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  1. @Ado213 is this something you can help with?
  2. Gilt dial, the very best MKII in my opinion
  3. Welcome to our community. The 1016 was my first love when it comes to Rolex and I am still very fond of them. As was said above it is a three hand movement with no added complications to worry about. I'm no wizard when it comes to watchmaking but I do know this, the most important thing is patience. Watches are fiddly little things and often when building our sort of watch with parts from here and there, problems are encountered. Learn to walk away, take a break, have a think, ask questions if you are stuck and go back to it relaxed and calm. Anyone who tells you they never ruined a part while building is probably lying and of those that admit it, I suspect most are like me and destroy parts when getting wound up because the £@@*ing thing won't fit. At times like these it is awfully tempting to use a bigger hammer and the results are never good.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum. It seems you have spent the last three days reading and I would suggest you continue a while. This hobby is very confusing at first, but eventually the fog does lift. If you have begun to recognise some names, you are well on your way. You don't say which Rolex you are interested in buying and always the best maker varies with the model you are talking about. If you are looking for the current model Submariner 116610, then I think the Noob version is still the most accurate out of the box and also has the potential for fitting genuine parts, if you get into that side of the hobby. You are strongly recommended to use to use the Trusted Dealers on the forum or TDs from any other forum you might be a member of, the dealers found on the internet are a very mixed bag, most use pictures of genuine watches, not the product they will ship, some claim Swiss made, which is NEVER true, maybe you will pay and not receive anything. https://rwg.cc/forum/230-watches-clothing-parts-accessories/ Also www.puretime03.com The lume is unlikely to be quite as good as the genuine, but if you find it really bothers you, there are guys who will redo it for you and then it will glow like a torch.
  5. Sláinte (mo chairde)
  6. Great tutorial. Thanks J
  7. Good man, you will find lots of love among the membership for microbrands. Obviously the forum focus is on reps, but I think most of us individually just love watches and collect whatever we can get our grubby little hands on. Reps, genuine, Seiko, microbrands, modern high end houses, obscure internet finds, vintage Rolex, you will find them all well represented among our members once you get to know us.
  8. I pointed the HEV out to him. He is claiming to have paid around the going rate for a gen😱
  9. Hello and welcome to the community.
  10. Just a thought that might or might not be relevant. When I was an apprentice one of the things we had to do was make our own hacksaw. We made every part except the blade and it took weeks of Wednesday afternoons. I think we all did a pretty good job and the hacksaws were nicely finished. Thing is a hacksaw of very similar design was about a fiver to buy. We didn't make them to save money, even at apprentice labour rates those were expensive hacksaws, we made them to develop skills and understanding. My current #1 hacksaw is a Swedish ergonomic model that is about the most expensive on the market. It's a tool, I look after it and don't deliberately abuse it, but it is just a tool. That old one I made hangs in my workshop and is never used, but it means much more to me. I think there is a great misunderstanding that we are all just frauds who like to look richer than we are. I think that may be true for a lot of rep sales, but I think those who are active on the forums, for the most part, just have a gearhead mentality and get a kick out of understanding, overcoming problems and knowing they built a watch themselves. They may spend the kind of money that would buy them a nice genuine watch, but however nice it was, they just wouldn't have the same satisfaction from it or be personally investied in it, it would just be a watch, a tool, a lump of expensive metal
  11. He had problems for a long time, sex, drugs and rock n roll in large amounts and it seems he never got over his friend Chris Cornell's death. 41 is far too young, especially for a dad. Poor kids. RIP
  12. Well take a look at this that is a ten grand watch, but a genuine in that condition would be God alone knows how much, so I guess the point is either the satisfaction of doing it or being able to own, wear and enjoy a watch that otherwise would be an unobtainable dream.
  13. Here, here. I am fortunate enough to have some genuine Georgian furniture that has come down through the family. I also have a few Roman artefacts. I have family, children, dogs and the usual trappings of modern life. I am considered prudent to keep the genuine stuff away from daily life and the fake stuff in the hall is considered respectable. So why I ask when I do the same with watches am I accused of being a fraud?