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  1. Always good to welcome a member back, even one whose first post in 8 months is to ignore a simple request from our esteemed leader😂😂😂 Oh and there are a few good watch smiths on the forum, but @misiekped you can't go wrong with.
  2. Oh no another one. Can nobody comply with a simple request these days?
  3. We are glad you joined too😀 I meant to say sub dial spacing. Anyway here are a couple of pictures the genuine has the sub dials closer together the rep further apart and it is a very obvious tell
  4. Welcome to the community. Accurate Speedmasters don't really exist because there isn't a good movement to use in them. The dial spacing is usually wrong. Some of the cheaper end are Quartz powered, which would not be acceptable to me. Good quality Seamasters exist and are readily available. All the information you need to inform yourself is in the relevant sub forums
  5. Oo err, that's a bit saucy MOAB
  6. Congratulations you old fart. I'm two next month. Oh to be young again and know what I know now - I would be much worse
  7. No worries mate, it's tough getting your head around all this detail in the beginning, I still remember struggling to make sense of it all. If you are after the earlier model then all the old posts on Ultimate PO are where to look for information. I don't believe the bezel insert was ever much liked and many swapped out to a genuine part
  8. The first one is 45mm and the other two are 42mm, so that is a difference straight away. The other two are reps of different versions of the genuine Omega 42mm The newer PO 8500 is 15.7 mm Thick (42mm) and has a ceramic bezel insertThe older PO 2500 is 14.2mm Thick (42mm) and has an alloy bezel insert
  9. I strongly second that @nanuq As I have said before I am trying to learn about Panerai builds and the options available as I intend to get some builds going before long. It looks to me as if that case has been on a diet and I would love to know the ins and outs
  10. Nothing wrong with that, I rather like them myself. But there is nothing worse than jumping in and buying a "Swiss made, 1:1, AAAAAplus, super deluxe model and then later finding that it is in fact none of those things and that one could have bought a much better watch for less money. There are a few watches that are of the type you describe, starting from a little over $100. The important thing is to do due diligence and know what you are getting and if you will be happy with it. Like most here I have a couple of watches that would pass with all but the very knowledgable and some that are really just novelty pieces. I'm happy with them equally because I knew what to expect before I purchased them and largely I know that by having done many evenings of reading here. Oh, and please post a wristie or evaluation when you buy something 😀
  11. If you are looking for 1:1 and Swiss movements, I urge you to do some reading on the forum so you have a better understanding of what is available and what can be done to improve it. 1:1 is a myth and Swiss movements are a total waste of money. They are invariably old movements, dirty, worn and with Chinese and used replacement parts.
  12. It's not straight forward after many years of reading the forums and buying reps. Unfortunately there are no simple answers
  13. Nothing to be sorry about mate. If you hadn't posted that, you would have continued with the same misunderstanding. I don't think you are the first to find the whole issue virtually impenetrable and even after playing the game for a few years, I still have to stop and put some thought into which movement is which. Perhaps I should start a thread on the subject and hopefully our watch smith members will add to it.
  14. I think you are confused, which in fairness seems to be exactly what the makers and sellers are aiming for with all these different but similar names mes