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  1. One of the few dealers I haven't bought from. I don't know what has happened, but any dealer can get any watch if it is available
  2. I would recommend the chequebook warrior approach on this and pay the Texan tight wad. JMB will get it done
  3. If we do I'm in. I will either live with the dial or get a new one. Historically some had the radiation spot, others didn't. I'm no expert, I think @panarai153 knows more about these "white breads"
  4. There are no silly questions, but sometimes it helps to learn about a watch before you buy. Type "Panerai daylight" into Google and you will find all about the genuine, which is always a good place to start, then select a reference number or two of models you particularly like and check the TDs websites to see what they sell. Having started looking at the genuine, you will be in a great position to assess how accurate they look. Also once you have a reference number you can search the fora to see what others think of the rep. I could just say buy model X from dealer Y, but honestly you will enjoy the hobby more if you learn and understand things for yourself. Oh and when you get your lovely new watch, post a wristie 😀
  5. Solidswiss are a scam site. All movements are Swiss made, yeah right, dream on. These are counterfeit goods, how long do you think the Swiss authorities would tolerate that. Puretime sells the same watches as all the trusted dealers and they are trusted for a reason. Many sites on the internet use pictures of genuine watches, you may or may not get a watch at all, but it will not be as the website pictures.
  6. Ahlan wa Sahlan, (hello and welcome)
  7. There are no dealers in the US, but all dealers ship there. The nearest to a US dealer would be BK who is a Modder really. You are new I see. Welcome to our community, we were all new members once. Take a little time to read up on reps and buying. Ask questions if you have any. What particular Noob are you looking for?
  8. Overall I love it, but I've never been happy with the radiation spot or whatever it's called. Probably just my peculiar hang up, but it always looks like the hand has fallen off a sub dial to me😀
  9. Reach out to @Legend I'm sure he can help you with what needs to be done and who could do it for you.
  10. Housing Why? Well uccino is hard to follow, but according to Bloomberg O-uccino provides real estate and housing information in Japan
  11. Just copy and paste it into a new ad. The only thing is the tagged picture should really be updated.
  12. English😀
  13. Congratulations, it looks great mien Deutsche bruder
  14. So I'll wear it a little while and then send it to our foremost Alaskan modder for a little gentle case and dial ageing.
  15. Okay, I hold you personally responsible if my new watch isn't A+++ and takes all gen parts. Wristie and review in a month or so I guess.