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  1. I have a guilty little secret. I wander round to the friends too, but I'm glad you call this home.
  2. Ah now it is clear. You said movements were hard to find and I was thinking they use 2824 don't they. Now I understand The Seiko Bullhead movement is hard to find.
  3. Thanks for that post. It's useful to have in the archives. You have no idea how long it took me to dig up that information, piece it together and begin to understand it.
  4. I like these a lot @gasebah share your build in a thread please my friend
  5. @nycrounders You are another guy I see posting cool watches in the wristies. Would you consider starting a thread on them please?
  6. Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you already have some great watches
  7. Well there you go, the exact opposite view to mine posted while I was writing. Some merit to both views I think.
  8. I've seen some very pretty ones and I like toys, but I always think, well I don't have a rolling road on my drive so my cars accumulate mileage and wear while I sleep, so why would I want to do that to my watches. I guess if you have two or three automatics in rotation and are lacking in patience they have a use. I have a few more than that and when I change watch, setting time and date is part of the ritual. I find it therapeutic.
  9. Probably as easy to get a genuine crown and suitable stem from Cousins as try to buy a rep one.
  10. ^^^ I resemble that remark! ^^^
  11. The big fear with reducing dial size is paint flaking. There are some threads. I believe members have had success by protecting the dial face and mounting the dial on a spindle such as a dremel, then holding sanding paper to the spinning dial. Slow, patient and very careful I would think. As I mentioned, ensure the chapter ring will not be hidden first. Do your research, take a brave pill, then go for it.
  12. I know, I read it there my friend, but not everybody is on multiple forums. I would welcome you sharing your builds with members here. In fact I would encourage anyone to share their builds however modest or ambitious.
  13. Oh yes, I hadn't noticed the watch somehow.
  14. You should post a build thread on that one my friend.