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  1. Sogeha

    Official Replica Guitar Thread

    I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I have never bought a replica guitar. I have bought cheaper brands and hot rodded them with boutique or my own pick ups and upgraded pots and wiring. As far as I’m aware, although there are a number of guys here with nice guitar collections, there aren’t any that have recently dabbled with replicas. If you decide to go ahead, let us know what it is like
  2. Sogeha

    Official Replica Guitar Thread

    There is probably a reason why this thread died three years ago and there hasn’t been anything similar despite many of us being interested in guitars
  3. Sogeha

    Forum Announcement - Mike On A Bike

    Two work colleagues and I had nothing much to do one night shift around 2002, so we decided to teach ourselves how to pick locks. We had access to a workshop, so we designed and built our own picks according to what we thought was necessary. We discovered the next night that one can buy them online and they looked very similar to ours. It was actually frightening how good one can get in a very short time. I got to the point I could open my front door nearly as quickly with the picks as with the keys, which is rather worrying. I still have that original set and they are the best to me😀
  4. Sogeha

    Forum Announcement - Mike On A Bike

    Geez @Nanuq I’m kind of disappointed in you. This is the Mods lounge on the number one rep modding forum. Don’t need no stinking keys. I taught myself to lock pick years ago Oh and I would stay away from that Johnny Walker, it’s the only decanter where the level keeps going up. I’m not sure Kernow always makes it to the heads
  5. Sogeha

    Beautiful MBW

    Hello and welcome to our community. Those Poles were popular back in the day, I still have a couple. Im sure some of the CONUS guys will be able to help you out with servicing it
  6. Sogeha

    Clone 3135 movement

    It is your call, but I would be very interested in seeing that conversation.
  7. Sogeha

    Selling high quality straps, IWC and bell &ross

    Please don’t gate crash a vendors posts. If you wish to be considered as a vendor here, send a PM to [mention=44391]Mike on a bike[/mention] outlining your products, pricing, shipping and so forth and we will consider it
  8. Sogeha

    International Talk Like a Pirate Day Today

    So whenever my kids heard swearing, I always said “those are pirate words, and it is not nice for children to use them”. Worked perfectly until the youngest came along. At crèche the teacher was reading a pirate story and doing pirate activities. She said to the kids, who knows a pirate word? My youngest jumped up and down with the innocent excitement of a four year old and said, I know a pirate word Miss, F***sake Miss, that’s a pirate word, my Daddy says it.
  9. Sogeha

    Forum Announcement - Mike On A Bike

    Congratulations Mike, well deserved so now you are on the corporate floor my favourite libation is Cheval Blanc ‘47. Never expected to taste it again, but if you are offering a case, thank you and good health😇
  10. I think you should thank Martijn and that guy from RWI and that other guy, whoever he was🤣
  11. Sogeha

    6154 Case

    I’m very happy to say that @Bigwaved is in the house. We have some awesome Pam guys here, I just wish you would get posting together and start some real knowledge base for us🙏
  12. Sogeha

    Clone 3135 movement

    I’m not a member of MENSA either (these days) I have a copy of your book. I think you are a lot smarter than me😢 Do you mean me dear?
  13. Sogeha

    Clone 3135 movement

    I made neither an idle threat nor a did I publish any insults Take the rest of the month off
  14. Sogeha

    Clone 3135 movement

    I mean exactly what I said. If you have received any insulting PMs you could take the matter up with the Mods team, all I’m seeing at the moment is how you are coming across in the forum
  15. Sogeha

    eBay 1680 dials?

    Seem to be a mixed bag. @alligoat linked to a 1016 dial which looked very nice, then by chance a friend asked me about a listing for a 16800 which was truly terrible. I’m far from the most knowledgeable around here, so if I can see bad coronet, incorrect font, incorrect spacing and the letters of Rolex not even all on the same level, then it is a pretty shabby dial Study the photos against a genuine dial and make sure you are actually getting what is in the listing photos