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  1. There is no reason why the beat rate would affect either the price or the depth of a movement. Other factors such as the quality of the design and materials would have a much greater effect. Unless both gen and rep are side by side only the truly obsessed could actually tell the difference in the sweep. Rep makers look to use movements that are readily available to them, which is often the Asian 2824, 2836 and Miyota clones. Only watches likely to sell in extremely high number justify cloning the original movements. Currently only the Rolex 3135 and now 4130 to my knowledge
  2. Davosa are quite an old Swiss brand and make some nice watches. If I recall correctly the side view is rather flat like Steinharts and does not have the classic vintage Rolex lug drop Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Credits to the man who saved my Prohunter..

    https://www.leatherman.com/tread-425.html There you go Mike $175 though, ouch!
  4. Credits to the man who saved my Prohunter..

    Not good with words, I wish my first post had been as good😀 That SD looks really good on that bracelet, I have never seen that multi tool bracelet match a watch so well, they look made for each other. @Legend is one of the best and I’m proud to count him a friend and colleague, nobody has a feedback rating as high as his. Stick around buddy, we don’t much care about writing style, it is the passion for the hobby and the community that counts here
  5. Rolex 6542 bezel

    Phong’s photos are never great http://www.jewelryandwatch.com/contents/en-us/d151.html
  6. Rolex 6542 bezel

    Contact Phong and tell him you need a bezel and insert to fit a genuine case http://jewelryandwatch.com/
  7. Big for my wrist, but beautiful none the less
  8. Hello and welcome to our community
  9. Hello.

    Benvenuto. Thank you for your kind words, I am glad you enjoy your time here and look forward to getting to know you. You may be pleased to here we already have a few Italian members. @lorenzo1910
  10. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    All those Porsche’s, and a Maserati but I’m looking at the Rover P5B. I always was a retro head 😀
  11. Homage Forum

    Contact @mellons he I saw a Mod over there.
  12. Good god @QueTip surrendered and I didn’t even have to edit his posts or threaten to ban him. Firstly he reveals a health issue, then starts acting out of character, I’m deeply concerned
  13. 3 Piece Dial Production

    Lovely work there
  14. I’m a doctor of robotics mate, I don’t do man plumbing.
  15. Too much detail, we don’t need to know about issues or lack of from your end😂