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  1. That's some huge Lugholes.
  2. By the way is this you Bobbie? [emoji847]
  3. Yepp![emoji106] http://parts.athayavintage.com/product-category/rollie/
  4. Beautiful! Go the other Route and take a VR3135 movement, much better.[emoji106]In meanwhile I build a 16610LV and a 16800 too on a WM9 Base both with VR3135 installed. [emoji6]
  5. What means TTU ? By the way now it looks like this.
  6. Nice, I have mostly the same Project, expect the Dial
  7. Hey Gang, I want to show a sneak peek of my 16800 Project. This is only provisionally put together to get a feeling how it looks when it's done. Specs are WM9 Case, slimmed Rehaut, drilled Lugholes. Gen Crystal Gen Tube and gen vintage Crown Gen Insert Gen Springbars. Gen 93150 Bracelet with Rep Clasp Gen Endlinks, must find some good ones because my 501B don't fit Perfectly. Movement is a VR3135 Dial is a 16800 Richieview Hands from WM aged to match the Lume of the Dial. Excuse the dust and dirt on the Pics Suggestions are welcome [emoji106]
  8. That's the reason I take the other route and take my WM9 Case, much easier to rework the Rehaut. Also the fitting on an VR3135 is much easier. I try to get a gen 168000 Datewheel to do it right. New Dial is on the way too. Gesendet von meinem Mi MIX 2S mit Tapatalk
  9. I think it will be the best, to shave down the Rehaut from the top of the Case. I try to take a smaller crystal gasket and crystal with stronger magnification. Maybe a mix of inside and outside shaving will do the trick. Will see if this works. Gesendet von meinem Mi MIX 2S mit Tapatalk
  10. This one got only CG's reshaped Installed gen Datewheel, Insert, Tube and Crown. Gesendet von meinem Mi MIX 2S mit Tapatalk
  11. The Insert is press fit on the bezel, But must be first installed on bezel. You can press the bezel include the insert with your hands. You must look for the Hyrtelring (Nylonring) sits in the right direction in the Bezel. There is only one way to do it. Gesendet von meinem Mi MIX 2S mit Tapatalk
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