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  1. I really like the "which combo for today" thread over at RWI...lot's of eyecandy and very good to think about new straps, new combos So I thought it's no bad idea to have such a thread "at home" too Today I choose my 243 on grey Wildebeest from PhillyRock because it's a pretty grey day here in Germany
  2. Hello, how and where can I get the best PAM000 ? Best Regards
  3. 😩Right guys so this question has probably been asked a million times but I new here Nd I was looking at some watches on swisstime sr but after googling reviews I came across this website and immediately signed up. But anyway I was really looking forward to buy a panerai marina firenze until my dreams got smashed. So my question is where can I get a good replica then If these site are all bogus ??
  4. I've owned 2 PAM104s so far. Both were from the same RWG-recommended dealer and they lasted about 5 years each before stopping. Looking to buy a 3rd. Which is the best version and where is a good place to purchase one? I've searched all the forums and most of the info is years old. Here are 2 versions that I am looking at for possibilities: TrustyTime PAM104SW01 PerfectClones PAM104N01 I recall posts regarding series and factories, but am unsure as to what that means. I presumed the later letters of the alphabet are newer generations, but from
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Panerai-Moonphase-17-Jewels-Automatic-Wristwatch/132576743766 Let's [censored] with this [censored]. How horrifying, and 14 morons are bidding on it.
  6. 5 of my best straps in inventory. Deeply discounted this weekend complete with buckles. See each strap for details. Sale prices only posted on HF and RWG in my Supporter sections. **Buy 2 straps and tracked shipping to Canada/USA is on me, International will get a $15 discount towards tracked shipping or free Airmail** Shipping - USA/Canada - $8 (Airmail, no tracking, no insurance) or $15 (Airmail fully tracked) International - $10 (Airmail, no tracking, no insurance) or $30 (Airmail fully tracked) 1. Vintage Swedish Ammo Bag
  7. Hey guys, long time member here can't believe it's been a decade... Back in the days there were some really amazing things happening - accuarte pre-V crown guards, FGD's custom run of super accurate dials (still have one of his dials) and others, custom crowns, custom period correct lume etc etc Then there was rolli with his amazing work teasing everyone with his spectacular museum quality pieces. To tell you the truth this was something really exciting - seeing passionate people prototype, make and share for the love of these interesting and rare timepieces, pretty much like art m
  8. I started this topic because i wanted to know of my panera is real or replica. The most specification on this watch are like the real one. *the glass doesn't reflect any blue colors. *the markings inside on the movement looks like they are burned in. (not strange bleu) *this watch keeps very good time *There is a serialnumber inside (swiss markings) *The crown guard doesn't feel loose or anything, feels pretty good *Sandwish dial is very nice. Are they other opnions regarding this watch to prove that is a rep or a real one?
  9. Hi, I bought a nice PAM088 from KW and now 8-12 months later the wheel to set the time and change date is slipping like the teeth are worn down or something. It is getting hard to set the correct time or wind up the watch. Is this an easy fix? I talked to KW and they said they could fix it but it is a long way to send the watch from Sweden just for this. Suggestions on how to fix this?
  10. I owned a 112 which I recently lost so have a PAM510 coming to me by way of replacement. I'm left with all of the packaging (inner/outer box, warranty card, bezel protector etc) from the 112 along with the rubber strap (no buckle). Do you think these items have "reasonable" value and are worth selling? I looked on ebay and Chrono24 and have seen similar for sale, but am not sure of true worth. Thoughts?
  11. My new H Factory PAM89 is lovely but has what looks like oily smudges between the lugs. Soapy water and gentle brushing hasn't helped. Does anyone have any recommended cleaners for Titanium or tricks of the trade? I suspect that this smudgy patch is related to the wrapping on the case during the period in storage or shipping. thanks!
  12. So I have a pan372: http://www.intime01.co/panerai/2005-pam372-o-1-1-zf-best-edition-on-thick-brown-leather-strap-p3000-super-clone.html Anyways after a few days of use the minute hand fell off and is currently floating around inside the watch face. Is there a way to take apart the watch without damaging it or needing tools? ~ thinking I may sell it to someone who can repair it or wants it for parts.
  13. Thx to Repwatch´s extraordinary post of his unique wonderful piece I started to admire this watch and got really into this but could neither afford the gen nor build a Franken. First I looked at the Marina Militare but than destiny struck and I found a solution, so after many sleepless nights and one month visiting the above post I happily present to You, in the most unconventional way, serious Purists beware (I love and I am into vintage, no seriousness intended here, this is a hommage), an addition to my fast-growing collection: the famous PAM203 (2005), originally with vintage Ange
  14. Hello guys, my first post here! From SF. I have a collection of both reps and gens. I just received my noob v4 Pam 111, the watch looks gorgeous, but it will not function. i wind it all the way till the click stopped, and nothing happens? If I wind all the way till I can't wind any more, and turn it little more and clamp it down there with the clamp , the movement then moves and watch works for maybe half a minute then stops again? any possible help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!! steve
  15. Brand New to the forums and so excited to be here. I have been reading through a lot of different topics and getting acquainted with the lingo and members. I can't believe this community is so tight knit and you all share of love for the perfect replica. I'm still working on getting my hands on a great Rolex watch at the prices listed on here. It's so thrilling to share my thoughts and experiences in South Florida with you all. I can't wait to meet more of you and become a notable member here. Please stop by and introduce yourself and show the noob some love. Can't wait to get on my repli
  16. hello guys, i want to franken my panerai 104 I need Gen glass so i search on the internet, and i found this website(http://www.ebay.com/itm/SAPPHIRE-WATCH-CRYSTAL-PANERAI-44MM-DATE-ANTI-REFLECTIVE-104-88-90-164-299-/161748558237?hash=item25a8f7219d) on ebay. another website is here http://sapphytimes.com/panerai_sapphire_crystals.html Is this same glass factory? I'm korean so it hard to know that both things are same factory. And how about quality? It really seems like Gen glass??
  17. The new PAM00676 & 677 could be a game changer for Panerai. I have a lot of friend who love the Pams but find them too massive. These two having a 42mm casing and 10.5mm thickness could be a nice introduction for wannabe PAM fan. http://www.timeandwatches.com/2016/05/officine-panerai-luminor-due.html
  18. Hey all, Looking to buy my first quality Panerai rep (not purchased in some back room in Shanghai with minimal knowledge or awareness of different factories/makers) and was curious for some experienced advice. I was thinking of going simple and sweet, possibly a V3 111 or a 000 or 005 ( I like the base, and logo look), but then saw this deal being offered by Trusty and was intrigued by the possibility of getting two very different looking watches (primarily in case and dial color/finish) for the price of one. Trusty PN785 2 in 1 Question I have is whether anyone knows anything about the qualit
  19. I've had this a few years and just the other day looked down and...... I've contacted a couple of TD's to see if they can source the part. Any help from forum members would be great! Thanks Gents! As always ENJOY TO THE MAX!
  20. Today a few pictures of my latest watch. The Panerai Luminor Marina 005. Let the pictures do the talking:
  21. Does anyone know if the new 2012 Panerai PAM00438 is ever going to be available as a replica?
  22. Just received my first Panerai from Angus at Puretime today - a PAM 337 42mm. I have been wanting a Radiomir for ages but unfortunately they are just too big for my wrist. When I found out that Puretime were doing a 42mm rep I was right on it. I am so disappointed with the watch. The case, crown and strap are very good quality but the dial is appalling. The "RADIOMIR / PANERAI" logo is not centred correctly and the whole watch mechanism must be mounted incorrectly in the case as the dial is about 2.5 degrees off centre. I have heard that Puretime are such a good dealer because of t
  23. Hi there. I have 2 Panerai Ferrari 008 watches, and I like them very much. Well, there is one thing I dont like. The "blue" AR treatment on the crystal. It makes the Dial look "dark". Can someone please help me with a with a few quistions: 1. Is the "blue" AR treatment on the inside or outside of the crystal? 2. Can I get the AR of? 3. Does anyone have on of these Panerai's without the AR treatment? (pictures please) 4. Is there a place in EU, where I can get the crystal AR treated (color less of course) Thanks for your time ...
  24. Been looking for a PAM 449 for a few weeks now, the few I see, slip my grasps.......anyone contemplating letting theres go, let me know.
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