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Found 68 results

  1. Good day members, Here’s my honest and transparent review of our very own AP guru and RWG crew member Legend! I’ll keep this a short and to the point as possible. I’ve never been an AP guy and my eye has always been towards Rollie’s and PAM’s until.......BAM! The release of the AP forged carbon and ceramic rep models. I was reluctant to purchase any AP as the price does not match my profession alas we’ve all had or seen this discussion on the forums. I fought the urge for a few years, yes a few years until recently I found out the Noob V4(supposedly the most accurate)was discontinued by the factory and only available for purchase M2M. I found one for sale on RWG and the journey began. Once I received the watch I simply could not take it off my wrist! It was the most comfortable and light watch I’ve ever worn! The stealthy black carbon case with splash of yellow is just plain sexy and screams renaissance man! Then tragedy struck! The deco rotor plate broke☹️ I replaced it but found the screws were stripped from previous owner and the movement was shot![emoji33][emoji37] So my dilemma was to find a forum Watchsmith that would work on AP’s. In comes Legend! After researching all forums I found his specialty was modding APs to gen like status. Contacting Legend was a breeze and communication is very easy, concise, and to the point! He explains in detail very well. Off I ship my watch overseas and the wait begins. Legend evaluated my watch and gave my a complete breakdown estimate of work needed and optional mods. To be completely honest I was surprised by his prices and thought they were on the expensive end but after his explanation and reviewing the going prices of a Legend modded AP FC Diver M2M I realized his work is “Legendary” and as always you get what you pay for! Legend was very honest in his assessment of my watch and what he thought I truly needed and didn’t need. I opted for the case polishing(bring out carbon pattern per gen), Omega datewheel(better font), rebuild of the A2824(dirty and to much oil), screws polished and rethreaded, and pressure testing. Legend takes great pride in his craft and wanted to make sure I was truly satisfied with the final results of my AP FC Diver. My Diver before Legend mod I received my watch back after a little over two weeks from Singapore. Legend does pay return ship and offers a six month movement warranty. All I could say was WHOA!!!! The watch is gorgeous and his rebuilt A2824 runs like a dream! Well over 42 hours power reserve, though I haven’t timed it. After Legend mod! Off into the sunset with my Legend modded AP! So much for the short review! My final take on Legend’s work. He is a master of his craft and takes great pride in his work along with customer satisfaction however be prepared to spend cash but the end result is well worth the price of admission! Enjoy to the max! Blessings, Indy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi guys, Perhaps you know but I'm a big AP fan I just took some pictures of the Audemars Piguet Diver 15710ST. It's a great watch and it just looks different like all the AP Divers out there. I especially like the black minute hand and the black lume on this white diver. The big question is, would I pick this white dial diver over the black dial diver? As much as I like this "look" I still think the black dial diver is the one for me. Enjoy the pictures!
  3. So, I can remember joining the rep world and asking the same question everyone asks " What is the best Rolex Sub?" Well, It's been a while since those days and now I'm asking a similar question for a different watch and model, the AP 15400. The AP 15400 has me obsessed. I am considering this one: https://puretime03.com/royal-oak-41mm-15400-ss-jf-11-best-edition-black-dial-on-ss-bracelet-a3120.html# Is this the best 15400 rep yet? any recommendations? Any major flaws? I've read a bunch on here and seen the comparisons but not much since April 2016 on this topic. I see JF is the best, but is this a newer JF? I know that thickness has been an issue, and that kind of bothers me. It reads 10.5 but I'm being told its actually 10, which would be fantastic because the gen is 9.8. Let me know!
  4. Hello Everybody, First post on this forum.. hope at the good place I would like to find a very nice black dial for my Audemars Piguet diver carbon forged on 2824. I saw after buying my v6f the dial was not as genuine...but same as ceramic model... i Have to change it So please help Thanks
  5. HI there, I posted in the AP area first but think I may get more answers here... I'm looking for a replacement crown for a AP ROO Rose Gold Wempe. Anybody got any ideas where I could possibly source one? Aftermarket or rep preferably. Oh, also...if there are any experts here that know what size I need, that would be brilliant as well. If I can use a generic aftermarket crown, that would be cool too.! Cheers in advance and have a fab and groovy day!
  6. Am looking for seller i can buy a 1 to 1 Rep with all the looks spot on
  7. OffshoreWatchExports

    New Member from South Florida

    Brand New to the forums and so excited to be here. I have been reading through a lot of different topics and getting acquainted with the lingo and members. I can't believe this community is so tight knit and you all share of love for the perfect replica. I'm still working on getting my hands on a great Rolex watch at the prices listed on here. It's so thrilling to share my thoughts and experiences in South Florida with you all. I can't wait to meet more of you and become a notable member here. Please stop by and introduce yourself and show the noob some love. Can't wait to get on my replica game like all of you!
  8. Hi there fellow collectors and watch lovers! Thank you for the chance to be a part of this great community!!! Collecting vintage watches and reps since ever. So I really remember the times when I bought my first reps in the 90s ... oh my, compared to todays great pieces I can say, they really changed a LOT for the better :-) My favourite brands are AP, PP & Rolex Especially vintage style reps and modded reps with a special creative touch I like a lot. Hope to get more inspiration, ideas and knowlege here in future to work more on my planned rep mod projects. (hope to have also enough time off my job for that ....:-) Have a great time! Elias
  9. 997 s

    AP Franken

    Just wanted to share some xxx pics just got it back from the wiz Domi Hope you like it AP Tit Franken Gen Lwo 283 genuine dial and tachyring gen tube and genuine crown Gen hands Rounded pushers Modding the gaskets Full serviceof the movement Case mod/shaved midcase Full polish and satin inclusive bezel AR Crystal
  10. Comparison Audemars Piguet AP ROO 44 Forged Carbon - (Gen vs Rep) No one done this FC 44 review as yet and I found this information on Chinese website and would like to share with you all here. (21/06/16) ALL CREDIT TO LINGMUWATCH Author. Here are bit of basic information and video of Forged Carbon making video. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Forged Carbon (26400AU.OO.A002CA.01) Video (How It's Made) : - (First 2 mins) YOUTUBE Video GENERAL : From vision comparison side by side, all parts is in place where it should be, size and dimensions are very close. JF give an impression a bit brighter / whiter, it's because the dial print are slightly wider therefore look more white. DIAL : As discussed previously, GEN dial print is finer and more detail and JF is a bit wide / rough than the GEN. LOGO : In this macro, you can see the Logo and fonts looks pretty close, fonts is the same. Only slight difference of font is REP is bit bolder than the GEN. The square pannel for "Audemars Piguet" on GEN is slight longer than the REP. Therefore REP font has less gaps between alphabets and look bold. LOGO AP on GEN has thinner gap. HANDS : Hands details hardly see any differences between the two. SUB-DIAL : As we can see GEN sub-dial paint are more finer and concentric is more appealing / sharper. REP also done not bad on subdial and concentric but it just to as sharp / fine than GEN. However, these details hardly can be see without a loupe magnifier. DATE : Date frame on GEN has smoother cut around, REP font is bolder than GEN. This is visibly from naked eye. 3D printed date on GEN and REP and quite close on both. AR difference on both GEN and REP. Only thing stands out from the date window is the Index 3 is shorter than GEN, that's because of the datewheel position on the movement. Tachy : GEN font and REP looks very close. Again, GEN slightly sharper. LUME : If we look closer, JF is brighter in general. Looks a bit reverse to the GEN, Index Brighter hands not on the REP. CROWN / PUSHER : Not much differences in general, Pushers seem a bit wider, Logo engraved on GEN looks deeper. LOGO : Logo on GEN is deeper, apart from that it's spot on. REP edges seem a bit sharp tho. SIDE : Because of technology constrain, polishing not as fine as GEN. Slightly more thickness on JF case. On macro, JF has more carbon pattern effect than GEN. MOVEMENT : Movement is the hardest one to 100% copy because technology and budget constrain. From looking on the movement it is a tell tell for someone who know the GEN. However, the movement can't be seen when wearing the watch. CASEBACK : Engraving is bolder compare to GEN. Movement on GEN is finer and more detailed than REP. BUCKLE : Not much differences, GEN is engraved deeper than REP. WEIGHT : Forged carbon is an unique materials, it is very light with total weight of 91.3g. SUMMARY : In summary JF did a great job for this FC 44 ROO but there are still room for improvements on better printing, engraving and polishing. However, if the factory can invest better machine / technology and with enough budget to do so. This will be definitely a SUPER REP (Not including Movement as they've done their best already). Anyway, this is as close as REP can get with 1/40 of the GEN Price. ENJOY!!!
  11. Hey RWG, I'm looking to buy a white face 15400 Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak any day now. So far, I've come across a few sellers who appear to be TD's here. Here are the two options I'm looking at: http://www.ttw8488.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=241_246&products_id=10977 http://www.intime.co/audemars-piguet/1229-jumbo-15400-swiss-eta-2824-white-41mm-by-bp-maker.html Which option looks best to you guys (regardless of price difference)? If you have a better suggestion, please let me know! Thanks in advance:)
  12. Hello to all you sage experts here at RWG, I'm hoping for a bit of expertise. I'm hoping to purchase the best current rep 15400 41mm SS/RG ( White or Black Dial ) and have been scouring these forums for definitive advice. I may have missed something but I'm noticing that the REP at ( INTIME watches : http://www.intime.co/audemars-piguet/2047-royal-oak-41mm-15400-rg-bezel-tf-1-1-best-edition-black-dial-on-ss-rg-bracelet-miyota-9015.html ) may not be the best option. I'm hoping to find a solid rep equivalent fairly soon. Any thoughts and directions for a first-time rep buyer ? MANY THANKS !
  13. Hi guys, Does the 3 o'clock marker looks aligned to you?
  14. Hey lads, I have just purchased a used "rose gold" AP Wempe Scuba that is missing the crown and pusher. Does anyone know where I can get replacements for these? Alternatively, if I can only get a crown, does anyone know a good substitute if I cannot find the real deal? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Anguz
  15. How does it fit? Any extra gap at the endlinks? Does this JF bracelet http://www.torobravo...product_id=1166 fit well a V5? There are any other bracelet versions for the Diver available? Thank you.
  16. blake.south

    My Collection at the moment

    This is my collection at this very moment. Some of these are from the a previous raffle that I was lucky enough to win. Thanks Mike on a bike btw. I also have couple cheapies I'm about to sell that didn't make it into the pics, but they will be gone soon. Omega Railmaster XXL Omega 300 Master Co-Axial IWC PIlot Chrono 3717 Vac Lumed IWC Portuguese Ardoise Rolex DSSD AP T3 Titanium Bell & Ross BR-126 Heritage w/ gen strap Tag Heuer Monaco Rose Gold Hublot Big Bang Rose Gold Tudor Pelagos
  17. Hi guys, it looks like a JF v8 version for the AP ROO Diver has just landed on Toro's. Does anyone know a little more about? Description doesn't really help figuring out the improvements over the v7...neither do the pics could be just me though http://www.torobravo2015.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1723 Many thanks!
  18. malnajjar

    AP RO Rep

    Good Day, are there any good AP RO in 39mm reps?
  19. Thursday I received my FC Diver Noob v4 from PureTime. First off, I'd like to thank Angus for picking out a nice piece for me. This is my first AP and I love it! The carbon pattern is awesome and shines when hit by direct light. The ceramics bezel is even more awesome and has hundreds of different colors depending on light. The dial is nice, crisp and clean. Overal build quality is what to expect from Noob, rock solid. I have a 6.25" wrist and have mounted the XS strap from JF. I had to redrill the strap holes because it didn't fit. The standard strap also fits my wrist, but needs the tightest hole. Now I'm using the 3rd on the XS. It's probably not perfect, but I love it! And I'm looking forward adding more AP's in my collection
  20. Need some help brothers, I recently got a Panda in an M2M trade and I love it! Only issue I have with it is there's a lot of play in the plots. They're pretty loose and rattle around a little bit when I shake the watch. Will this change if I tighten the screws on the lugs? What can I do? Is this normal?
  21. This poor AP has seen better days. I decided to strip it down, and re-finish the bead blasted sections as well as restore the polished area's. Here's the before condition: BEFORE refinishing Bezel Caseback Case and clasp AFTER refinishing and bead blasting AFTER refinishing, assembled All the polished edges were hand finished Below are pictures of the genuine AP, I think I did a good job matching the finish. GENUINE
  22. Only 4 reps at the mo but I'm happy with each. Thought I'd stick a few camera phone snaps up in one place... Seiko Pepsi Diver (gen obviously) LMPO TC 2015 LV Miyota decorated Royal Oak v2 MH ROO Cant decide what to get next but i fancy a PAM 111 again and maybe a Seamaster 300
  23. If making a franken 14790 with gen dial and hands(found)... Which movement to use? A JLC 889 would be nice, but I'm afraid its far too expensive and rare... So i was thinking a 2892 and an EDGE DW! Does that sound reasonable? Are the hands "crimpable" on the movement? BPH should be right for AP cal. 2225 ... right? Also, is the current latest version 14790 case and bracelet "good enough" to make a franken build reasonable? Like the 14790 b/c of the closed caseback.... Gen bracelet, possible? Thanks in advance! Rille
  24. For some time I've had my eye on the Safari and think I'm about to move on one. I noticed pure-time released a new line of Noob Royal Oak's on bracelets last week. This is a great addition because I think very few people do anything with the fake croc straps except throw them in a box and leave them there. Can anyone chime in if this is a new version of the 42mm Noob or if it is just a re-release on steel. I've done my due diligence and think i'm going to go with the Noob over the JF and pic up an APBands strap. I've tried the gen on a few times and have noticed differences and imperfections between gens which is strange but seems somewhat common among AP watches. This should make for a nice little fanken project. If this is different than the older Noob, does the forum have an opinion??? Thanks, here are the pictures from puretime. PS: Can anyone chime in if this is the current bracelet dealers are selling that will fit the new AP Divers? I have a version 6.1 http://pure-time.com/product/royal-oak-offshore-safari-noob-11-best-edition-on-ss-bracelet-a7750/
  25. Hello everyone and thanks for having me in the forum, i have been reading into rep watches in this and other forums for a month now, and think that now im educated enough on the topic to ask proper questions. so far i have a gen rolex sub, but want a watch not everyone has. my three favorites are 1. the royal oak cronograph 2. royal oak offshore chronograph RG 3. the royal oak offshore black theme. As i want the best rep possible, pruetime has now the 2014 jf black themes. its superlumed and AR coated so i wont have to mod that. however i would rather want the offshore chronograph RG since its less similar to my submariner. i read that some of the gold plating may fade and the rubber might peel. i prefer the clasp on the 2014 black themes to the deployant clasp on the RG model though. the watch is not going to be my daily beater, that place takes my submariner, but i want something for going out to dinner etc and something that will last for a couple of years. how does the movement of the two watches compare? is the 2014 jf more reliable (both A7750 right?) what would you chose in my position. thanks alot in advance. ps i need it in a 42mm since i got 6,7" wrists...