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  1. Hello, welcome to our community
  2. ^^^or wait for Adrian’s case, that would be thin and a possibility for a 6536, no?
  3. Sorry, auto corrupt at it’s finest. I have edited my post[emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  4. Wow, that is impressive. I would love to hear more, favourites and details of the models
  5. Welcome, you will see a few familiar usernames, but we are a quieter more thoughtful place. Enjoy your time in both fora
  6. I know that build was a bit of a bumpy ride, but what a result
  7. Do not advertise here without express permission from the Mods. Next time I will ban you
  8. Camglish🤣🥰❤️⚓️🦎🐐🌈🦄
  9. I know who your friend is🤫 He is doing a couple of dials for me
  10. I’m interested in purchasing these parts, but would really love to see early case options as well, especially 6200
  11. Welcome to the community, Rolex parts prices have gone up a lot, but it is certainly possible and these are the guys that know
  12. That is gorgeous, never mind the lovely watches in it. Mind telling us where you got it please?
  13. Well you asked which is “the best 1:1 Rolex Submariner replica in the market today”, hence pointing out that 1:1 does not exist. Now we are closing in on details instead of a vague question. However the problem remains the same. There is no consensus on which is the best 116610LN, each version has it’s strengths and it’s faults, which are well documented. So it returns to YOUR opinion and what faults YOU can live with. The only person that knows you well enough to answer that is you. Some truly obsessed people mix and match parts and even fit genuine parts to chase the last details. Of those y
  14. Perhaps do some reading and answer the question for yourself. It is the only way you will end up with what is best for you. As a start, Trusted Dealers are listed in the Dealers section and there is no such thing as 1:1 or AAAAA+, that is BS as you will understand if you spend a few evenings reading the forum
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