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  1. Thank you for your advice. I mailed it back 5 weeks ago. Last weekend, I was sent an email reporting it as received, and that they will attend to it accordingly. Hopefully they will fix the issues and I will keep everybody informed what happens. Thanks again for everybody's help and advice, 🤠
  2. Thank you for your feedback. Here is a video that should better explain the problem. The chrono's second hand in the video starts at 8 seconds, and finishes at 13 seconds. Yes, when you stop the chronograph and reset it, the centre seconds hand is gradually moving further from the 12 o'clock position. Basically, push start, wait ~15 seconds, push stop, push reset, and the second hand resets ~1 second further away from 12 o'clock. However, when you push to stop the chronograph, the 60 minute counting hand, and the hour hand, on the 12 o'clock subdial will continue to keep running. Because of this, it prevents the makeshift solution of stopping the chrono's second hand on 12 o'clock and never using the chronograph again. For example, I stopped the chrono's second hand at 12 o'clock, then went to sleep for 7.5 hours. When I woke up, the 12 o'clock subdial's hands were at 7:30. Pushing reset, both the 12 o'clock's subdial's hands returned to -1 minute. Thanks again for your advice, 🤠
  3. Also, I just tried starting, stopping, and resetting the chronograph ~300 times so that the chrono's second hand went all the way around to 12 o'clock. Unfortunately, when the hand reached the stopping point of 59 seconds, the next reset resulted in the hand jumping to 1 second. Zero-second was skipped over. All the previous times, the second hand only advances between 0.2 and 0.5 seconds. For the final jump, it jumped 2 seconds. The top subdial still also is zeroed at -1 minute. Thanks for any advice,
  4. Hello everyone, My IWC Da Vinci Chronograph Laureus (ZF) is just 1 day old and the chrono is acting oddly. If anybody has any ideas/suggestions as to what is going on and how to deal with it, I'd be very thankful! The Start/Stop pusher works, but the reset pusher results in the chrono's second hand being reset to ~2 seconds (left picture), not zero. If you repeat the act of starting, stopping, reset, the chrono's second hand will reset to ~2.2 seconds, then 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 3.0, to where it is now, at ~3.2 seconds. The minute hand on the chrono subdial also resets to -1 minute. If you try to start the chrono, then stop it at exactly 12 o'clock, then plan on never using the chrono again, the chrono's minutes and hour functions on the top subdial keep running (right picture). I remember from a previous poster here that you should not continuously run the chrono. I googled the topic and the only solutions were for watches with quartz movements, not automatics (7750 Valjoux). Thanks in advance, 🤠
  5. I've owned 2 PAM104s so far. Both were from the same RWG-recommended dealer and they lasted about 5 years each before stopping. Looking to buy a 3rd. Which is the best version and where is a good place to purchase one? I've searched all the forums and most of the info is years old. Here are 2 versions that I am looking at for possibilities: TrustyTime PAM104SW01 PerfectClones PAM104N01 I recall posts regarding series and factories, but am unsure as to what that means. I presumed the later letters of the alphabet are newer generations, but from the pictures of the 2 above, the 'N01' appears newer than the 'SW01'. Thanks in advance, 🤠
  6. Thanks, that helps. Anyway... my name is Alan Schezar.
  7. Because it's Western Union. Not a fan of the way Western Union works. Last time I used PayPal. Thanks anyways.
  8. Thanks, but I got the name from Joshua from email. I'm double checking it here.
  9. Thanks, but I got the name... just want to confirm it.
  10. Anyone Know what Joshua's WU Name Is? (It's not Joshua) About to send a Western Union payment, so I want to make sure.. Perhaps you can PM me it? Thanks,
  11. I'm also looking for a "good" strap... I've been having trouble finding one because I'm looking for a Deployant Strap, not a Buckle Strap. Can you recommend any or any sites in the ~$50 price range? Thanks,
  12. Which dealer did you get it from? Did you buy by Credit Card or Western Union? Post pictures after it arrives!
  13. Can anybody provide an analysis/review of the accuracy of this rep, the Platinum Mat?
  14. Can anybody comment on the accuracy of this Hublot BB model? The Big Bang Platinum Mat? http://www.puretimewatch.com/index.php?mar...10&vote=yes I am looking for a HBB with a white face, and this is one of the few ones that have it. Accuracy weighs heavy on my mind with this one, as well as the fear that the so-called 'Platinum' is just a big giveaway for it being a rep. Along the same lines, I've stayed away from any rep that has 'gold' on it. I've searched the site and haven't found anybody that has bought and reviewed it so far. Hope you all can help, Thanks,
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