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Found 12 results

  1. I really like the "which combo for today" thread over at RWI...lot's of eyecandy and very good to think about new straps, new combos So I thought it's no bad idea to have such a thread "at home" too Today I choose my 243 on grey Wildebeest from PhillyRock because it's a pretty grey day here in Germany
  2. 5 of my best straps in inventory. Deeply discounted this weekend complete with buckles. See each strap for details. Sale prices only posted on HF and RWG in my Supporter sections. **Buy 2 straps and tracked shipping to Canada/USA is on me, International will get a $15 discount towards tracked shipping or free Airmail** Shipping - USA/Canada - $8 (Airmail, no tracking, no insurance) or $15 (Airmail fully tracked) International - $10 (Airmail, no tracking, no insurance) or $30 (Airmail fully tracked) 1. Vintage Swedish Ammo Bag - Made from an early ammo bag, re-purposed to give it a new life. A piece of history on your wrist. 140/85, 26/26 Sewn in GPF Mod Dep buckle $125This weekend - $85 - SOLD [/url] 2. Buttery soft Dark Brown Vintage 130/85, 24/24 Screw in naturally aged Pre-V buckle $80This weekend - $55 - SOLD 3. Caramel Brown - triple fold short side as per vintage gens - again soft as butter, no break-in required. 135/85, 24/24 Screw in naturally aged Pre-V buckle $80This weekend - $55 - SOLD *Please note strap is a little darker than pic, subdued, not as bright and caramel. 4. Vintage style Beige/Tan - Super soft, no break-in. Triple fold short side as per vintage gens 140/80, 26/26 Sewn in GPF Mod Dep buckle $75This weekend - $50 - SOLD [/url] 5. Vintage Panerai style with thin thread - Triple fold short side as per vintage gens 140/80, 26/26 Sewn in GPF Mod Dep buckle $100This weekend - $75 - SOLD *Worn once
  3. I need 8 of this screws in steel or aluminium free image upload cap size is 6mm and heights is 4mm or 5mm, but I can not find those who sell. can someone help me? thanks
  4. petergunny


    Fresh from hell! Pls contact Master Satan himself for more questions
  5. This is not a sales thread, so I think its okay for me to post here, its a "news" update in Panny/straps world... Guys, I made straps for Arnold Schwarzenegger..., yes... that's true The reportage is here: http://lacomunidad.elpais.com/grey-photographer/2014/5/2/una-bonita-historia-relojes-y-correas- and also here http://culturismosport.net/2014/05/04/una-bonita-historia-de-relojes-y-correas/ It's in Spanish, and there's no english version of it, but you guys can do autotranslate it thru Google Chrome anyway. I put some pics here... So from now, if you see Arnold on TV with his Egiziano, he is wearing my strap Enjoy guys Best regard,s Peter.
  6. So i finaly recieved my PAM 005 and my 390 from Toro. I hooked up the handmade straps i had waiting for them and went nuts with the camera! I'm also working on 2 wallpapers from this shoot for computer that i will post later in the Panerai part of the forum as soon as the editing is done So what do you think?
  7. Driving back home...
  8. Heres a couple pics of the 3 watches i offered myself for christmas, and also a new strap on the way from europe. Yes, i do realise i have a thing for diver watches lol Hope you enjoy, Cheers Wrist size 6.5 Swiss Army Saphire Crystal with moded 22mm strap http://i1137.photobu...ictorynox-1.jpg http://i1137.photobu...victorynox2.jpg http://i1137.photobu...333/strap11.jpg http://i1137.photobu...333/strap12.jpg http://i1137.photobu...333/strap13.jpg This is my New Hublot Diver came in December 31st it was the watch i have been looking at online for the past year. (extremely happy with the product) http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMAG0246.jpg http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMAG0242.jpg Ap Diver V5 arrived december 31st, easy to wear with anything. Its awesome http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMAG0250.jpg http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMAG0239.jpg Citizen Nighthawk Received December 31st (very lightweight unfortunately bracelet a little cheap but overall great) http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMAG0248.jpg http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMAG0247.jpg Strap on the way 22mm for the citizen nighthawk possibly http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMG_9757-20131225-080204.jpg http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n508/system333/IMG_9752-20131225-080201.jpg I hope you all had a great time for christmas and new years and for those who did get some watches (reps, gens, and jokes) please post i would love to see em all!! Sorry for only having links and not posting the pics straight in, some pics were ginormous and some were small.. dont understand why so you all get photobucket Sirdiesel The French Canadian
  9. I am looking at the super avenger from PCLS or trusty time both same price, look like good quality both good reviews etc etc My main question, i cant decide on which watch because i like the different straps but i like the SS bracelet Any chance PCLS or trusty time throw me in a strap for no charge? i mean the strap is 80 and the watch is 278 so that is almost a 1/3 of the price just for the strap Think they will throw in a rubber diver strap no charge?
  10. Dear friends, in the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d let everyone know of a fantastic experience that I’ve had recently with www.watchworx.co.uk a UK based supplier of decent quality straps, bracelets and accessories at really competitive prices. It all started when I decided to stick a leather strap on my Omega (for a bit of fun and to breathe a bit of new life into an old timer!). I started looking around (at Hirsch etc) and after much deliberation I then came across www.watchworx.co.uk. Out of curiosity as much as anything else, I stuck in an order for http://tinyurl.com/8fd4xkd (in blue) and three days (and just £14.00 GBP) later it arrived. I was literally blown away. In short, what would have cost me £50.00 (Hirsch) cost a fraction of the price, and the quality is comparable. I was so impressed, I place another order. This time I opted for a 22mm (again to reinvigorate an old beater). My second order was for http://tinyurl.com/9xz7yqc unfortunately, unlike the first time, a week went by and I hadn’t received my strap. So, I contacted the seller and explained the situation. Without fuss, the next day, a replacement was received by me (and the strap is just as good as the first I ordered). All in all, a great service, quality products and nice people to deal with. Highly recommended. Pics are of my watches with their new straps (on!) both from www.watchworx.co.uk Enjoy and stay well everyone. rclough
  11. Hello, everyone, I am now searching for the straps for Audemars Piguet Shaq. Frankly speaking, I purchased a shaq 47mm from a "trusted" website. ....you know....noob.... Although I have not received the watch, one friend already warmed me that the strap produced by the noob for Shaq ones (or those 47mm ones) might be easily recognised as a rep, coz' the quality of the strap is not good as the watch. Therefore, I am here asking for your help.... My question is: Where can I buy a great strap (the cheaper the better) for the Shaq one? Some said that HK Tan is great, however, to be honest, I don't want to spend more than 100 or 150 USD for another strap...... Many thanks in advance
  12. hi folks i have a bunch of watches and straps to clean out a couple of high end, and a few cartels, plus straps i do not have the time or patience to sell indivdually how would i go about finding someone to do a bulk buy?? thanx in advance bw ps if i have violated some rule, by posting this, sorry
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