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  1. Beautiful watch! You gotta love the 7206 bracelet that says 93150 in the inside of the clasp- English isn't the first language of the builder of the bracelet.
  2. From the description, this is the TW best sub case that came after the WM9 v3. I don't recall which movement that watch had, but either a 2824 or 2836 can be serviced and repaired easily enough. BK had the dial and hands superlumed and with the gen parts, I'd consider this a $750-800 watch. I recently looked at a JF 16610 for a project. At a cost of a little over $400, it was appealing, but then when you looked at servicing the movement, a new date wheel and possibly new reversing wheels, you were easily up over $800 in total costs.
  3. One of the knowledgeable folks at Hess wrote this description up- at least it wasn't one of the underlings! It's a project watch, but it sure looks all original to me. This could go for over $20K! It'll be fun to watch.
  4. Ruby's site said $89 usd when I pulled it up- seems fair to me
  5. The minute hand on this watch is thicker that yours- that would be a bigger concern to me than the length of the seconds hand. A 702 crown and tube would probably be correct for this watch- late 70s.
  6. I think it might work. A movement from a 1601 will have a beveled top ring on the movement whereas a movement from a 1500 will have a flat top ring, But when you install the 1500 dial on the 1601/1575 movement, it shouldn't make a difference in installing it in the case of the 1500. However, people have not been able to use a DJ 1600 movement when building a 1680 franken, so it is possible it might not work in your case either. However, a 1575 movement from a 1500 Date watch will work when building a 1680 Submariner Date. Go figure!
  7. I'm thinking it was around 1972, but automatico would be the person to ask.
  8. Quite a while back I made a 16660 out of a SSD-V2. Matte dial from Yuki, relumed dial and hands by PBdad, lugholes drilled by jmb, Swiss eta with a silver DW with open 6/9s (from a Paul's old DRSD). I got a 93160 from TC 4-5 years ago. But remember one thing- an SSD and a BP SD are NOT gen construction, so don't kid yourself about that fact.
  9. Early 118208 with old style stick markers Startime has the WG replacement case for $3700-4000 usd! Probably a bracelet too for a likewise amount
  10. Rafflesdials has the 36mm 18239 DD case http://rafflesdials.com/rolex-signed-vintage-style-of-36mm-stainless-steel-day-date-watch-case-with-fluted-bezel-and-20mm-lugs-size-fit-eta-2836-movement/ It will take his President's bracelet I believe
  11. RJ's cases are for the 18239- with the 'flat spot' between the lugs. The 118239 which came out around 2000 had the round case between the lugs and brought back the oyster bracelet. I don't think the oyster bracelet was an option on the 18239. @Hayden M- the advantage of the 2834-2 is that it's 28800 beat and made for the Rolex style day date. 2846 is 21600 beat. You linked to the dial that I used- it's not the greatest but it's ok.
  12. I had a swiss eta 2834-2 that I wanted to use and mymanmatt got the DWOs- day and date and installed those on the 2834. The dial came from raffles and the case and bracelet are really DJ 116234 stuff but it worked out for a 118239 of sorts. The nice thing about the 118239 is that it runs under the radar so to speak- people have no clue what WG is. Clarks had a nice 2834-2 a while back- it has to be a clone but might work well https://www.ebay.com/itm/ETA-2834-2-style-movement-Swiss-made-white-nickel-in-color-clone/254043608728?_trkparms=aid%3D333200%26algo%3DCOMP.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20171012094517%26meid%3D4d9ba1b0fafc49089c4a290933784ff0%26pid%3D100008%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D273202529994%26itm%3D254043608728&_trksid=p2047675.c100008.m2219 Silix prime has a ss 118239 type of watch and I've thought about maybe buying it to use the case and bracelet. http://www.silix-prime.us/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=116_205_207&products_id=2056 It probably is a little more accurate than using a DJ case..
  13. FYI, the 726 is a later Valjoux and it runs at 21.600.
  14. Darn, there's no droop to the crown guards Check out this red sub on Chrono 24 https://www.chrono24.com/rolex/vintage-rolex-1680-red-submariner-meters-first-mk1-long-dial--id9501838.htm Also, GS is Germanov Simon up in Rochester, NY- it may be cold up there but it isn't Switzerland. I did see where rafflesdials has an overlay with open 6/9s and flat top 3s in white- that's pretty close for a 1680 overlay. But this one is from one of the forum guys and is spot on. https://www.ebay.com/itm/ETA-movement-part-date-disc-silver-2824-2836-2893-oyster-date/123414447503 At any rate, it's a good effort, dial and hands look good!
  15. Bezel insert is wrong, dial looks off, date font is atrocious- is this a canal street rep?
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