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  1. And don't forget that Dagazwatch.com has other dials, Doxa-like dials, sometimes referred to as Soxa. DAGAZ WATCH LIMITED BTW, Seiko hand sizes are close to ETA- 150/90/20 with the second hand being .20mm. But there are so many Seiko aftermarket hands that you shall never want for a thing! Yobokies, DLWwatches.com and Namokimods.com are some of the other Seiko aftermarket suppliers. The NH35 and NH36 are two of my favorite movements these days. Like Nanuq says, for $40 you can swap out a movement or start a new watch build. I recently put a new NH36 in a SKX031 with a set of mercedes hands for a reborn diver watch- good for the next 20 years!
  2. Don't those little arrows on the back of the bracelet mean push pins?
  3. Interesting! You could build a SeiLex watch for a little over $100. Case $35.95 Dial $11.05 Hands- $7.05 NH35- say $40 If that black sub dial said Rolex on it, you'd be golden! I do like the NH35/36s- I've built 4 of them with Dagaz/Namoki/etc, dials and hands. Also used a couple of Seiko aftermarket dials. Stainless Steel Watch Case Repair Accessory for NH35 NH36 Watch Movement 39.5MM | eBay For Mingzhu 2813 NH35 NH36 Series Watch Movements Repair Accessories Watch Dial | eBay Watch Hands with Green Luminous Three Pointers Needles for NH35/36 8215 Movement | eBay
  4. Submariner ROL234 watch, Cheap Submariner ROL234 watch online for sale (silix-prime.es) Submariner ROL245 watch, Cheap Submariner ROL245 watch online for sale (silix-prime.es) here's a couple of Silix-Prime 6538s
  5. I’m not aware of a case change made by Rolex. But then again anything is possible. Minor tweaks to a case are more likely than a major overhaul. But you can’t compare rep cases with gen and you can’t believe any claims made by rep mfrs.
  6. That's a good question. My friend thinks that NDTrading morphed into MQ. We bought a 16800 dial from him around 1-1/2 years ago maybe Khoa Minh <ndtradingcorp888@gmail.com <mailto:ndtradingcorp888@gmail.com> we sent the paypal money to <mailto:muahangmy4u@yahoo.com> We paid $110 less than MQ wanted for a similar dial. Draw your own conclusions and shop at your own risk- I make no guarantees. BTW, when I bought the dial and case from NDTrading in 07 or so, I paid maybe $800 for the case and $200 or so for the dial. Built a 5508 with a 1520 movement that came from a 5500 AK. But that was back when Natalie was running the show and she was in California.
  7. Yes, but I doubt you'll ever find one. Gen inserts are absolutely out of sight and all you can hope to do is find a decent rep insert and maybe do a little aging to make it less noticeable. Phong's two vintage inserts are ok and there is the 6538 inserts down the page which can also be used on a 5510. There's a book "Vintage Rolex Sports Models" by Skeet and Urul which shows various 5510s- starting with a 6538 type insert shown on Phong's site and finally ending with the vintage type insert that Phong has which was used in the middle 60s. The thing about inserts is that they are a wear item and get replaced. And I promise you Rolex could care less about replacing the insert- they'll do it in a heart beat if it's worn out.
  8. This is more a question of what will be acceptable to you. First of all, google rolex 5510 and look at at the various inserts- a lot of them have the red triangle. WSO990 has one of those https://www.ebay.com/itm/BEZEL-INSERT-FOR-ROLEX-SUBMARINER-5508-5510-5512-5513-6538-65 It's not great but maybe it'll work for you. WSO990 also has the insert with the acrylic pearl in a silver triangle BEZEL INSERT FOR VINTAGE ROLEX SUBMARINER 5508 5510 5512 WATCH AUTOMATIC BLACK | eBay I used that insert in my 5508 build and it's ok- the pearl was good, font so-so. Or go for Phong's insert- I'd get the one that's for the for the vintage subs at $95- either the vintage or new look. It's not distressed so you can age it yourself or let it age naturally.
  9. bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: ETA 2824-2 (ranfft.de) I don't see that little adjustment thing on the balance bridge, but fig. 6 shows a movement without it also. Better pics of the movement would certainly help.
  10. You need to examine the movement a little more closely. Look below the balance wheel and see if it has the ETA symbol and I'm thinking that it should be a 2824-2 movement. But the Chinese can certainly copy a Tudor movement. They've copied the etas for years. The thing is, you have a rep bracelet that fits the watch case perfectly- makes you wonder if the whole watch isn't a fake. Where did the watch come from?
  11. It's a fake bracelet! It's not 750/18K, it's stainless steel. The watch itself could also be a rep, open the case and find out- take a pic of the movement and we can tell you.
  12. Alas, gone are the days when you could pick up a used 93150 for $300-400. I did that in '06 and '07. But my gen 16800 is now running on 593 ends and a gen clasp with rep mid links. I guess I could go to Rolex and buy a bracelet for $1000, but then they'd probably want another $1K to service the watch. I'll just be happy with the rep mid links and when the time comes I'll go to my watchmaker and have it serviced for $300-400. [URL=https://imageshack.com/i/poX7aUJcj][IMG]https://imagizer.imageshack.com/v2/xq90/924/X7aUJc.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
  13. LOL, freddy, I just saw that 93250 bracelet on your DRSD- I recall that you've got a 1575 movement in there. What's with the rep bracelet?
  14. I'd certainly get the J-time after looking at those pictures!
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