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  1. Sogeha

    Interesting site!

    No, very much not recommended
  2. Sogeha

    Where have all the franken 6538’s gone?

    @Nanuq you know of my on going love affair with my 5508, that’s a small crown i have some 6538 parts stashed, I’m trying to tell myself I will be perfectly happy with an ETA movement and mostly failing
  3. Sogeha

    Hi from Germany!

    Hello and welcome
  4. Sogeha

    Hello from Singapore!

    Welcome to our community
  5. Sogeha

    Happy New Year

    Wishing you a wonderful 2019 @Stephane and all the community
  6. Sogeha

    Where can I buy a good replica Rolex from?

    Welcome to the community. Firstly you need to know and understand what is a good replica, you will do this by reading any threads that take your fancy over the course of a few evenings. At first lots will make little sense to you, but slowly you will gain the personal knowledge necessary to enjoy this hobby. Once you reach this point, we will happily point you in the direction of Trusted Dealers
  7. Sogeha

    Hi fellow Rep-Addicts

    Welcome to our community, please feel welcome to join in discussions and seek advice if you need it
  8. It’s the people that make the forum. People like @hologramet and you👍
  9. Also the dial, the Spectre does not have a “12”. Other than those cosmetic differences they are the same watch both as genuine Omega and as rep
  10. Sogeha

    Merry Christmas from RWG

    “I wish it could be Christmas everyday” Wishing brothers old and new a very happy Christmas and wonderful New Year, happy holidays, Lo Satanalia or whatever you celebrate
  11. Sogeha

    Hello new friends.

    Welcome to our community, enjoy your time with us
  12. Sogeha

    opinions with arf rolex...

    ARF is one of many makers of replica watches
  13. Mine arrived a few moments ago. I’m very happy with them. Thanks @slay
  14. Sogeha


    Welcome to our community
  15. Sogeha

    Looking for Patek model

    If you search a bit, @rolojack made a very similar watch using a rep dial. Nearly as pretty and much more affordable