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  1. Garage aged Egi while posting up some new straps.
  2. Nejad HL while building a new one today.
  3. Before you read my thread I highly recommend reading thru NZ thread below to see how this kick-ass beast of a timepiece got from a piece of bar stock to my wrist. NZ skills are truly amazing. I received the watch as you see in the pic below, but have always wanted a watch with some depth gauge elements. I passed along my NZ depth gauge project to another member since I had too many builds and needed funds for other builds, so I've been pining for some depth gauge. Started off by disassembling everything. The watch I received did not have the engraved movement plate, so I sent it off and had NZ work his engraving and painting magic. Next grab a set of Ross DG hands and a radiation second hand. Put them thru the Brass Black treatment and then age them to perfection. I stripped the dial due to accidentally scratching the finish on the surface and gave it a new brass black treatment, you'll notice my dial is black vs NZ's with some of the brass coming thru. Next step while the watch is completely disassembled, I need to sew a strap into the fixed lug case. Used a beautiful faded vintage olive green, soft as butter. Also used a sewn in Elias handmade buckle, same brass black treatment as on the hands. On to final assembly This case is a 3pc, CB, mid case and bezel. There are absolutely no threads it is all pressure fit and it fits perfectly snug, just amazing case making skills by NZ. …and DONE! Original vs Modded, both great in their own way. For reference, here are some Gen BT’s
  4. Summer is coming, let's give this guy a bump for a great nato that demands attention. Still some left in stock.
  5. New ammo posted in OP. More to come.
  6. Citizen w/ PAM style CG. Dial on this is absolutely incredible.
  7. The Uber rare unicorn that is the 47mm U-42
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