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  1. Hi All, Newbie here and after a long and thoughtful review, I finally pulled the trigger on a Pam111 V4 from Noob. I purchased from a TD and when the watch arrived I was so excited. I wound the watch and it worked for less than 24 hours. I thought this was normal. Then wound the watch again and got to it's limit. I did not go any further, but the watch would not operate. The watch is fully wound, but there is no movement at all. Any suggestions? Help is much appreciated.
  2. Hey all, been a while since I’ve written, but I’m desperate. Looking for a PAM 063 and am hitting a brick wall everywhere I look. If anyone has one they don’t wear anymore or has a lead on one for me I’d really appreciate it. Many thanks in advance! Jake
  3. I got a strap on ebay from on a Spanish seller saying that they sell handicraft straps. Strap arrived today and as soon as I finished mounting it on the watch, it's started to unsewing himself. Really the first time that happens to me like that. I do not think I will buy more straps from this seller. invia immagini
  4. Hello friends! I miss those times when such treasures were available. It seems to me then many of us did not underestimate the greatness of these remarks. Today I want to share my joy-my collection was supplemented by another representative of the old school.
  5. Hi all,New to this forum, but have been reading up on all the available information - and just pulled the trigger on a TC Sub v7 Extreme And have my eye on the LMPO as well...But then the Pams (438 and 508 ceramics) also look really beautiful.Anyone know if the current LMPO no longer comes with the SS bracelet, seems it only comes with the Leather?Treat me gently!
  6. Hello guys, my first post here! From SF. I have a collection of both reps and gens. I just received my noob v4 Pam 111, the watch looks gorgeous, but it will not function. i wind it all the way till the click stopped, and nothing happens? If I wind all the way till I can't wind any more, and turn it little more and clamp it down there with the clamp , the movement then moves and watch works for maybe half a minute then stops again? any possible help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!! steve
  7. Good time friends!I have one question: FGD dials are no longer available for sale?I had been looking for his project dial 002/009 (a \ b), but it is too rarely on the Market.
  8. I guess the addiction went on .. these are some of the pics of what i have done for this month . Hope u guys like it . No 1. GPFF / GB KW 6152 A6497 No 2. MM 3646 Silix A6498 ​ No 3. RP River Hornlug A6497 No 4. MMRP River Welded Lug 3602 No 5. MM Jackson 6152 A6497 No 6. RP River Welded Lug A6497 No 7. Pam Egi 47mm Auto
  9. The new PAM00676 & 677 could be a game changer for Panerai. I have a lot of friend who love the Pams but find them too massive. These two having a 42mm casing and 10.5mm thickness could be a nice introduction for wannabe PAM fan. http://www.timeandwatches.com/2016/05/officine-panerai-luminor-due.html
  10. Hey there, hope you can help me. My PAM 177 lost the crown, but the stem is still in the watch. I attached a Pic where you can see it. Would be nice if you can give me some repair advice. Yours Tom
  11. Do any fellow members know if NOOB has updated their PAM 390 with the correct hands? Per research on the forum the biggest flaw is the color of the hands. H Factory has correct hands but with more inferior case. My understanding is that the dial is the same quality. Would appreciate any updates. Thanks in advance.
  12. I've had this a few years and just the other day looked down and...... I've contacted a couple of TD's to see if they can source the part. Any help from forum members would be great! Thanks Gents! As always ENJOY TO THE MAX!
  13. So I've been here for quite a while now and I thought it was about time I did my show & tell for the class those of you that know me or have dealt with me know I have a particular weakness for dive watches and lately that has gone off a touch and I've bought a couple dress watches just for a change, I joined here and had no interest in Rolex or Tudor neither brand did much for me...........boy how times change! Tried to give a little info on each piece I have so bear with me if I go on a bit First up is my Super Ocean Steelfish from Sead late last year, A2836 movement on mesh, fantastic Ar on this one and wears nice Next is a new one this week, Frederique Constant Peking to Paris Chrono Loved the look of this piece since I tried it on at the AD last year but here in Oz the rrp meant it was way over priced imo, so after searching around on and off for the last 9 mths I eventually found one brand new with box etc and snapped it up, thanks to a certain member who knows who he is getting it here was swift and pain free too it's one of 1888 made and is what I consider to be a great value Gen piece! Gotta love that caseback The Jlc Navy Diver is one of my favorite pieces, I bought this from a m2m sale here, it has the A2824 movement and I have it on donerix Black Shark at the mo which is really comfy.....if your thinking of getting one of these don't hesitate they are fantastic Seamaster Pro, the watch that brought me to RwG looking around to make sure I didn't buy a rep online made me look up the tells on here and after a couple weeks I found this Omega Smp for sale, it was one of 2 Smp's I picked up in the same week or so, kept the quartz as I preferred the look of the dial and sold the 2220 on (silly boy) can't buy one for reasonable money now! Love the red seamaster writing and the dial is just fantastic looking, would love to AR the crystal at some stage Planet Ocean Ceramic, had a couple of these now in both sizes, amazing quality and my only niggle is with the 42mm date window, it just looks unfinished..... easier to rep though and I will def get the orange 42 when it settles down a bit, they are such a great piece! The Orient Mako XL wasn't on my wishlist until a short time ago, I was half pissed and looking at some nice wrist shots from other members and this one caught my eye......you know how the rest goes.......cracking piece mind and yes it gets plenty of wrist time too, great value for money piece and waterproof too Pam029, I got this one from Andrew early last year, it has the Asian movement and has kept decent time since, awesome looking dial and great presence on the wrist always gets other people's attention I have it on a Gen black leather strap most of the time but recently got this Asso strap off the bay cheap as chips, oiled it and that's it Mbw Patek Nautilus I picked up recently on here from a great member, it's got the swiss movement and importantly for me the closed caseback love the dial because it changes so much when you wear it from blue to grey to black fantastic Rolex Mbw GwsD, this one came from a really nice guy on here and has had a few mods in it's time, it's the old style case set with reworked cg's, Gen Crown/tube,insert/pearl,crystal great looking piece and probably gets less wrist time than it deserves My first modded watch and one that J built for me out of nothing really, picked up a cheap movement on the bay and a case from one of the guys here sent that to him and he sent this back been a beater for me ever since Tc Sub is really one of my first expensive reps that I was lucky enough to buy, at the same time one of our members came up with a gen insert for me and voila a rep that is imo 98% of the gen all day long! Hasn't missed a beat since I bought it and gets out of the box regularly, love it if you only buy one sub rep make sure it's this one ! My blue Ceramic, what a great looking piece this one is, I got this one from member sale here it has the Sa3135 clone movement in it and had a dial swap from the std Angus to BK dial done by Dom, cracking piece and the clasp is first rate too.. Gmt's gotta love em I reckon this is my fourth one so far, first one went south immediately from Trevor the hands were touching the crystal and scratched the crap out of it, picked up another and then sold it as I picked up this modded one from over on Rwi, if you ever think your parcel is lost in transit think again (at least for a while) this one took 3 months to get to me! So long in fact that I forgot I had it and only took a pic in the group shot had a full relume by strodda including the bezel and it's great ! did I mention I started off with no interest in Rolex or Tudor ........... So this Tudor sub was bought from a member here, it came modded already started with a 5512 donor then had a 2770 movement put in along with Gen service dial and yuki hand set, I added a Gen crystal and Gen crown to finish it off, love it and it just looks right now with the crystal swap Tudor Snowflake, my first build from scratch and one that I couldn't have attempted without the help of some of the members here, I gained a heap of experience doing this one and boy it was fun getting the piece to where it is atm started off with a PC 5513 donor, put in a 2846 movement along with a dial from the bay, correct hands came from J, Clark T19 crystal, Gen 703 crown (so needs a 702) tube from J, was all put together and vintagised (is that a word) by J who drilled the lugholes for gen bars and engraved the caseback, put it on 580 endlinks which fit perfect and a tc v2 clasp and she's good to go, love the piece but not sure as yet if I like the vintage lume.....we'll see eh! Tudor Heritage Qtz was picked up recently on a m2m sale next door from fana05 who I must say looked after this one brilliantly, it's one of my cheaper buys but bloody hell it's an awesome piece, if you can lay your hands on one of these grab it, you will love it I missed this 9411 the first time it was for sale and was gutted, luckily the member who bought it gave me another crack at buying it and I'm so glad he did from what I gather it's a phong case set, Yuki dial and hand set, Gen crown/tube, crystal, Gen insert with Yuki pearl Gen movement and Gen spring bars, the bracelet it came with looks like a mix of Gen and rep but is way too small for my wrists! I bought a Gen clasp for it I'm just looking now for some 501 endlinks (gen prfd if you have any pm me) beaut piece and dare I say a keeper Mbw Tudor no date build was underway when I got the one above so I carried on with it mainly because I liked the look of the black dial without the date, it's a newer 5512 case set with a swiss 2836 movement, Yuki dial and hands set and a Gen crystal which makes the dial look awesome, the bezel on this one is really fat and gives it a different look from what I have already, not sure why that is but perhaps someone can enlighten me I'm trying to find a Gen blue insert for it atm to get the look I'm after (first pic) wish me luck ! Steinhart Ocean Vintage Gmt, with the 2893-2 movement a beaut piece that I wear quite regular, it's really comfy and even though I'm used to smaller watches it feels right on the wrist, great brand and excellent value for money the lume is amazing too Tag 500M I bought from Angus has been modded by Vac with cyclops removal, double AR and a full relume, waterproofed to 7atm drove me half way to mad waiting for it to be modded but bloody hell was well worth the wait time, the lume job is spot on and screams Gen, that along with the double AR makes this a keeper and regular on the wrist, love it Borrowed lume shots by jkay (takes much better pics than me ) Tissot PRS516, this watch is so understated it's not funny has a great quality feel to it and exudes class with the fuss free dial, I can wear this with anything and go diving too Few group shots.............are you bored yet I must say a big thank you to all the members on Rwg both past and present who have helped me along the way since I became a regular here, their contributions to the forum have been a godsend for me a special thanks to Jmb for putting up with me and building some great pieces, to woof to for holding my hand through my builds and generally being a great guy and to everyone else who I know especially Mike who keeps me from myself buying too many watches it really is a great forum and it's a pleasure to be here. I hope you enjoyed a look into my watch collection and hope it helps you make some choices for yourself further down the line
  14. Hello, I have realized that most of the time the lume on my rep doesn't really work... Sometimes it glows slightly but not for very long, and sometimes it doesn't really glow at all. However, every once in a while, it glows like a torch, and it lasts for a long time, which is awesome. So what affects how bright the lume will glow?
  15. Been looking for a PAM 449 for a few weeks now, the few I see, slip my grasps.......anyone contemplating letting theres go, let me know.
  16. Hello world! I just received my first rep, so I thought I would write my first review. Thanks to everyone in this community, you have helped very much in learning about watches and how to go about buying a good rep. I really appreciate it. To start, I would like to apologize for the awful quality of these photos. They do not by any means do this watch justice. Before I received this watch, I had the opportunity to visit a Panerai AD. The gens looked so crisp and refined, and I anticipated to be a little let-down by the rep based on the pics that I saw online. However, immediately after unboxing the watch, I was amazed at how beautiful it was. The one difference that I noticed compared to the gen was the color of the font on the dial, everything else looks pretty excellent. I'm sure there are other flaws, but to me, this rep is great. This is an H-Factory PAM177 that i bought from Andrew for $238 USD before tax and shipping. In total, it came to about $326 CAD, which includes all taxes, exchange rates, shipping, and paypal fees. Originally, I wanted to buy the Noob edition, but I couldn't find it on Andrew's site. I heard Noob is better, but this H-Factory version also cost $50 USD less than the Noob version, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm very happy with my decision, because like I said there isn't much that could have been done to this watch to make me appreciate it more. Besides the color of the font, the dial to me looks very accurate. Even if not everything is 100% exact (although I think everything is pretty damn close), I cannot tell the difference without having a gen right next to it. The titanium case is awesome and looks beautiful. I heard H-Factory CG's aren't supposed to be very good, but I don't know much about the details of the real CG so it doesn't bother me and certainly doesn't look out of place. I was worried the lever on the CG wouldn't open and close properly or something, but it opens and closes very nicely and seems to be of pretty high quality. I was a little worried that I would not like the feel of the titanium when I bought this watch. I chose this one over the PAM111 because I prefer the brushed look to the 'flashy' polished SS on the 111, even though I was worried that the 177 would be a little dull. I was also worried about the titanium being too light, which would make it feel cheap. Also, I read about a few complaints of the movement being extremely loud on the 177. Firstly, the finish and allure of the titanium is excellent. It is much shinier than it looks in these photos, though obviously nowhere near as shiny as the 111. It is the exact finish that I was after. This is my first rep, so my description of the weight of this watch may not be too helpful. This watch does not by any means feel cheap. To be honest, compared to my SS Fossil, I can barely feel a difference in weight. The 177 doesn't feel heavy, and it's a pleasure to wear on the wrist, but to me it certainly doesn't feel light enough to say that it feels cheap. Concerning the loudness of the movement, I haven't noticed the movement being loud. This is my first 6497 movement, so I don't really have anything to compare it to. I actually wish it was a little louder! I love the sound that this movement makes, it sounds really amazing, unfortunately I can't really hear it unless I hold my watch up to my head, or if I'm in a very quiet room. One of my favorite parts about this watch is how excellent the movement looks. It looks absolutely incredible, whenever I take my watch off or put it back on (which isn't really very often ) I make sure to gaze at the movement for a while. It's very nicely finished, and although the words "Officine Panerai" are apparently a decal on the movement, you wouldn't know, and I think it looks pretty good. Since this is my first manual wind watch, I was a little uncomfortable winding it at first, but now that I'm used to it, winding is a pleasure. Winding makes a satisfactory ticking noise and feels nice and solid. The rubber strap is very nice as well. At first, the rubber was very 'tough' and I had a lot of trouble getting my watch on or off, but now I'm used to it and it's worked in a bit, so it's no longer a hassle. The rubber strap is very sturdy and looks very nice too. The two things that I really wasn't pleased with about this watch were the AR and the lume. The AR really isn't very good, as I am constantly noticing reflections on it. It usually isn't too much of a problem though. The lume on this watch isn't very bright and doesn't last very long. It has a very yellow-ish color, and it only lasts about a half hour from what I can tell. If re-luming isn't expensive and I can find someone near me that can re-lume it, I think I'll get that done. Overall, I am very pleased with the purchase of this watch, and I am very impressed with it. I also have to mention how great this whole transaction went with Andrew. Trusty Time was the only site that I could pay by credit card with without a problem, so I was originally forced to buy from that site. I originally wanted to buy from Pure-Time, because they had the Noob 177 and they have a great reputation, but my credit card didn't work there. The transaction with Andrew couldn't have been any smoother. He is very kind, responded to emails very quickly, and the whole process went by very fast and very well. Shipping to Montreal took 15 days, but it was also shipped during Christmas and New Years so I would expect it to be a little quicker for other purchases. I definitely recommend Andrew to anyone that is looking for a good TD, because my experience could not have been any better. Everything was done very professionally, which made me happy and a little more comfortable with the purchase. Once again, sorry for the bad pictures!
  17. River case Athaya 8mm Angelus dagger hands GEN 1953 Angelus pencil for ETA Movement Molly 3602 Dial Ross (modification of my work)
  18. Hello, I just received my first rep, an H Factory PAM177. The watch is beautiful and keeps great time, however I noticed something a little strange. Before getting my watch I did some research on mechanical watches (this is my first mechanical watch) and I read that when winding the watch, stop winding once you feel resistance in turning the crown. So when I first opened the watch, I wound it (while it was off my wrist) until I felt significant resistance. Strangely enough, I only had to wind about 4 times, and the watch was fully unwound. A few hours later, I decided to wind it again just for fun, and again after about 3 or 4 turns I felt resistance. Then, about 4 hours later, the watch was unwound. I wound it again, and once again I felt the resistance after about 3 turns, but this time I decided to wind twice more. After two more turns, the resistance was gone, and then it came back again after another 3 or so turns. Is this normal? I saw on many threads that a full wind should be about 20 turns, but I am very cautious about winding and don't want to overwind/break the crown. So should I go for about 20 turns, or should I stop after about 4 (or whenever I first feel the resistance) ? I'm going to post a review of this watch soon when I make sure everything is working properly Thanks for any help!
  19. Hi everybody I bought some month ago a beautiful PAM356 - now I have lost the crown guard and want to refit it with a new one... does someone knows where to get one? Thank you in advance for your feedback...I would appreciate it very much (my watch reseller is loking since 6 month to get one...). I want to wear this beatiful watch again... I hope to get some information. Regards
  20. Hello, I am soon to be buying my first rep, and I really like the PAM177. I tried to buy it from Pure-Time, but it seems as though my bank won't allow it. I want to make sure that if something goes wrong, my bank will cover it. Pure-Time doesn't allow Paypal, so I had to search for another source that does. I found Andrew's site, which seems to allow Paypal transactions, but I couldn't find the same watch as the one I saw on Pure-Time. On Pure-Time, I was going to buy the Noob Ultimate PAM177 for $288, but what seems to be fairly equivalent to that on Andrew's site is the H Factory PAM177 for $258. The specs seem identical, and the watches look identical, but I'm fairly new to this. I heard the noob 177 was great, how does this one look? trusty-watch.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=37_49&products_id=8700 Is there a reason why it's less expensive? If so, should I go for this one from Andrew, or should I bite the bullet and just go for the Noob one on Pure-Time? Thanks
  21. Hy community, today I receved my Pam 111 Homage made by Davidsen. I have to thank him for the good job he made. The communication was very good with him and the watch came 15 day (from HK to switzerland) after I made the final order. Have to say it in one word, the watch is awesome ! Im actually quite new in the Pam Homage world, but after I bought a Getat fiddy homage I wanted a better quality watch. The watch came in plastic bubble protection paper. Watch specification: - Swiss eta 6497 - Sapphire AR - Solid+windowed case back - silver hands - MM dial - Superlumed dial and hands I let you judge by your own. and one wrist shot Thank you for your consideration Alex ps: sorry for the quality of the pics. Made with Iphone 4s
  22. Hello, Last night I tried to purchase my first rep. I wanted the Noob Factory PAM177 Best Edition, found it on pure-time.com, and clicked add to cart. I then proceeded to fill out all of the shipping information, which brought me to another site where I was supposed to fill in my credit card number. I did that, and clicked submit, and then I was brought to a page that said "Thanks for placing your order" in bold, and in smaller letters on the side of the page said "Payment declined". I started to freak out, went back to pure-time where I made an account, and saw that I have one order. I clicked on that, and it shows all of my shipping information, payment method, item number, order number, total price... all that stuff, and says "order received". So was my payment declined or am I being ripped off or something? I know I'm supposed to get QC pics within 48 hours, so maybe it's too early to tell. I sent pure-time an email on their feedback form, but again this was last night I still haven't gotten a reply, which is understandable. Has this happened to anyone though, and how concerned should I be? Just to be clear, I'm not worried because I didn't get QC pics yet or because they haven't responded to my email, I'm worried because a strange looking site told me that my payment was declined. Thanks
  23. Hello, I'm about to buy my first rep, and I'm torn between the PAM111 Noob V3 and the Noob PAM177. I'm leaning towards the 177 because I like the brushed titanium and I think I prefer that to the very shiny polished case of the 111. However, I know that the 111 V3 is supposed to be an excellent rep, is the Noob 177 as good of a rep and as reliable? Also, I am planning on getting the rubber strap, but I'm worried about the rubber breaking at the lugs (I don't know why), should I be worried about this? Here is the link to the 111 that I'm considering: pure-time.com/product/pam111-n-v3-noob-best-edition-on-black-rubber-strap-with-pre-v-hands And the 177: pure-time.com/product/pam177-n-noob-best-edition-on-black-oem-rubber-strap Or is there a better 177 rep around? Thanks!
  24. Hi guys, Today some pictures of my Panerai Luminor Daylight 251. I got it on a steel bracelet and on a custom TWB strap with PAM deployant. First some pictures with the steel bracelet: Now some pictures on the custom TWB leather strap: The watch head only: A few close up shots: My Panerai family: From left to Right: Panerai Luminor Marina 104, Panerai Luminor Daylight 251, Panerai Luminor Marina 111 And of course a wrist shot: And some more... Thanks for looking
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