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  1. Okay, I have deleted the other posts for you Do you know anything else about this watch? What movement, where is it supposed to have been purchased or what model it is claimed to be? My initial thoughts are that it seems a bit pricey
  2. I think you should stop posting the same thing three times
  3. Sogeha

    Happy Pi Day!

    Ah, but some infinities are bigger than others as Georg Cantor proved. Therefore obviously the opposite is true and some infinities are rather small comparatively Also as a European, May I ask what 14/3 has to do with Pi in the first place?
  4. Damn, I bet it would take all night to wrestle those five off😂
  5. New Moderators? Where? Can I retire now? Every time I open my door, I’m greeted by this I just want want to go back to my old life as an insignificant nobody
  6. Hello brother, good to see you here⚓🦎
  7. Welcome to our community
  8. I would agree that this is not in any way a franken, it was never claimed to be by the seller. Personally I can see good reason to replace a clone movement with a genuine ETA in a watch one is fond of, YMMV. I can’t see any justification for your claim that you can’t fit a genuine ETA movement in place of the Chinese copy of it, in fact it is done frequently. I know and have worked with the modder who undertook this work and by categorically stating what he can’t do, you are more setting a challenge than establishing a fact. At this stage I would advise you to resist posting any further in this thread, you have made your opinions known, without being particularly helpful to the OP
  9. Remember him? I’m still here! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  10. Yeah, but you are not dumb enough to have paid gen price for them🧐
  11. LMAO. I’ve been on VRF for years. I don’t think I have ever posted and if I ever want to know about a watch I ask you guys not those asshats. We are just a bunch of no hopers with our fake watches, but I’ve seen some of the genuine watches some of you guys have stashed away and I also know the depth of knowledge here
  12. You are off to a flying start dealing with Mike
  13. Does have a Swiss movement, I know the guy who put it in😜
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