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  1. Never buy at http://warchive.net

  2. Never buy at http://warchive.net

    This dealer is not a TD here. As far as I am aware he is still on probation at RWI. At the moment RWI is off line, but several of the Mods are here and active on this forum. Perhaps you should contact them by PM
  3. Trying to buy replica rolex

    I have much the same amount of hair as I always had, it is just appearing in more and more unexpected places😂
  4. Unfortunately now is not the best time as RWI is currently down. If you want to research Pam reps, there is nothing remotely close to Ale’s guide on RWI. Once our brothers there have resolved their current issues I will post a link to his thread. In the meantime we have some excellent Pam guys here who may give you some pointers.
  5. Vintage Heuer Monaco Rep

    I think that unfortunately there isn’t enough demand for a replica of a vintage Heuer to be produced. There are a few members on the rep fora interested in buying one, but if every single member was to buy one, it is still only a tiny proportion of the rep market, which I believe is mostly based in China or at least Asia
  6. Vintage Heuer Monaco Rep

    Stick to the Trusted Dealers on this forum or one of the others if you are a member there. They are Trusted for a reason and google searches for a dealer will lead you to buying from a scam site. You are not going to get a watch from Bestwatch that looks like the picture they show, because as @philwongnz already pointed out, that is a genuine watch they are showing. You may get a low quality replica that is nothing like the picture or you may get nothing at all. Unfortunately new guys get burned on these sites all the time.
  7. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    How wrong you are brother. I love them and I believe @quetip has one, or did have.
  8. Best Daytona rep

    Different folks, different strokes I guess. I love vintage Daytonas, I love smaller watches and none of the watches you list interest me in the least. I do like the Planet Ocean, but the chrono model leaves me completely cold. On the other hand, I’m a fucking boring guy and I like women’s watches because I have girlie wrists 😀
  9. Also Tonnywatches went legit some time ago and doesn’t sell any aftermarket or replica parts now. Undoubtedly Tonny bought in from a supplier and that supplier is still producing, but who it is and how to contact them isn’t going to be easy to find out
  10. Trying to buy replica rolex

    Strange how we are all interconnected. I know both of them😀
  11. New from RWI

    Numbers never tell the whole story. You are known here by anyone that is a serious WIS. Nobody will give you shit for being a noob on my watch😜
  12. Awesome to have you guys here and although it is sad that RWI is down, it is good you are getting to taste what the hobby is really about again. Being a Mod does take time and although this quiet backwater is much more peaceful than your place of work, I do know the joys of a PM box. While you are here feel free to use our PM system to do what you need to do and know that all the Mods here welcome you and give you a sort of diplomatic status for want of a better expression
  13. He is lagging slightly behind Dr Who on regenerations, but it is surely only a matter of time before James Bond is a woman. M already crossed the divide.
  14. I throughly enjoyed this thread on RWI, no harm to have it here as well. Amusingly the great womaniser has only slept with 55 women in as many years, given that mostly they are one night stands and often dead soon after, the poor guy has had a lot of dry spells