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  1. I have some laying around I think.[emoji6] Gesendet von meinem Mi MIX 2S mit Tapatalk
  2. Hello old guard![emoji6][emoji106] Gesendet von meinem Mi MIX 2S mit Tapatalk
  3. You need to thin the CG's inside out, maybe shorten them, depends on the Case. They are more rounded on the front.[emoji106]
  4. Build one one with flatop39 As stated Clarks has the Superdome.
  5. So Happy Birthday to your Baby, mate. This one is over 10 years old My MBW 1665 Rund like a charm.
  6. Hey mate,good to see u around. For a 16610 go for a JF. They are available on all trusted TD.s. For 1680 believe the newer ones are not better than the MBW's back in the days. They need much work as stated above in the thread.[emoji6] You can try JKF or BP Vintage ones. Hope this helps. Tribal
  7. That's some huge Lugholes.
  8. By the way is this you Bobbie? [emoji847]
  9. Yepp![emoji106] http://parts.athayavintage.com/product-category/rollie/
  10. Beautiful! Go the other Route and take a VR3135 movement, much better.[emoji106]In meanwhile I build a 16610LV and a 16800 too on a WM9 Base both with VR3135 installed. [emoji6]
  11. What means TTU ? By the way now it looks like this.
  12. Nice, I have mostly the same Project, expect the Dial
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