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  1. I don't know brother, but real science anyway
  2. Oh time is real, it's just nothing like the way we generally imagine it. It does not proceed at a constant speed, it can go fast, slow,and even in reverse. Time is a function of heat. Fermions vibrate and you have heat, which means you have time at some speed in some direction. Fermions don't vibrate and you have no universe, no observers and no time. Not that I'm into any of that geeky stuff at all you understand
  3. ^^^Nice post @KB. It looks just like the sort of thing Minty would have posted^^^
  4. Looking forward to seeing pictures @KB
  5. Operation Willard White is a go. As long as we keep posting in his name nobody will ever know, just like we did with Nanuq
  6. I'm shocked to my core that you say such a thing We agreed to say nothing until it was done
  7. Let it die guys, hardly any posts, no interest. Anyway Admin said stop
  8. Thank you, it's from my personal collection, I only bring it out of the safe on special occasions. Exceptionally dark nights mostly👍
  9. One of these depending on your wrist size. OP was looking for something at a little less than $3 billion
  10. I have never heard of that site, any of us that have been in the game a while immediately think scam when we see a site we don't know as many of them are. To be perfectly honest if you are looking at that price you are as well on Aliexpress. At least you have some buyer protection there. There is also a chap Nakaraa over at www.rwg.bz He often has watches at $100 to $200 that are reasonable for the money. If you buy from him, please tell him a Mod from RWG.cc put you his way. Also ask Nembo a Mod at www.repgeek.com he might have something. Again say we sent you please. Register as a member on the site before buying then you have some hope of Mods helping with any problems should they arise
  11. https://puretime03.com/submariner-16610-black-dial-on-ss-bracelet-a23j.html $238 The sites I am posting are Trusted dealers here.
  12. Hmm. I just posted 116610. Not sure if there is a 16610 at that price.
  13. http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=39_115&product_id=122 Have a look at that for a start. I will try to find you something else. It may take a while
  14. Modern or vintage friend?
  15. @misiekped in NY springs to mind. Practically next door to you in American terms