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  1. Welcome to the community, Rolex parts prices have gone up a lot, but it is certainly possible and these are the guys that know
  2. That is gorgeous, never mind the lovely watches in it. Mind telling us where you got it please?
  3. Well you asked which is “the best 1:1 Rolex Submariner replica in the market today”, hence pointing out that 1:1 does not exist. Now we are closing in on details instead of a vague question. However the problem remains the same. There is no consensus on which is the best 116610LN, each version has it’s strengths and it’s faults, which are well documented. So it returns to YOUR opinion and what faults YOU can live with. The only person that knows you well enough to answer that is you. Some truly obsessed people mix and match parts and even fit genuine parts to chase the last details. Of those you have named it is unlikely that any of them will be a huge disappointment Sometimes it is more straightforward, for five digit Subs, JF is the clear winner of those models now available. Though even there it is not a clear and undisputed winner over the long gone TC Sub Unfortunately it exactly the same story with dealers, people have preferences, sometimes very strong ones and over time one tends to build a relationship with a dealer, but there isn’t much agreement on which is best, other than sticking to trusted dealers
  4. Perhaps do some reading and answer the question for yourself. It is the only way you will end up with what is best for you. As a start, Trusted Dealers are listed in the Dealers section and there is no such thing as 1:1 or AAAAA+, that is BS as you will understand if you spend a few evenings reading the forum
  5. I feel for you Minty. While out this morning with the dogs, a vicious wild animal nearly ran us down. By the time I got my ‘phone out he was sat a way down the lane, looking kind of menacing
  6. Solid information, gained the hard way and shared freely ❤️
  7. Bloody hell, you have made my evening. Welcome back Sir
  8. I’m not really the best qualified to advise you, but I would want to hook it up to a proper timing machine and see that the basics are there. Amplitude and beat error. I know if those things are stuffed, no amount of moving the go faster lever will bring joy
  9. Welcome to the community, there are already quite a few cheeseheads here😁 We are small, but I would put our knowledge base against anyone’s. Please feel welcome to start a thread documenting your build and I am sure you will get lots of useful tips and help
  10. Thanks for doing that, it figures. Seems I’m not quite as senile as they make out
  11. It runs in my mind that they are long gone, and if they were in business still it seems we would be hearing about them in threads. Would be interesting for one of you ‘Mericans to give them a call, but I will be surprised if you get any joy (and delighted of course)
  12. I’ve sent a brief message Rick, no promises, but fingers crossed
  13. I can’t give that out, but I guess I can forward a message or ask him to contact you
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