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  1. Since I know there are a lot of big Rolex 6538 Big Crown fans among you, I wanted to share some pictures of the 6538 GILT Hands that I've been working on for almost 3 years now. They come with Big Lollipop Seconds and are for sale in two different Lume Colors and for three different Movements. Most important information first, followed by a few paragraphs for those interested in the details Perfect / Gen-Spec for Rolex 6538 / 6538A Big Crown. Will also work for a few other references and are better than anything else available for the following references: 5508, 6536, 6536/1, Gilt
  2. Today I’d like to share what I would call the «Easiest way to drill vintage case lugs for 2mm bars when you’re a city dweller» So let’s begin with the facts ; 1 - I have a 6538 case with pre-drilled lugs 2 - I live in a city flat with no so much space for huge tools 3 - I dont have a drill press and I dont really have the place for that (see point 2) 4 - I have nice 2mm bars that fit in my 93150 bracelet and 580 end links but not in my 6538 case And today I have decided to try an unlikely experience ... « drilling » the lugs of the 6538 with only hand grinds
  3. My new line of retro/vintage inspired blue straps. These hides are fantastic! No two straps will be the same, the texture, colour, finish, texture and characteristics are different depending on where I cut. Custom orders available just fire me a PM or email @ blueradish@yahoo.com Shipping - Canada/USA - $7 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $15 (tracked/insured) Rest of World - $8 standard airmail (no tracking/insurance), $20 (tracked/insured) ________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Hello Guys, I am back with this lovely roulette DWO, it is based on RWG friends and spend over 20 hours reshaping the font with AI, Photoshop, etc.... And finally ! I achieve it! Print with semi-plastic with black and red ink, it is Braille, on top of the DWO as gen, not print IN the paper. This DWO is suitable for eta movement, or DG, but not gen movement sorry. The price is 70 USD Firm include Hong Kong small post, if you need it fast, please tell me when you PM me. Please Comment below if you have any question! I will answer ASAP
  5. Inspiration: a 5513 (5**/76, delivered to the Royal Navy in March 1976) the hommage (low cost but time consuming) dressed in grey:
  6. So I've wanted to post this for a long time now and I think now is the perfect time. This Daytona crazy is insane. With Paul Newmans Daytona selling for 17 million dollars more and more people are wanting a piece of history on their wrist. A few years ago that was me. I contacted the right people and since then I have had 2 spectacular vintage builds. Having said that the real reason for this topic is to get everyones opinion on who is the best. Rolojack or TheSociety. I have worked with Jack in the past and everything has been pretty amazing. Also, I have read up alot on TheSociety and from t
  7. So, I am just a few weeks away from wrapping up probably my most "involved" franken thusfar, a very special Tudor Monte Carlo (a 7031/0 actually) from Jensen aka VintageWatchmaker aka son of Phong. Anyways, the stock dial on the phong/Jensen 7031 isn't great imvho and accordingly, I had been on the hunt for a different dial to use for some time. With DW's (great) dials out of the picture, remaining options are kind of limited. Yuki's dial leaves much to be desired, NDT's dial is terrible and nothing on offer from either MQ or Tonny. I was at a loss. Then a couple weeks ago I made a last-ditch
  8. What if I buy a gen Rolex case and dial of an old Datejust or Perpetual Date? (Rewind) Few months ago I nearly bought case/glass/dial/hands/bezel/crown/bracelet of a gen Rolex 1501... eveything was there except the movement.... Nearly, but I didn't. (Everything was in very poor condition and the dial was an awful brownish/reddish...) Back to present... What if I get an old Date/Datejust WITHOUT the movement? What movement may fit in that case? (Talking about size and stem height...) In those years (70's) many Oyster Rolex had the self winding 1570 ca
  9. 5 of my best straps in inventory. Deeply discounted this weekend complete with buckles. See each strap for details. Sale prices only posted on HF and RWG in my Supporter sections. **Buy 2 straps and tracked shipping to Canada/USA is on me, International will get a $15 discount towards tracked shipping or free Airmail** Shipping - USA/Canada - $8 (Airmail, no tracking, no insurance) or $15 (Airmail fully tracked) International - $10 (Airmail, no tracking, no insurance) or $30 (Airmail fully tracked) 1. Vintage Swedish Ammo Bag
  10. Fellow members I am looking to replace the bracelet on my 6263 Daytona with a Gen bracelet. If anyone has a 19mm 78350 Gen Bracelet for the 6263 Daytona please pm me. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
  11. I've been selling all the watches for some time ... And I bought one again and made some pictures of it. Regards.
  12. •PROLOGUE• Over the last several years as I've built (or more accurately, had built for me essentially) franken versions of vintage watches that I admire, my interests gradually honed in on one particular area: Tudor. There's always been something so "honest" about Tudor to me and how the brand has always held its own while perpetually living in the shadow of its older sibling. Like Rolex without some of the fuss, if you will. Make no mistake, Rolex is unquestionably the king of the tool watch (imvho the 1016 is the greatest tool watch ever made), but for whatever reason, it has always
  13. Hi guys, I have not presented something new here for very long time, but today I have something that should share with you! My new Rolex Submariner Ref. 5513, gilt dial, Meter First, from 1966. Let's see in detail: Case: Yuki case with Serial number from 1966 - Modded with speciale patina (steel browning). Dial: GEN from the same period, in very good condition. Hands: Yuki, relumed and reworked. Movement: Cal 1520 with 17 jewels non-Hacking, from the same period (revised und regulated). Crown: GEN 24-700, in good condition. Tube: WSO reworked. Insert: GEN Service. Plexi: T19 GEN Service
  14. Thx to Repwatch´s extraordinary post of his unique wonderful piece I started to admire this watch and got really into this but could neither afford the gen nor build a Franken. First I looked at the Marina Militare but than destiny struck and I found a solution, so after many sleepless nights and one month visiting the above post I happily present to You, in the most unconventional way, serious Purists beware (I love and I am into vintage, no seriousness intended here, this is a hommage), an addition to my fast-growing collection: the famous PAM203 (2005), originally with vintage Ange
  15. The parts for my next project just arrived Last week I received a new Cartel 1675 from Toro and just today the gen dial (refinished) arrived. The overall look of the new Cartel 1675 is pretty good. But the Lego lume dial hurts my eyes and I don't trust these clone movements. So I was looking for a good dial to put in and got lucky with a refinished dial via the bay. Next already on its way are some inlays that I'm going to age once arrived and a rafflestime sub case back. I guess I'm going to keep the plexi and the hands but they will be relumed to match the dial. For the case I'm
  16. Recently I purchased 6202(from local market), 1680(intime), 1675(local market). Those 3 stunning watch all had been vintatage finished. 6202:sanded and faded,dot patina,dirt hand. 1680:sanded and faded to gray,yellow patina, grey with bit pink hand. 1675:faded,nipple yellow patina, dirt hand. Thank you for watching and give me some advice to make it much more better. Lost phone after 1680 vintage built.So there is some random picture of afterfinish.
  17. I recently started getting into vintage Rolex watches. Specifically the Paul Newman watch. Every time I travel to a different city I go to vintage watch stores to check out what they have. Most of you know that the vintage rolex watches are crazy expensive. Having said that how difficult is it to build a new perfect vintage Paul Newman Rolex? I know there are a few different color options and of out of those which is the coveted among the Paul Newmans? I have a few genuine rolex watches and just now have done more and more research on forums like this. I dont think I will ever buy a genuine wa
  18. Hi Gents ! For those of you interested in 50'Subs and their evolution, here are few shots borrowed from P. STAHL Instagram, about one of his recent acquisition : a beautiful military version of our beloved Ref. 6538. Take a look to that bezel, "prototype-lly" made to be even easier turning around in deep water missions for the MOD divers. Big crown, "german silver" Bezel and Red Depth dial... Cheers!
  19. My goal was to build a 5513 that aged like it's seen the world. It's not about beating-up a watch, but making it believable that it is 50+ years old. I guess I'd call it "giving the watch it's character". It's the little details that make the difference on your wrist! I absolutely love the way the dial, hands & case turned out on this one. The dial in particular is absolutely gorgeous and the way the GILT Rolex letters reflect the light alter certain angles is unmatched by any cheap printed dial. There's a reason why a GILT dial alone on a gen Rolex adds about 30.000$ to it's price.
  20. Hey all !!! Today I want to introduce my last mod, a ROLEX Red Submariner 1680 Tiffany. I hope you enjoy it Case: The cheap variant 1680 (dg 2813) by Sead. Crown and Tube: Athaya 702. Bezel Insert: Yuki. Movement: ETA 2846. Dial: GEN Singer stamped dial, custom printed and Refinishing. Hands: Yuki aged. Plexi: 25-127 "CLARK".
  21. I guess the addiction went on .. these are some of the pics of what i have done for this month . Hope u guys like it . No 1. GPFF / GB KW 6152 A6497 No 2. MM 3646 Silix A6498 ​ No 3. RP River Hornlug A6497 No 4. MMRP River Welded Lug 3602 No 5. MM Jackson 6152 A6497 No 6. RP River Welded Lug A6497 No 7. Pam Egi 47mm Auto
  22. Hello friends of Vintage Watches! Here my last mod, a cheap but nice 1680 white, hope you like it;-) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. Just wanted to fire up a thread on a 6541 Milgauss build as I get started with it and progress through it. Wanted to share some initial QC pics of the dial and case, etc. Literally all the components of the build is en route to me and needed parts start showing up first thing next week... (Some inspiration for the build:) Dammit Slay... A genuine 6541 Milgauss is an extremely rare bird indeed with auction estimated well into the six figures if and when they even do pop up on the auction block. Accordingly, a 6541 build of your own can get EXTREMEL
  24. As I type this, Aurel Bacs and his merry men are wrapping up their weekend of auctions in Geneva, and most likely patting themselves on the back for a "job well done". At least, in their eyes anyways. (100% sales totaling over $25M on the first day alone. Sheesh...) Saturday's chrono-only "Start. Stop. Reset" auction produced some seriously crazy numbers, watches hammering at prices never seen before: a mere FIVE Daytons hammered in for a total north of $7.5 MILLION. That's right, millions. For five watches. In fact, only one vintage Daytona on the block hammered for less than six figures
  25. Hi Guys, I'm hoping one of you would be able to lend some expertise. I recently inherited an old Heuer from my granddad. I'd like to find out some more information about it. I've taken it to a vintage watch specialist in London and he wan't able to tell me a great deal about age or its history. He tried opening the back with a rubber grip and couldn't get in, which suggested to him it's not been opened before and all the parts on the face are probably the originals. He also said that despite the strap material breaking down, it doesn't look like it has been worn much. The watc
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