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  1. Wow, good to see you back. Sorry I can’t help
  2. Well guys, I’ve been following this since the beginning. I let the WTB ad in the wrong place ride, because we really aren’t monsters here. I saw my brother @Legend had matters in hand and said nothing. It takes a big man to apologise and we all respect that kind of behaviour around here, as Legend says, perhaps a simple apology in thread would be a good idea, nobody expects you to grovel, just man up and move on. Hazing and flaming new guys is very common on the internet, I’ve never really understood it. We were all new once and when I first came here, although I had been buying reps and genuine watches for nearly two decades, I was very green. I have learnt so much in my time here, the depth of our members knowledge and willingness to share is mind blowing. I’m still learning and far from the most knowledgeable member. It is said that the average life of a hobby is five years. People come and go, although some of us have been around a very long time. We are a small forum and pride ourselves on being gentlemanly, and we are well aware we need new members and for them to get involved You got off to a bit of a wobbly start, I could name some very well respected members here who had a bit of a rough start, we don’t accept bad manners, but we don’t hold grudges. This is not a criticism of you, just the nature of the internet, but consider how you would behave in person. You walked into our clubhouse and without any introduction or preamble demanded we drop what we were doing and join your conversation. I get the impression that is not the guy you really are and would never do that in real life. So pour yourself a drink, kick back, read and join in a few threads and you will quickly not only be accepted and welcome, but you will find you make very real and life long friends Welcome to our community
  3. Hello and welcome to our community. You have found the right place for knowledge, even if we are a little quieter than some of the other fora. Please don’t worry about your English, my German is rubbish even though I am a small part German😂
  4. Lo Saturnalia! Best wishes to all
  5. I fully agree with Legend, you seem to have over reacted to put it mildly and an apology would be your best next step
  6. Sogeha


    Kermit is generally 16610 and 116610 is Hulk. JF 16610 is the best currently available
  7. Hello Jill, Welcome to our community, we pride ourselves on being a gentlemanly lot around here and I would welcome more ladies on the forum. If you care to share experiences and insights on buying handbags and ladies watches, I’m sure you have more knowledge in that area than most of us, but Christmas is coming and significant others need treats 😀
  8. It’s a very nice dial and insert, I can’t say I’m a fan of the crown or case side profile. It’s high time I bought some sort of Squale though, they have a long history
  9. I am sorry to hear you have issues with your purchase. If you contact the Mods on the forum you were a member of at that time, they may be able to help. In future please refrain from posting the same thing multiple times. I have deleted all the posts but this one
  10. Oh go on, say what you really think. I don’t like it either and Rolex will call it a fake😂
  11. Our upgraded forum now offers high quality monitored concepts. This paradigm shift will cascade organically throughout the collective as part of our three dimensional empowerment strategies
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