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  1. I’m not knowledgeable about these, but it does look well. Wear it in good health brother, I hope your health is much recovered
  2. A salutary lesson in why one should use TDs and read up on the subject prior to purchasing. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience, but did you ever stop to ask yourself which regulatory body decides that a counterfeit watch meets AAA+ standard?
  3. Wow, September 2018 and you joined here almost a year later just to tell us, cute Generally “hello, I’m new to the forum” and such like works better. Of course you could have taken the matter up with the Mods here in 2018 if you were a member and we would have interceded on your behalf
  4. Seriously it is a cheap 21 jewel movement, use it as a daily watch or an occasional wear. No it is not an ETA clone. Wind it however you prefer, eventually it will break as do all mechanical things, but it is a very cheap movement to replace. Lastly if you want help on this forum, don’t go out of your way to become unpopular with those far more knowledge than you currently are
  5. http://www.5513mattedial.com/About.html lots of dial variations on 5513
  6. Always good that you are on the ball, but be careful when quoting spammers.the quote stays after the post is removed.
  7. Looks a lot like the case Heuer used. I’m guessing the dial was sterilised for product placement reasons although that was a generic case and other brands did use it
  8. Steinhart watches usually look great straight on, but flat lugs🤢 Not sexy and like wearing plywood
  9. I don't believe that is or ever has been mandatory. General we have a reputation for being welcoming and as you should know we are usually very tolerant around here
  10. Yeah, mine arrived. Thank you again @sputim
  11. I think the Pam guys might be very interested. I know what both movements are, expensive, that’s what😀 I have spent too much time on the old homage forum and considering what Phong charges for V72 work, that could be interesting too. I would certainly be interested in a V72
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