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Found 12 results

  1. I really like the "which combo for today" thread over at RWI...lot's of eyecandy and very good to think about new straps, new combos So I thought it's no bad idea to have such a thread "at home" too Today I choose my 243 on grey Wildebeest from PhillyRock because it's a pretty grey day here in Germany
  2. 5 of my best straps in inventory. Deeply discounted this weekend complete with buckles. See each strap for details. Sale prices only posted on HF and RWG in my Supporter sections. **Buy 2 straps and tracked shipping to Canada/USA is on me, International will get a $15 discount towards tracked shipping or free Airmail** Shipping - USA/Canada - $8 (Airmail, no tracking, no insurance) or $15 (Airmail fully tracked) International - $10 (Airmail, no tracking, no insurance) or $30 (Airmail fully tracked) 1. Vintage Swedish Ammo Bag
  3. I need 8 of this screws in steel or aluminium free image upload cap size is 6mm and heights is 4mm or 5mm, but I can not find those who sell. can someone help me? thanks
  4. petergunny


    Fresh from hell! Pls contact Master Satan himself for more questions
  5. This is not a sales thread, so I think its okay for me to post here, its a "news" update in Panny/straps world... Guys, I made straps for Arnold Schwarzenegger..., yes... that's true The reportage is here: http://lacomunidad.elpais.com/grey-photographer/2014/5/2/una-bonita-historia-relojes-y-correas- and also here http://culturismosport.net/2014/05/04/una-bonita-historia-de-relojes-y-correas/ It's in Spanish, and there's no english version of it, but you guys can do autotranslate it thru Google Chrome anyway. I put some pics here... So from now, if you see Arnold on
  6. So i finaly recieved my PAM 005 and my 390 from Toro. I hooked up the handmade straps i had waiting for them and went nuts with the camera! I'm also working on 2 wallpapers from this shoot for computer that i will post later in the Panerai part of the forum as soon as the editing is done So what do you think?
  7. Driving back home...
  8. Heres a couple pics of the 3 watches i offered myself for christmas, and also a new strap on the way from europe. Yes, i do realise i have a thing for diver watches lol Hope you enjoy, Cheers Wrist size 6.5 Swiss Army Saphire Crystal with moded 22mm strap http://i1137.photobu...ictorynox-1.jpg http://i1137.photobu...victorynox2.jpg http://i1137.photobu...333/strap11.jpg http://i1137.photobu...333/strap12.jpg http://i1137.photobu...333/strap13.jpg This is my New Hublot Diver came in December 31st it was the watch i have been looking at online for the past year. (extremely
  9. I am looking at the super avenger from PCLS or trusty time both same price, look like good quality both good reviews etc etc My main question, i cant decide on which watch because i like the different straps but i like the SS bracelet Any chance PCLS or trusty time throw me in a strap for no charge? i mean the strap is 80 and the watch is 278 so that is almost a 1/3 of the price just for the strap Think they will throw in a rubber diver strap no charge?
  10. Dear friends, in the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d let everyone know of a fantastic experience that I’ve had recently with www.watchworx.co.uk a UK based supplier of decent quality straps, bracelets and accessories at really competitive prices. It all started when I decided to stick a leather strap on my Omega (for a bit of fun and to breathe a bit of new life into an old timer!). I started looking around (at Hirsch etc) and after much deliberation I then came across www.watchworx.co.uk. Out of curiosity as much as anything else, I stuck in an order for http://tinyurl.com/8fd4xkd (in blue)
  11. Hello, everyone, I am now searching for the straps for Audemars Piguet Shaq. Frankly speaking, I purchased a shaq 47mm from a "trusted" website. ....you know....noob.... Although I have not received the watch, one friend already warmed me that the strap produced by the noob for Shaq ones (or those 47mm ones) might be easily recognised as a rep, coz' the quality of the strap is not good as the watch. Therefore, I am here asking for your help.... My question is: Where can I buy a great strap (the cheaper the better) for the Shaq one? Some said that HK Tan is great, however,
  12. hi folks i have a bunch of watches and straps to clean out a couple of high end, and a few cartels, plus straps i do not have the time or patience to sell indivdually how would i go about finding someone to do a bulk buy?? thanx in advance bw ps if i have violated some rule, by posting this, sorry
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