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  1. You could fall lucky and find a member with spare links, but more likely your best bet is to ask your TD about a new bracelet. Two weeks, you might get it “good will” I’m not sure. Getting the whole bracelet is much more likely than getting the small piece sent. PM me details of when and from whom you purchased it please
  2. Sogeha

    A challenge.

    Is that a 120 click bezel? Does it even turn at all? Are you having buyers remorse yet? Wish sometimes has watches for FREE, just pay shipping, which varies between €1 and €2 At the opposite end of the spectrum there is the Haldimann H9, it’s a Tourbillon movement, it winds and ticks and does all the Watch stuff, but it has an opaque black crystal, so it doesn’t tell the time. About $100,000 I believe, Emperor’s new clothes don’t come cheap you know
  3. Sogeha

    Does anyone have Rolojack's contact info?

    ^^^Now that is the way to do business. Better to stop taking work than to let people down^^^
  4. Sogeha

    How to find trusted sellers?

    I think it is pretty clear the OP is looking for reps not grey market watches😉
  5. Sogeha

    How to find trusted sellers?

    Buying in Canal street isn’t the best way to source good quality reps at sensible prices
  6. Sogeha

    How to find trusted sellers?

    Welcome to our community https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/ Shout if you need more help
  7. With the Noob being 316, generally not having as good SELs as ARF and the stem height being wrong, my money would be on ARF, but these things are always a matter of opinion
  8. The 2824 and 2836 are related, but not quite the same. The stem height is different and the 2824 is the same height as the new Rolex 3235 movement. I wouldn’t worry too much about complicating things by owning bothe 2824and 2836, these are not difficult movementsto get serviced or repaired and spare parts are available.
  9. Sogeha

    Never buy at http://warchive.net

    Probationary Dealer on RWI
  10. Yes and yes😜 They are a Trusted Dealer here Here is a link to the TD list https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/ Be careful to follow the link I provided above as scam sites have been known to call themselves Puretime and the unwary searching on Google have got scammed. The real Puretime is one of the larger if not the largest dealer
  11. I’m only finding 40mm, is that any good? By silver I assume you mean stainless steel or white gold https://puretime.io/catalogsearch/result/?q=day+date+40 The President is officially called the Day-Date, the Datejust is a different model🙂
  12. Sead often has some stock in the UK. What is your issue with buying direct from China? Any dealer based in the UK would run a high risk of being prosecuted or sued for selling counterfeit goods
  13. Sogeha


    Damn I’m not Admin, just a lowly Mod. I guess I will have stick with a daily shower and occasional BJ. It has worked pretty well for several decades
  14. Just to add my two Cents. How they are different from Noob, well they are massively overpriced and they are blatantly lying about their product. Pretty much nothing is accurate down to the nanometre, certainly not watches, manufacturing tolerances on genuine Rolex will be bigger than that. They ain’t made in Switzerland, that is a lie, I bet they are just overpriced Chinese fakes, but guarantee they aren’t Swiss. Experts can’t tell them from genuine. The only blind watchmaker I know about, was a book by Richard Dawkins. Only you can decide how much you are comfortable spending on fake watches, or even how much on one watch. However paying $1250 for a watch that I doubt is worth $500 and from a company that blatantly lies on it’s website doesn’t seem a great deal to me. Welcome to our community, as Mike says, stick around and read a few threads and don’t get scammed.
  15. Sogeha

    Hi from North East England

    Hello and welcome to our little corner of the hobby