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  1. Tribal

    Forum Announcement - Mike On A Bike

    Good news I think . Congrats to Mike on a bike.
  2. The bezel fastening ring is the retainer.
  3. Tribal

    Sea-Dweller 126600

    I will take a look at, when I install a gen Tube. To countersink the Tubehole you only need to measure the last dip of the Tube. There must be enough space for the gasket.
  4. So it's mostly the same construction than on a 116610. The crystal clips in the plastic gasket. The retaining ring holds crystal and gasket in place. There is a Hyrtel ring inside the bezel that hold it in place. Do u understand?
  5. Tribal

    Sea-Dweller 126600

    Yes, you don't understand. Must the Tubehole drilled to right dimensions?
  6. Yes like gen construction. glass with gasket fitted over Rehaut. Retainer pressed over glass with gasket. Like this!
  7. Tribal

    Sea-Dweller 126600

    Thanks mate, do u know if the Tubehole must be drilled or only retapped? Have you tried the Rep-crown on the generic Tube? By the way DW?We talk about ARF!
  8. Yes, just pop it off with a knife. On the Pics you see, crystal, movement holder, retainer, case and bezel.
  9. Tribal

    Sea-Dweller 126600

    Do u have Pics. I've done it on all my Rolexes in the past. Has the Tubehole right dimensions or must it drilled too?
  10. Yes, it's much thicker than a Sub crystal. Here you can see the construction.
  11. Yes it will fit, but hard to get! This is the Rolex Number B25-7003-1C1
  12. Tribal

    Sea-Dweller 126600

    I haven't reinstalled the Rep Tube yet. But I think it must be countersink. On the Pic is the Rep Tube.
  13. Tribal

    Sea-Dweller 126600

    Yes, Same as usual.
  14. I have a ARF SD43 in 904L. It scratch easily and seems very soft material. It has a lot of small dings and scratches only from wearing. That's definitely not Oyster Steel.