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  1. You need to check the HE valve- the old cartel watches had a working HE valve- it was an accurate copy of the original valve. Open the case and remove the movement and dial and take a look. You might be able to see the valve w/o removing the movement, but it seems like there's a spacer ring in there also that might obstruct the view of the valve. The cartel watches weren't that bad- with a better dial and bezel insert it would be an ok watch.
  2. If the other side says ORIG POLEX DESIGN you're good to go!
  3. Not only does the crown look too big, the crown guards are too short and stubby. Bob's watch looks fine if you look at the second picture- crown is ok and cgs are correct. First pic is screwed up- don't know why. Also one of Bob's other pics from the side shows the correct cg droop- this is a tell on 1680 cases. The dial on the OPs 1680 looks ok, but I'm not sure about the cgs and crown
  4. Offhand, I'd think not. Bezel insert is aftermarket with a bad pearl, dial looks bad, bracelet is ok but end pieces are incorrect- should be 580s or 585s. Pull the bracelet off and look at the SN- MBWs should be like 5,79x,xxx but a DRSD would have an earlier SN. I would think it's a cartel model.
  5. Cool- the wonderful world of you tube- I watched a watchmaker take apart a DG2813 and put it back together in a $50 Starking. Lots of cool other videos.
  6. Dang Horfan- there's two of these watches floating around!
  7. No, I ordered from TS Watch and it went relatively ok. I'm assuming that Vintage Power is part of TS Watch since the Tudor sub is watermarked TS Watch
  8. That's the problem with the hidden clasp- micro adjustment isn't one of it's features. I ran into it with a gen DD with the oyster band- it even had a half link, but I still have to wear it slightly loose. Older style clasps have better adjustment.
  9. So it looks like they are part of TS Watch- I've ordered from them and they're basically legit. I had to use a credit card and they slightly overcharged me- might have been in the currency exchange rate so I got over it.
  10. all the links with screws in them are the thinner links- they're the same width as the clasp since some of them fit inside the clasp. If you have the newer bracelet with the hidden clasp, you might have to order a whole bracelet and scavenge the links from it and hope that they fit your bracelet.
  11. That is a full link- jubilee links are smaller than an oyster link- about 1/2 as big. You might try rafflesdials.com http://rafflesdials.com/two-pcs-steel-screw-adjustable-links-for-mens-20mm-vintage-rolex-watch-jubilee-band-bracelet/ maybe it'll work
  12. Quartz movement also- typical of tag heuers. Interesting fit on the end piece to the case...
  13. Enjoy your watch! These 60-70 dive watches are a cool part of the history.
  14. You might check out these articles on Cousteau and his watches- no mention of the Titus, but certainly Rolex, Omegas and Doxas were used.
  15. I agree that it's probably a 15505. The earlier 1550s would have had a gold capped rivet bracelet. The 78351B bracelet is a later bracelet. Nice watch and it looks all gen to me. As has been mentioned- there are no reps of this watch- all you could do is replace the movement (maybe with a 2836-2).
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