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  1. A quiet little backwater with more knowledge than the highways. Enjoy your new rabbit hole😂
  2. Greetings brother⚓️🦎
  3. I’m in. Let me ask my mates and see how many
  4. I’m not sure, but I guess there is about a dozen 🦎s here now @Bears Bob here is a safe place to post your DHGate special. Nobody will flame it as long as you tell it how it is, you know it’s far from the best rep, but you were testing the waters and love it. If you search around you should find my $5 Nomos
  5. Oh hello, looks like it😂
  6. Hello brothers, welcome ⚓🦎
  7. Nothing to worry about, it’s all gone away now😉
  8. Welcome to our community, enjoy your time with us
  9. Sogeha

    Noob quest

    Are you looking for a five digit or six digit Sub? five digit, the best currently available is the JF six, is more debatable, ARF or Noob
  10. Okay, I have deleted the other posts for you Do you know anything else about this watch? What movement, where is it supposed to have been purchased or what model it is claimed to be? My initial thoughts are that it seems a bit pricey
  11. I think you should stop posting the same thing three times
  12. Sogeha

    Happy Pi Day!

    Ah, but some infinities are bigger than others as Georg Cantor proved. Therefore obviously the opposite is true and some infinities are rather small comparatively Also as a European, May I ask what 14/3 has to do with Pi in the first place?
  13. Damn, I bet it would take all night to wrestle those five off😂
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