here's the story: Antiquorum selling the watch in the first place. It was sold on Jun 28th, 2020 (link: https://catalog.antiquorum.swiss/en/lots/rolex-ref-6262-cosmograph-daytona-lot-329-347) Someone sold the watch to a Vintage Watch Shop, then they list the watch for sell. A guy's name New Sheriff in Town posted on his Instagram and claimed that the watch was fake (also back in Nov 2015, h
  6. Here: https://rwg.cc/forum/295-misiekpeds-watch-repair/ Please please spend more times on the board..........
  7. Am I the only one that listening the music? You know what, NEVER MIND:
  8. I think It looks great aunt Cara. Might need some opinions from sir Matt. What do you think @mymanmatt?
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