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  1. I didn't see that one - can you link the listing? Thanks!
  2. Only one I'm aware of is Yuki's, which is too incorrect for me. Ruby doesn't do one, and there's not a mysterious eBay one to try. Anyone have a source (with a link, ideally) that I haven't considered?
  3. Wow I swear that listing wasn't there when I posted the question. Is the only issue the open "6" on the "26"? Has anyone tried to close it with ink/paint etc? And thanks much for the offers/checking, guys. I'm gonna try buying one of these on eBay.
  4. As the subject suggests... As far as I'm aware, Polexpete overlays are long gone. I've checked eBay but each is slightly incorrect. Looking for silver with flat 3's and open 6's and 9's, to lay over an ETA 2846. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the hints. It stays on with the (cartel) retainer ring over it. Doesn't feel terribly tight, but it does stay on. I'll pressure test after I finish thinning the case a bit and report back (not that anyone asked). @automatico - a Reproduction. Noted. 😀
  6. I've been talked down from this on an earlier build, but here we are again: I'm just too cheap to drop $900 on a fake case. So, I've got a cartel 1680/5513 case here for my budget 1680 project and I've tried both the Sternkruz and Clark's 25-127 crystals. Both are too loose, but the Clark's is closer - it moves JUUUUUST BARELY around the case neck (I'm not sure you could get a hair in between the two). I know I can glue the crap out of it and get it to stay on there, but what if I want something that pressure tests? There has to be some solution, doesn't there?
  7. Ah-hah. I get it now. I don't know how I missed that it's an ST2555. I'll order a new one and swap over the "blued" screws and such. Anything else to look out for as far as fitment? Are parts going to go flying when I take off the datewheel plate? Thanks!
  8. But where? it's been decorated to resemble the real deal and it has a display back, so I can't just pop in a 23j...
  9. Sorry for the delay - here's the balance wheel front and back. Sorry for the crappy mobile photos!
  10. Perfect, I’ll buy a couple. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Pearl popped out of my TC V6 16610 - current consensus on best replacement? I see wholsaleoutlet has them for $15, but they're hit or miss, so thought to ask. TIA.
  12. I've got a Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days (Ceramic, Brown Dial) here with a broken balance wheel (the jewel to the mainplate seems to have cracked largely away, and I don't think the spindle is quite as long as it should be (the end of the staff seems to have chipped off along with the jewel - don't ask). I can't seem to find a balance wheel that matches anywhere, so my questions are: 1. What's the movement based on? Can I buy a new Shanghai (or Seagull, etc) movement to cannibalize the balance wheel, or has this been altered to look like a P.9000? 2. Or better yet - is there anyone who sells just the new balance wheel assembly? 3. Anyone have one sitting around they want to sell? Thanks!
  13. Yeah I suppose I was begging the question a bit there. Just seems like another level of dishonesty - outright lying, I mean. Not that the ethics of this hobby aren't up for debate in general, just that this is more than a click or two further down the bulIshit hole.
  14. Can someone explain how this (must be a scam) works? https://www.swisstime.sr
  15. I've searched and I've searched but can't find a detailed how-to on swapping date wheels in the Miyota 9015. Mine conked out and I'm going to order a new one, but need the current date wheel for the font. I found the rebuild/teardown pages on the 9015, but all seem to skip over the date wheel removal. Just trying to assess whether this is something I can do myself. TIA.
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