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Found 58 results

  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to get your opinions of my first rep. I initially wanted a sosf, after waiting a week the TD told me that he couldn't source it, so I ended up choosing this one below without much research. Did I do good? Thanks
  2. Hi guys. Just got the new gmt in and added the pro3 bracelt. However, when installing the bracelet, I must have used too much pressure as the bezel popped off. I can put it back on,but o don’t know where this tension spring is supposed to go? Any advise? When I install the bezel without the spring and tighten the bezel screws, the bezel becomes to tight to turn....
  3. Hey Guys, I have been away for a few years from the rep game, but I was aware they released new Navitimer Reps last year. I always wanted one, and now it’s time for a new watch... But I saw two different Types: http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=16_143&products_id=15411 and a newer JF Factory edition http://www.ttw-1388.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=16_143&products_id=16923 (which on trusty I only saw in RG, is it actually available as Black Dial, Steel Case, Leather Band?) How good is the “original” 1:1 from 2016? Is it worth to seek out the newer JF Factory? And in general, how 1:1 are these reps compared to Noob Submariner levels? Glad to be back, and thanks for helping!
  4. A few days ago the new Navitimer 01 from Puretime arrived, so I want to share my first impressions of my new babe… Specs (from Purtime website): Size: 43mm x 14mm Movement: Asian 7750 chronograph automatic movement Functions: Hours, minutes, sub-seconds, date and chronograph Case: Solid 316L stainless steel case Crystal: Scratch-proof sapphire crystal with AR coating Dial: Black dial Bezel: Bi-directional rotating bezel Strap: Stainless steel bracelet Clasp: Flip lock clasp Water resistance: Yes Movement: unfortunatley it’s 21.600 vph (gen and former model: 28.800 vph). The sweep of the running secs could be a tad smoother, but I don’t think anyone can spot these from an arm distance away… The rotor is a bit noisy (as nearly always on the A7750), but it keeps good time, about +5 to +10 sec/day. The manual winding is a little stiff, so maybe the movement is a bit on the dry side and needs a proper lubrication - only a guess, I’m no watchsmith. Bezel: It is tight and finally the slide rule is aligning! Great!!! But… still it’s not real/pure/snow-white, it´s still a little off-white. Bezel teeth are nicely done, but I don’t have a gen to compare. Crystal: very clear with good AR (blue to purple hue). Great improvement compared to the predecessor! Dial: well done, really well done! The hands and stick hour markers are sparkling in the light, very gen-like. :) But… the subdials are still a bit too close to the tachy-ring, but that’s imho a minor flaw. Date window is nicely cut with a good bevel. Date Wheel: Still sunken date – no surprise, this can not be resolved with an A7750 movement. Finally black with white numbers (so the “sunken date issue” is less noticable), and supposed to have the proper Breitling date font, but… I had bad luck (wasn’t quite sure from the QC-pics) and got one with the standard date font, but this should be an exception. Maybe Angus can help to solve this issue, will drop him a PM after CNY-holidays. Lume: definitely better than on the former model. Still no torch, but considering the small place where lume can be applied it’s really ok. Bracelet: hmmm, it’s… light. Very light. Feels similar to the bracelet of the former version, no improvement here. Visually, there is no complaint, just the feel… And of course you have to oil it for a smoother moving of the links, it was dry like a desert when I received her... Clasp: solid, with a nice “click” when you’re snapping down to close the clasp. Raised Breitling-logo outside, nice engravings inside. Overall: She feels solid (case, bezel, clasp) and is looking awesome (dial, hands, hour markers)! There are great improvements compared to her predecessor in several ways, but there are still flaws and imperfections. If you’re a fan of the legendary Navitimers and you can live with the flaws, just go get her! But if you’re looking for a so-called “Super-Rep” which is very close to gen in terms of accurcy then there are better options for you (like Seawolf v2, Superocean Abyss, Super Avenger...). Wristies: Pics gallery (outdoor natural lighting): Thanks for looking!
  5. What do you guys think about this one: http://chazingtime.co/product/superocean-ii-a17392d8-44mm-noob-11-best-edition-blue-dial-blue-rubber-strap-a2824/ Is it accurate? If I compare it to the gen, I don't see many flaws... What do you think?
  6. So I recently ordered my first rep and decided on a Breitling Super Ocean Heritage from Ali for $80. I never purchased anything the site before so I was slightly worried. I was very surprised when the watch came in less than 1 week! It's safe to say, for $80 I'm VERY pleased with how this rep turned out. I do see myself replacing the band at some point. Feel free to request more photos, I've never photographed a watch before so I don't really know the proper angles
  7. Here is a recent release from Breitling: the Navitimer Heritage, which as a Navi fan, I find absolutely beautiful. With this model, Breitling offers an affordable Navitimer (less than 4000 USD online) and obviously it comes with the Caliber 13 movement, based on the Valjoux 7750. The dial takes us back to the old navi figher layout with 6-9-12 subdials, printed logo, date at 3' and the perfect 42mm size that fits all kinds of wrists. Subdials and dial have the same color, I like that I hope they rep this very soon Enjoy some pics : I might have to pull the trigger on the gen
  8. My first Breitlings ever, two Transoceans just arrived, and even though I wanted to see them IRL to decide which one I should keep I now love them both so they are keepers all together. Well, at least for the time being... But, and this is a big but (with one t, guys... ), the deployment is a real PITA. WTF did they think to make that piece of metal (see pic) on the inside so that it always is supposed to hurt by design? I'd just love if anyone would have a solution. Any and all ideas are welcome and very well appreciated.
  9. Brand New to the forums and so excited to be here. I have been reading through a lot of different topics and getting acquainted with the lingo and members. I can't believe this community is so tight knit and you all share of love for the perfect replica. I'm still working on getting my hands on a great Rolex watch at the prices listed on here. It's so thrilling to share my thoughts and experiences in South Florida with you all. I can't wait to meet more of you and become a notable member here. Please stop by and introduce yourself and show the noob some love. Can't wait to get on my replica game like all of you!
  10. Ok, so I bought a SOSF last year m2m, which came on a rubber strap. I recently purchased a beautiful Pro 2 bracelet for it. I go to install it, and the 147A end link pins don't line up with the lug holes on the case. I did a good bit of research on this problem, and from the limited info I could find, I learned that the SOSF comes with 134A end links when a Pro 2 is fitted. Here's the strange part: I was carousing through sales threads "next door", and found this pic. It shows a 147A used on a Superocean! (top pic) https://www.dropbox.com/s/akoq9ds0sb6imvp/2016-04-07%2006.11.16.png?dl=0?raw=1 I can't find 134A end links by themselves anywhere. And, I don't want to buy another Pro 2 WITH 134A's on it, only to find they won't fit either. FTR, I don't which factory my watch came from. I only know it has a dg2813 in it, which I replaced with same soon after purchase. Also it has the usual "wrong blue" dial, and does not say "swiss made" like some do under the 6. Here's a pic of my watch if it helps: (bottom pic) https://www.dropbox.com/s/0vzxs279k8o2dti/2016-04-07%2017.27.05.jpg?dl=0?raw=1 Can anyone please enlighten me as to what may be the solution to my problem? Much thanks guys. Cheers!
  11. Hope someone can point me in the right direction. I'm Looking for a good quality rep bvreitling for bentley . it's my favorite watch and just can't anything other than a rep so I want it to be of high quality .
  12. I got this gen brushed Ocean Racer clasp from nice RWI member ernien I hadn't thought there would be different sizes in the OR and neither did he. Both assumed it was 20mm Turned out to be 18mm like the superoceans and colts use, as my gen 22/20 rubber I had planned for it didnt fit I went ahead and chopped up(well with a lot of patience and skill ;-) made this 22/20 yellow/black strap fit (idea stolen from fxrAndy ;-) thanks!) I'm real happy with the result!
  13. Hey there friends! I need some advice. I picked up a V3 Avenger and the bezel is very loose. Any recommendations on how to stiffen it up? Floss or something? Any help is appreciated. Rax
  14. Hey guys, first post here so go easy on me. I have a genuine Breitling Chronomat Vitesse that comes with a genuine 20mm pilot bracelet. I was just wondering if the Replica Chronomat Evolution which has the same 20mm pilot bracelet, is similar enough so that I could use links that came with it on my watch? The authentic spare links are like $200, so if possible I would prefer to use links from a replica bracelet. So does anyone here know how similar they are please? I would greatly appreciate any help at all!
  15. Here's the main collection, dials, up close and personal - taken with Olloclip and iPhone 6+ No editing or filters - I'm working to get better at this. I'll be running them through Photoshop post-processing, and I'll repost then in a comment.
  16. So I've been here for quite a while now and I thought it was about time I did my show & tell for the class those of you that know me or have dealt with me know I have a particular weakness for dive watches and lately that has gone off a touch and I've bought a couple dress watches just for a change, I joined here and had no interest in Rolex or Tudor neither brand did much for me...........boy how times change! Tried to give a little info on each piece I have so bear with me if I go on a bit First up is my Super Ocean Steelfish from Sead late last year, A2836 movement on mesh, fantastic Ar on this one and wears nice Next is a new one this week, Frederique Constant Peking to Paris Chrono Loved the look of this piece since I tried it on at the AD last year but here in Oz the rrp meant it was way over priced imo, so after searching around on and off for the last 9 mths I eventually found one brand new with box etc and snapped it up, thanks to a certain member who knows who he is getting it here was swift and pain free too it's one of 1888 made and is what I consider to be a great value Gen piece! Gotta love that caseback The Jlc Navy Diver is one of my favorite pieces, I bought this from a m2m sale here, it has the A2824 movement and I have it on donerix Black Shark at the mo which is really comfy.....if your thinking of getting one of these don't hesitate they are fantastic Seamaster Pro, the watch that brought me to RwG looking around to make sure I didn't buy a rep online made me look up the tells on here and after a couple weeks I found this Omega Smp for sale, it was one of 2 Smp's I picked up in the same week or so, kept the quartz as I preferred the look of the dial and sold the 2220 on (silly boy) can't buy one for reasonable money now! Love the red seamaster writing and the dial is just fantastic looking, would love to AR the crystal at some stage Planet Ocean Ceramic, had a couple of these now in both sizes, amazing quality and my only niggle is with the 42mm date window, it just looks unfinished..... easier to rep though and I will def get the orange 42 when it settles down a bit, they are such a great piece! The Orient Mako XL wasn't on my wishlist until a short time ago, I was half pissed and looking at some nice wrist shots from other members and this one caught my eye......you know how the rest goes.......cracking piece mind and yes it gets plenty of wrist time too, great value for money piece and waterproof too Pam029, I got this one from Andrew early last year, it has the Asian movement and has kept decent time since, awesome looking dial and great presence on the wrist always gets other people's attention I have it on a Gen black leather strap most of the time but recently got this Asso strap off the bay cheap as chips, oiled it and that's it Mbw Patek Nautilus I picked up recently on here from a great member, it's got the swiss movement and importantly for me the closed caseback love the dial because it changes so much when you wear it from blue to grey to black fantastic Rolex Mbw GwsD, this one came from a really nice guy on here and has had a few mods in it's time, it's the old style case set with reworked cg's, Gen Crown/tube,insert/pearl,crystal great looking piece and probably gets less wrist time than it deserves My first modded watch and one that J built for me out of nothing really, picked up a cheap movement on the bay and a case from one of the guys here sent that to him and he sent this back been a beater for me ever since Tc Sub is really one of my first expensive reps that I was lucky enough to buy, at the same time one of our members came up with a gen insert for me and voila a rep that is imo 98% of the gen all day long! Hasn't missed a beat since I bought it and gets out of the box regularly, love it if you only buy one sub rep make sure it's this one ! My blue Ceramic, what a great looking piece this one is, I got this one from member sale here it has the Sa3135 clone movement in it and had a dial swap from the std Angus to BK dial done by Dom, cracking piece and the clasp is first rate too.. Gmt's gotta love em I reckon this is my fourth one so far, first one went south immediately from Trevor the hands were touching the crystal and scratched the crap out of it, picked up another and then sold it as I picked up this modded one from over on Rwi, if you ever think your parcel is lost in transit think again (at least for a while) this one took 3 months to get to me! So long in fact that I forgot I had it and only took a pic in the group shot had a full relume by strodda including the bezel and it's great ! did I mention I started off with no interest in Rolex or Tudor ........... So this Tudor sub was bought from a member here, it came modded already started with a 5512 donor then had a 2770 movement put in along with Gen service dial and yuki hand set, I added a Gen crystal and Gen crown to finish it off, love it and it just looks right now with the crystal swap Tudor Snowflake, my first build from scratch and one that I couldn't have attempted without the help of some of the members here, I gained a heap of experience doing this one and boy it was fun getting the piece to where it is atm started off with a PC 5513 donor, put in a 2846 movement along with a dial from the bay, correct hands came from J, Clark T19 crystal, Gen 703 crown (so needs a 702) tube from J, was all put together and vintagised (is that a word) by J who drilled the lugholes for gen bars and engraved the caseback, put it on 580 endlinks which fit perfect and a tc v2 clasp and she's good to go, love the piece but not sure as yet if I like the vintage lume.....we'll see eh! Tudor Heritage Qtz was picked up recently on a m2m sale next door from fana05 who I must say looked after this one brilliantly, it's one of my cheaper buys but bloody hell it's an awesome piece, if you can lay your hands on one of these grab it, you will love it I missed this 9411 the first time it was for sale and was gutted, luckily the member who bought it gave me another crack at buying it and I'm so glad he did from what I gather it's a phong case set, Yuki dial and hand set, Gen crown/tube, crystal, Gen insert with Yuki pearl Gen movement and Gen spring bars, the bracelet it came with looks like a mix of Gen and rep but is way too small for my wrists! I bought a Gen clasp for it I'm just looking now for some 501 endlinks (gen prfd if you have any pm me) beaut piece and dare I say a keeper Mbw Tudor no date build was underway when I got the one above so I carried on with it mainly because I liked the look of the black dial without the date, it's a newer 5512 case set with a swiss 2836 movement, Yuki dial and hands set and a Gen crystal which makes the dial look awesome, the bezel on this one is really fat and gives it a different look from what I have already, not sure why that is but perhaps someone can enlighten me I'm trying to find a Gen blue insert for it atm to get the look I'm after (first pic) wish me luck ! Steinhart Ocean Vintage Gmt, with the 2893-2 movement a beaut piece that I wear quite regular, it's really comfy and even though I'm used to smaller watches it feels right on the wrist, great brand and excellent value for money the lume is amazing too Tag 500M I bought from Angus has been modded by Vac with cyclops removal, double AR and a full relume, waterproofed to 7atm drove me half way to mad waiting for it to be modded but bloody hell was well worth the wait time, the lume job is spot on and screams Gen, that along with the double AR makes this a keeper and regular on the wrist, love it Borrowed lume shots by jkay (takes much better pics than me ) Tissot PRS516, this watch is so understated it's not funny has a great quality feel to it and exudes class with the fuss free dial, I can wear this with anything and go diving too Few group shots.............are you bored yet I must say a big thank you to all the members on Rwg both past and present who have helped me along the way since I became a regular here, their contributions to the forum have been a godsend for me a special thanks to Jmb for putting up with me and building some great pieces, to woof to for holding my hand through my builds and generally being a great guy and to everyone else who I know especially Mike who keeps me from myself buying too many watches it really is a great forum and it's a pleasure to be here. I hope you enjoyed a look into my watch collection and hope it helps you make some choices for yourself further down the line
  17. Hello folks, i´m now about 6 years here. very great communinty here. i love to read theads, but today i get trouble with my health. two days ago my doc said that i have cancer in the end state. so i had think about my watch passion and decide to sellall my watches, gens and rep and go to holiday last time. i will go sailing at mediterranean like i do it every year and will spend my last months at port grimaud. thanks to everybody here! so how can i sell my rep breitling datora und super avenger? how can i post in sales forum here? do you have get a one year membership? or can i pay for post in sales forum. thanks
  18. Hi guys, Today some pictures of my Breitling Navitimer and Breitling Colt. The Breitling Navitimer is running on a strong A7750 movement. I've got her sometimes on a Hirsch strap and the other time on a nice mesh bracelet. Well let's go to the pictures! Now some pictures of the Breitling Colt which is running on a Quartz movement. All my Breitling watches together. From Left to right: Breitling Transocean, Breitling Navitimer, Breitling Colt Thanks for watching!
  19. Hi chaps, new to the forum so thought I would introduce myself. My name is Luc and I’m based in the UK. Firstly, incredibly impressed with the wealth of info & expertise here. I’ve registered on the other RWG too and the amount of info I have covered over the past few days is bordering on ridiculous! My pursuit of (obsession with) a Breitling Navitimer is what has brought me here. I’ve just graduated from University so a gen Breitling is a bit out of my budget for now. My first attempt to get something close was a Rotary Chronospeed, an homage to the Navitimer. Unfortunately it’s far too lightweight and too small for what I wanted, even compared to my old £250 Armani watch (I know, don’t shoot me). Having read more about the difference between Quartz and Automatic, I now realise I definitely want an auto. I gather the Navitimer isn’t the most accurate rep, but I’m prepared to live with its shortcomings to have the next best thing to a gen on my wrist. I have a few questions that are quite specific about Navi reps. Would I be best to post these here or in the Breitling section? Cheers for the help and look forward to getting involved!
  20. Hi All just ordered my first Rep, just wanted some feedback on the QC pictures. to my untrained eye looks pretty good and i have approved and am looking forward to receiving it in the next week or so. some feedback from some people in the know would be appreciated though. thanks in advance. advertised as a 1-1 with original, genuine c3 superlume, functional slide rule, asia 7750 valjoux working chromo gmt movement,2880bph, insignia rotor 1st off my wish list:- Brietling navitimer world Cartier Roadster chrono xl Omega speedmaster hb-sia Franck muller conquistador GPG Rolex Daytona
  21. Hi anybody out there got a gen 24mm deployment clasp style watch strap that they wish to offload please let me know as looking to purchase. regards
  22. Morning fellow experts. I am looking at buying a genuine Breitling Transocean Day Date from a reputable online dealer for pre owned watches. I have received a couple of pictures and put down a downpayment however when I scrutinised the pictures I noticed one thing that got me worried. Note that the "SWISS MADE" is actually "SW SS MADE" on this watch. What do you guys think? Fake watch?
  23. Hello All, I am infrequent visitor here looking for some help. I have a SuperOcean Heritage SS Black RB - Asia ETA 2824 and the crown will not stay "closed". I assume its stripped. Can anyone recommend someone in the US who can help me fix this?
  24. petergunny


    Fresh from hell! Pls contact Master Satan himself for more questions
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