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  1. alligoat

    A genuine 2003 TW Best 16610 (eddielee) at 15yrs old

    Interesting piece of history. The upgrades you mention would definitely help. Eddie Lee got out of the business about 10 years ago. Around 2012, after the WM9s disappeared, BK had the updated TW best 16610s- with a more gen like bezel assembly, but even those are gone these days AFAIK. Now days the JF is the best 16610 rep- with the SH 3135 movement.
  2. alligoat

    Datejust Dial

    No, tritium was used up until 1998 and the holes in DJ 16200 cases went away in 1996, so there's a slight overlap.
  3. alligoat

    5500 explorer build

    Looks good! Congrats Maybe you could share the build details
  4. alligoat

    Datejust Dial

    looks ok to me- T SWISS MADE T indicates that it's older with the small dots next to the stick markers being tritium- probably don't glow anymore
  5. alligoat

    Some old rep pics of mine

    Around the same time as the WM9-V1, there was this MBW which I got from Chris at Eurotimez. It had drilled lugholes and I converted the bezel assembly to gen like construction with some gen and aftermarket parts. Lastly I ditched the noobmariner dial and hands and swapped in WM9 dial and hands. Oh, gen crown and tube and a TC 93250 completed the deal. It goes swimming regularly. Drilled out the lugholes also.
  6. alligoat

    Solid 18k Oyster Bracelets

    Startime Supply has them- they're unmarked http://www.startimesupply.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=1&Category_Code=1D_Rolex_Gold_Bands-sub&Product_Code= The DJ one is a little cheaper at 14kt. http://www.startimesupply.com/merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=1&Product_Code=RMO14K-DJ&Category_Code=1D_Rolex_Gold_Bands-mnsDJ
  7. alligoat

    Legit check?

    Looks good to me. The 3130 is the upgraded movement- hence the M behind the model number. Kind of like the 14060M submariner. With a Swiss Made dial, I'd date this watch to around 2000 or slightly later. The serial number would tell you when it was made.
  8. alligoat

    1570/5 GMT parts...

    I agree- that baby is beyond hope.
  9. alligoat

    Some old rep pics of mine

    I'm thinking the WM V1 was around 2010-12. There was V1, V2 and V3 as I recall. WM9 was after that. I was building an A serial MBW which I converted to gen bezel assembly around that time- got it from Chris at Eurotimez. I'd post a PIC, BUT IT'S TIED UP OVER AT PHOTOBUCKET AND I WON'T Pay THE RANSOM! Come to think of it, there was also WM9- V-1 thru 3- maybe that's what ByTor is thinking of. After that was the TW best 16610 from BK and then along came TC. Then it was BP and JF
  10. alligoat

    2836-2 Fits Loose in Case

    LOL, Eddie Lee wasn't Taiwanese- he was Canadian, or at least living in Canada when I spoke to him over the phone 12 years ago. He did sell TW Best watches. Unfortunately, he hung it up 8 years ago or so.
  11. alligoat

    2836-2 Fits Loose in Case

    If you got a movement from Eddie Lee 8 years ago, it is a Swiss ETA. Since then all of the dealers have had to start using clones since Swatch has restricted the sale of the Swiss movements
  12. alligoat

    Explorer 1016 hands

    13 mm sounds right for the Explorer 1016. Everyone always complains about the 12mm hands being short.
  13. alligoat

    Question about stem/crown coupling

    It's fairly easy to do. First you remove the existing tube from the case (maybe with a rat tail file). You need a 3.0mm x .35 tap to clean out the threads in the case. Then you need a tube wrench to install the new tube- it's a Rolex tool which cost $35 or so. Put a little bit of thread locker on the tube before you install it. All of the crowns typically take a .9mm stem which is probably what you have on the dg2813. Don't know what the watchmaker would charge- if he has the tools, maybe $50-75. It takes maybe 30 minutes at most.
  14. alligoat

    Question about stem/crown coupling

    Raffles has what appears to be a 7mm 703 copy crown and tube for $16.99. Hopefully the thread pitch on the Tiger concept is 3.0mm x .35 as is the Rafflesdials tube, but once again, you'll just have to buy it and try it.