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  1. blueradish

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    B&R w/ power reserve on a Gen rubber
  2. blueradish

    [PICTORAL - NEW BUILD] - PAM 6152 Gold PVD

    Ya man, the collection is getting big. Can’t wear them all. I think it’s time to share the love and sell some. Will likely put this one up for sale.
  3. Just finished up this one, beautiful vintage Southy dial, custom PVD coated 6152 case with a Swiss ETA gold 6497 on a Blueradish strap with matching PVD coated Mod Dep buckle.
  4. blueradish

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Big and fun for Sunday.
  5. Saw them in Winnipeg a couple weeks ago as well. Amazing live.
  6. blueradish

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Wrist beauty among natures nastiness.
  7. Great case finish, nice piece
  8. blueradish

    Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Gen today. White beard on ISO today.
  9. By all means, let's make this a community thread for all love of EGI's. Thanks for posting Yours look great, agree these are heavy, but I like to know I have a watch on my wrist. When I wear my smaller Ti watches I often think I forgot to put one on.
  10. Ya, I've only got a 7". The Egi's definitely have a time and place. They don't work with nicer office attire and look very large, but with sporty or rugged wear they seem to look pretty good on my smaller wrist.
  11. Over the years I’ve probably built around 50 EGI’s. Lots for me, lots for other people. I’m not sure why I love this PAM so much but it’s likely that it is because it is just so BADASS! It takes no [censored] from anyone. I’ve built everything from simple builds all the way up to full case modifications to fit vintage deco movements. One thing I’ve never done is share them with the community. I’ve always thought I would amass a large collection and share them all at once, but over the years I’ve been coerced into selling a few, some have gone thru dial swaps, etc. I’ve realized I will never have a complete collection to share, so I’ve decided to share my Egi build of the Past, Present and Future. Wish I had photographed all of them, but the best one’s are definitely below. Enjoy. PRESENT 1. ‘Stock Egi’ - something I believe everyone should have in their collection 2. ‘Garage Aged Egi’ - Custom NW dial, case aged over 6 months over the Winter thru temp changes and salt puddles in my garage for a natural aging effect. 3. ‘Blasted Gold Egi’ - Custom PVD coating, Swiss ETA Cortebert 6497, Custom blasted brass dial 4. Fully modified case for Vintage Swiss Art Deco mvmt, CG removed to reduce overall size of watch 5. ‘Blasted Champagne Egi’ - Custom PVD coating, Cali dial, Swiss ETA Hamilton mvmt. 6. ‘Champagne Egi’ - Custom PVD coated 7. ‘Summer Egi’ - Custom Military grade white coating 8. ‘Concrete Egi’ - Blasted SS dial, Swiss ETA 6498, Seconds @ 6 9. ‘Dark Egi’ - PVD coated 10. ‘Cali Dark Egi’ - PVD coated, Swiss ETA 6497, disassembled and PVD coated 11. ‘Gen RWC 47mm Egi’ PAST 1. ‘Ring of Ice Egi’ - Custom SS dial, widened lugs to 26mm, heavy duty Bandolier bracelet, Swiss ETA 6497 Random Past Builds FUTURE 1. Military grade Custom Camo coated PVD - WHAT! 2. Fully polished 3. Custom PVD coated 4. ? 5. Polished Gold w/ Gold Swiss ETA Skeleton mvmt 6. ‘The Grail’ - Set up for an Angelus 240, custom aged case.