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  1. Is the price $108.75? Interesting how they refer to them as radiant markers- by 69-72 they were tritium of course.
  2. Tiger cases have changed. I don't think a Tiger 5508 case has drilled lugholes these days so it's not a good candidate in my mind. Yuki doesn't make a 5508 dial from what I see on his web site- 6536 is the closest you can get. I did find a cartel 5508 on Trusty's site https://trustytime.shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_103&products_id=1850 It's a start- you'd need a better bezel insert and bezel which might be tricky and the dial is passable, but until you got it apart you wouldn't know what the dial diameter is- my thinking is that it's 28mm or so but that's just a guess. Beyond that you could go to MQ or Phong and build a high dollar 5508- maybe put a 2824-2 slow beat variant in there- typically a 2846-2 won't fit in a 5508/5513 case. But you could put a 2846-2 in the Trusty case and that would be a slow beat upgrade. Maybe for $500-600 you could end up with a decent 5508- age the dial, soften the case, if you got a decent bezel insert, maybe no one would notice the bezel.
  3. https://www.yukiwatch.com/parts.html Hands for eta at Ofrei.com are Han 6595 and Han 6713
  4. Beautiful build! It's also interesting to see that Yuki has the Commando dial - cheaper that MoChaCha.
  5. I think you're missing the point. You can't put a better plastic crystal on a rep 6238 and make it a franken first of all. And if you bought a genuine T-21 (for $100-200, maybe) and it did fit on the $240 rep it would be a poor use of a genuine part- the cheap rep doesn't deserve a genuine part, unless you got it for a cheap price and want to waste the gen part. Secondly, don't believe what the rep guys tell you- most of it is sales hype.
  6. No one makes a 6238 that accepts genuine parts unless you go to someone like Phong (jewelryandwatch.com) and spend a lot of money- over $1000 for the case, $400 for a dial and then you'll need a V72 movement to stick in there- $1000-1500. Trusty has the 6238 with the Venus 75 movement and it's not a bad rep- he says it takes gen parts but I'm not too sure about that. https://trustytime.shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_6&products_id=7576 I picked up the same watch from Marvellous for $240 shipped back in the early spring. It's a nice rep and the Venus 75 is a fairly reliable movement.
  7. I think the 5500 case would work well with the MoChaCha dial which is 27.2mm. You could use a 2824-2 with or without the autowind assembly.
  8. I'm sure some of you remember Donerix's post about the Rolex Commando from way back A few weeks ago I ran across a Commando dial on a website- MoChaCha.org. I saw this over on RWI and a few of the guys had been buying dials from MoChaCha and were happy with them- mostly vintage Submariner dials, I believe. Recently a friend built a Commando watch for me He did the dial himself and installed it in a 36mm Riyi case with lugholes and powered it with a 2824-2 Swiss, installed a plastic crystal and a gen Rolex bezel. The hands came from Ofrei, I believe. I've been very happy with the watch and even change out the bracelet/straps from time to time I realize it's not a 34mm manual wind watch like the original- I guess it's closer to a 1016 build, but the 2824-2 sure is nice.
  9. I've certainly quit building frankens with Rolex movements. I've got two of them and recently beat up my SS 1803 playing in the attic- crushed the plastic crystal and a few internal parts. Luckily, $500 later my watchmaker was able to get it back up running. I'm a little more careful with my 5508 franken- no water for it. Now days I think the best bet is to build your rep/franken with an eta movement. I like the 2846-2 which is getting harder to find and I've gotten good mileage out of a couple of 2824-2s in a 1016 and a Rolex Commando. I'm using the Seiko NH35A and NH36A in a couple of watches these days also- you can't beat it for $40. I pulled the old 7S26 out of this SKX031and installed a new NH36A- should be good for 10-15 years hopefully
  10. Sounds like you're missing a tooth on one of the gears- could it be the fourth wheel?
  11. Here's one I bought a few weeks ago https://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-Seiko-SII-NH36-NH36A-Automatic-Watch-Movement-White-Date-Day-at-3/172366597826?hash=item2821d98ec2:g:TbwAAOSwi7ZclXPQ He's also got the NH35. Lots of other stuff also.
  12. I thought all of those Seiko hands were 150/90/20.
  13. Looks like a Seiko Dagaz mod to me. I just put a NH36A movement in an old SKX031 and added a set of mercedes hands. My other Seiko project was to put a Dagaz dial and hands into an $80 Invicta diver- now I have a $170 diver! I really like the NH35A movement in those Invictas these days Sorry for the bad pic
  14. check out rafflesdials.com http://rafflesdials.com/watch-bracelet/?sort=bestselling&page=2
  15. Don't know if these would work or not. https://www.ebay.com/itm/555-END-LINK-PIECE-FOR-VINTAGE-JUBILEE-WATCH-BAND-BRACELET-ROLEX-DATEJUST-20MM/310411735267?hash=item4845fb30e3:g:bE0AAOSwdQFeC87d
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