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  1. Tribal

    Back again..............

    Welcome back!
  2. Tribal

    Some old rep pics of mine

    I miss the old days and also the members.
  3. Tribal

    A little help.....

    Upgraded to Platinum, hope it helps. Cheers Tribal
  4. Tribal

    Game Over

    Great ones from the old days. After the reps get better over the years, we can see the old stuff is something special and can't be beaten this days. Wonderful pieces, I like a lot!!!
  5. Tribal

    Bargain of the year...

    There are a lot of Microbrands that came up on Kickstarter this days. Most of them claim Swiss Made, but when you look at it, it's clearly Chinese Stuff. People with no knowledge about watches jump on the train and think they have have a unique timepiece. Really weird.🤢
  6. Tribal

    Bargain of the year...

    They go really expensive! 😲 Weird!!! https://bensontrade.com/watches/meccaniche-veneziane
  7. Tribal

    Is more expensive always better?

    Good to see you again.[emoji106]
  8. Tribal

    Forum Announcement - Mike On A Bike

    Good news I think . Congrats to Mike on a bike.
  9. The bezel fastening ring is the retainer.
  10. Tribal

    Sea-Dweller 126600

    I will take a look at, when I install a gen Tube. To countersink the Tubehole you only need to measure the last dip of the Tube. There must be enough space for the gasket.
  11. So it's mostly the same construction than on a 116610. The crystal clips in the plastic gasket. The retaining ring holds crystal and gasket in place. There is a Hyrtel ring inside the bezel that hold it in place. Do u understand?
  12. Tribal

    Sea-Dweller 126600

    Yes, you don't understand. Must the Tubehole drilled to right dimensions?
  13. Yes like gen construction. glass with gasket fitted over Rehaut. Retainer pressed over glass with gasket. Like this!