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  1. AFAIK all Noobmariners had a Miyota clone movement. It isn't at all difficult to get a movement from Cousins, Ebay or Aliexpress. Fitting it is straightforward for anyone that has some little knowledge. Some watchmakers will not work on reps. There is Adrian, but I don't know how busy he is and currently can't remember his username @kernow a little help
  2. You will not find an Ivan dial from any dealer, that much I know
  3. Build specs would be appreciated please
  4. You know how to reach me if I can be of any help brother
  5. Noob factory doesn't make this model. Try the dealers in the trusted dealer section and be aware there are a ton of scam sites on the Internet
  6. Welcome to the hobby. To avoid disappointment it is best to understand there is no such thing as a 1:1 copy and no recognised grading system. Buying from the dealers listed in our trusted dealers section will give you access to the best replicas available and reading on the forums will help you understand the strengths and weakness of each model
  7. David, thank you for taking the time to let us know. Bob was immensely proud of you, we talked at length about our respective families, and it a reflection of the kind of family you are that you think of others at this time of grief and loss. The Internet has made the world a curious place. I consider so many here to be friends and Bob was top of the list. We never met, though we did have plans prior to covid. However over many years he always had my back, always was there helping and encouraging and took a genuine interest in me that went far beyond our watch hobby. My deepest condolences to you and your family. I shall sorely miss him Rest in peace Minty
  8. I saw something on Aliexpress recently. I’m not convinced it’s s a super rep or even close, but it is all I have ever seen and might scratch the itch
  9. And your point is? European shipping of commercial goods verses shipping from China of counterfeit goods. You are comparing apples with ladders mate
  10. I have not had any issues with Toro myself. I have helped resolve a couple for members over the years. Three months of questions on the forum has consistently told you this watch is no longer available, so it isn’t that surprising to me that it is unavailable
  11. Adding or removing a dealer from the TD list is not your decision, so you don’t go about it. Acting as you have so far isn’t going to win you any friends and of course begs the question, why did Andrew lose patience with you?
  12. Then go sort your problem out on your own. Given you know so very much it is a wonder you ended up in this mess in the first place. Especially since I speak neither Mandarin nor Cantonese and have never had such an issue in many purchases As to whining all you want, feel free, I’m actively moderating your content and will not permit any more unsubstantiated allegations
  13. I have bought from Andrew many times, as have others here. Had your reading taken on board the information here, you would know that being a member of this forum before purchasing would give you the ability to have us negotiate on your behalf. For reasons unknown you chose not to do that, and instead to join an hour ago to as Andrew says “whine”. As such I find my sympathy distinctly lacking, especially as you have posted without first contacting the mod team. I wonder what Andrew’s side of the story is, but not enough to give up any of my free time, as we do for genuine members here So really your warning is by example, don’t be the person new to the hobby who does not heed the advice of those of us with many many years in it
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