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Found 14 results

  1. The is my experience with Toro Bravo. Check out the attached pix for my email correspondence with him. Long story short: Sept 2018: Bought and received my watch. Movement was weird from Day 1 but I thought it needed to be “broken in”. Nov 2018: Watch completely stopped. Looking back, it was obvious the watch was drop-shipped without QC. Dec 2018: Returned the watch for warranty repairs. Jan – Sept 2019: I asked for repairs status update once a month and was constantly patronized/lied to. Oct 2019. The watch has spent 9 months “at t
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Panerai-Moonphase-17-Jewels-Automatic-Wristwatch/132576743766 Let's [censored] with this [censored]. How horrifying, and 14 morons are bidding on it.
  3. Hey guys, I'm a new member and I basically signed up on this forum just to ask you guys questions about fake rolex websites. I want a fake rolex, however I keep finding really fishy looking websites that seem too good to be true. I found this one based in Australia (Which would be extremely convenient for me because I live in New Zealand) and they seem legitimate, I've made an account and everything I'm very close to buying one but I feel like it could very well be a scam. The name of the website is "www)mywatchesonline)com)au". I am getting so frustrated at this point because I really want
  4. I am searching for an HM2 and found it on watch117. But I am almost sure the site is scam. Anyone ordered from them?
  5. I'll get us started: $57k 5513" mislabeled in the auction with no serial or movement photo's... PCG case too. Feel free to share more!
  6. Can they please shoot me a pm? He hasn't responded in 3 weeks and I don't know wtf is going on
  7. Hi Guys, Can anyone please validate the authenticity of these two sites. They seem to be pretty much the same site but with different domain names. 1. iparadisiac.co 2. Perfectwatchez.co They offer payment by Visa, Western Union and Wire Transfer. The collection is great. Website looks top-notch, great deals and some random reviews on the web say both these websites are genuine. I was about to buy a couple of watches but then I thought to confirm validity of the website here before I take the plunge. Please help. Thanks, Ronnie
  8. Ordered something and never heard back. Website down too. Anybody know anything about them?
  9. Tell-tale signs of a scam site Genuine Pictures No replica is 1:1, using a genuine picture that an authorised dealer would use is only a sure sign that the site is misrepresenting what they're selling. Adding their own little watermark to genuine pictures does not fix this either. Replicas being made in Switzerland or Japan Or any other country that isn't China is complete rubbish, if they're going to lie to you about this, it's likely they're going to lie to you about what they will be doing with your money Movement description No replica (bar a few exceptions) are going to have the
  10. Hi! I ordered a watch from dhjason007.com the 3rd october. On the site, it says "pending" for 5 days now. Does anyone have experience from this seller? I contacted him to ask about the shipping, he replied 2 times under 1 hour, but since then, he hasent replied for 2 days. "hi friend please tell me the order number,i will check for you. thanks jason" and then he wrote: "can you tell me your dhgate name?" I told him my name on dhjason007.com, but he still hasent replied. anyone know something about him?!
  11. Someone looks like they're trying to flip a $130 Patek rep for $2600 on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/221118977137 Check out the back and band especially—and them compare them to this (1st hit on Google): http://www.anyreplicawatches.com/item.php?item_id=1042 18k gold, I'm sure!
  12. Hello I'm new here and wanted to ask you guys about this particular Watch: http://bit.ly/zkuMLf Why is it so low priced? I don't get that, please explain! Thanks for the help!
  13. I don't want to trash anyone but I am a Noob and have been in contact with a very trusted dealer (based on this forum) for the last several days and need some help. In short after many emails discovering that the watches on the site were not available I decided on a watch. I was sent instructions on how to purchase through paypal and that through currency conversion it was more then was advertised on the site. After several emails showing the converstion rate I was told it gets rounded up to the next 5 of the foreigh currency. Should have been my first clue that this may not be the best d
  14. Hey folks, This is a sad day for me when everything came to write this post. Long story short: I bought from PureBags a bag on Dec. 2nd and still have yet to receive anything! No money, no bag and so far no response. But here's the complete deal: On Dec. 2nd of last year, I ordered a nice Hermes bag for my wife's birthday just right before Christmas. I chose PureBags since I have bought many watches from Angus (Puretime) and my experience was always a good one. Also I was directed to the PureBags site directly from his webpage. So what could go wrong? For me it was a done deal. Howeve
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