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  1. Hello from Italy

    Ciao e benvenuto Please tell us more about the design and build process.
  2. Rolex submariner full yellow gold clasp

    Thank you Mary, you are a diamond. Maybe work something out by PM now guys.
  3. Rolex submariner full yellow gold clasp

    It is a rep of a 116618, so that is a start. I take it it didn't come from a dealer of the forum or one from another forum? You could try PM @marywatch She has been very helpful in the past with this sort of thing.
  4. Rolex submariner full yellow gold clasp

    Some details would help us to help you. What model Sub is it a rep of? Where did it come from and when roughly? Is it solid, plated or wrapped gold? A picture may help.
  5. New Oldie

    Hello and welcome to the community. I guess which forum one prefers depends on what one is seeking. We are a quiet backwater without the drama or to be honest, volume of traffic found on RWI. We do have some very genuine gentlemen as members and we have a huge depth of knowledge between us. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time with us and look forward to knowing you.
  6. Sorry Freddy I didn't notice your link. Like I said I'm 20 years out of date on PCs, but I think legacy hardware will always be a bottleneck and dictate the speed.
  7. When SATA first came out, one could buy a simple plug in adaptor which connected SATA to IDE motherboards, but performance dropped from SATA to IDE levels obviously. Found this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SATA-TO-PATA-IDE-Converter-Adapter-Plug-Play-7-15-Pin-3-5-2-5-SATA-HDD-DVD-BF-BF/352156960446?_trkparms=aid%3D555019%26algo%3DPL.BANDIT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20151005190705%26meid%3D4ee35429f2f2496a9ca79aa40370903f%26pid%3D100506%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26&_trksid=p2045573.c100506.m3226 it's a very long time since I played with PC computers, but I am sure one lost all the advantages of SATA

    Not easy. None of those models are exactly well catered for. @jmbdoes a 1016 for ETA2824 that is a popular choice. Best bet for a 6542 is a 1675 and remove the crown guards. Another option is an Explorer II case, but you need a new bezel. To be brutally honest, you are not going to find very accurate cases for those models at that price point
  9. In Europe we generally use Cousins www.cousinsuk.com

    How big is your budget and how accurate do you want them? www.jewelryandwatch.com www.yukiwatch.net www.rafflestime.com www.helenarou.com
  11. Rolex doesn't approve of customisation

  12. Rolex doesn't approve of customisation

    That model isn't a copy of the Tempus Machina, Project X is a separate company entirely. I have seen a few ceramic bezels with really nice red triangles on the net, if one carefully measured it might well be possible to find a really good replacement for that too. I haven't had time to do the research yet though.
  13. submariner steel black dial date noob

    Welcome to the forum. I suggest you do some reading in the Rolex sub section so you have realistic expectations of a Sub rep, 1:1 is a myth, the Noob is very good, but no replica has ever been 1:1 Any Trusted Dealer can get you a Noob. https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/
  14. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Beautiful. I've been umming and arring about one of these for quite a while. 15% off this weekend as well. Hmm....
  15. Now that is a film I haven't seen mention of in many a year. I saw it sometime towards the latter end f the 70's and I saw the remake called "I am Legend" which wasn't great imo Anyway back to OP, quality gilt dials and Vietnamese are usually synonymous. There are a few sellers on EBay, their IDs change, but it seems the dials are manufactured in the same place. A standard ad mentions "quality Swiss ink", whatever the hell that is. The originals were galvanised, not printed. I have the contact details for a Vietnamese lady who sells dials and I understand @rolojack and @hologramet have a contact, maybe the same lady. If there isn't anything currently on eBay, shoot me a PM and I'll send you an email address to contact