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  1. Sogeha

    Initiative Q - heard about it?

  2. Wow! Impressive collection, thank you for sharing
  3. Andrew at Trusty Time has been around a very long time, I have always found him a helpful and reasonable guy, both in my personal purchases and when acting as a Mod here. Also the link you quoted is legit. I love the 5711 and keep thinking about buying a rep. I’m no expert on the subject and possibly know less than you now do😀
  4. Sogeha

    Initiative Q - heard about it?

    Signed up a fortnight ago boss, thanks to @MRWOZZA70 ⚓️🦎. I can think one can only invite five people and I’m happy to link anyone that wants to. As you say the worst that can happen is that nothing happens
  5. You know we all started right where you are now. I well remember thinking I would never work out what the hell guys were talking about, then slowly bit by bit I understood more. Believe me there are guys here who know more than I ever will and I still take advice all the time. That I should what the forum is for. 99.9% of the people you meet won’t even notice your watch. Of those that do, most could tell. I have a $20 fake Rolex with a quartz movement I wear for gardening and mucking out the horses. I love it, it is a complete POS and nothing like a real Sub, but you know what? Most people including my girlfriend can’t tell the difference. There are diffences, often in movement, you might notice the cheapest is a 21 jewel movement. Which is a cheap generic Chinese movement, next up is maybe a Miyota clone, then an ETA clone, finally a Rolex clone. Very generally speaking you get what you pay for and the fit and finish will also be proportional to the price.
  6. Well you certainly have my taste in watches😀 JF, Noob, ARF etc are just how we distinguish between “factories” so we know which we are referring to. They do all have historical meaning, but I wouldn’t get too hung up on that right now. In a few months, it is will be fun to chase down all the meanings and history, but don’t overface yourself right now. I use “factories” in quotes, because they are more like small workshops. These are counterfeit goods and production is illegal even in China. As a buyer you are extremely unlikely to face real trouble on that score, I’ve never heard of it, but a manufacturer could go to jail. It also means be prepared for buying to be a different experience to Amazon. First time I saw a bit daunting, but once you understand it become routine and we are here to hold your hand and advise There is a reasonable 5711, it isn’t perfect because the gen is so thin, but it is pretty damn good and I would happily rock it. Hulk, I would say Noob at the moment, but ARF are due to release new 116610 models, so it might be worth holding off and see what they do. They are killing it with their reps at the moment. Above all, have fun and don’t be afraid to join in, post and show use what you buy Annual calendar is a tough ask, the movement is complex. Simpler watches work better, but Noob have replicated the Daytona movement and it both an accurate copy and giving good reliability so far
  7. Sogeha

    Tudor Gmt black bay is out

    A comparison thread would be very welcome brother, you are a gentleman. Always a good read. Enjoy the watch
  8. Sogeha

    ARF SH3135 or Noob V9 SA3135

    For the movement SH over SA, clear cut, for the rest of the watch as you say, lots of discussion and no clear answer, Some details are better on one than the other. Personally ARF, Your mileage may vary
  9. Sogeha

    hi everyone!

    Welcome to the community, yes you are right, it just takes a little time and reading to get the hang of things. www.trustytime.biz www.puretime.io http://mrtimezone02.store/ You could do a lot worse than one of these guys for your first purchase
  10. Thank you for your kind words, but I’m a long, long way from the most knowledgeable here. Watches are a very personal thing, what I love may not appeal to you at all. I am a vintage Rolex guy at heart, though I do dabble elsewhere. I love my Phong 5508, my avatar. Out of the box I love the JF 16610 and have two. The 116610 and 43mm Seadweller are very good. Panerai are generally good, plenty of Omega, IWC and Brietling. First chose your style, then we can dial in the advice a bit Buying, stick to Trusted Dealers on any forum you are a member of
  11. http://jewelryandwatch.com/contents/en-us/d108.html Picture of the genuine from Robert Marron. $20,000 for a rep of a $1 Million plus watch I just love this watch. Nobody I know (outside the brothers) would know what it is or how much the genuine watch is worth. If I could I would wear a rep for my pleasure. If in some parallel universe I had more money than Carlos Slim I would still buy and wear the rep. As my brother, Doc says though, you don’t have to go anywhere near that price. There are lots of reps that are virtually indistinguishable on the wrist as long as you don’t bump into some of our guys, a few of whom can spot stuff from the other end of the country
  12. Sogeha

    Bargain of the year...

    You are totally correct as ever, but legally that movement is Swiss made. How? Well it is a cheap as chips Chinese movement and Swiss labour is expensive, so get a Swiss guy to lube it and BOOM, 60% of the value is now Swiss, legally it is Swiss made. Bull 5h!t you say? Of course it is, but legal
  13. Money no object you say? As in don’t care how much? Patek Phong 1518 please. An absolute bargain at $20,000
  14. Sogeha

    Cars & watches

    Got to love an old Landie. I’m seriously looking at building one of these
  15. Not to mention that time is a function of heat anyway. No heat as in no particle movement and no time. This is way the commonly asked question of what came before the Big Bang is a bit illogical. Essentially there was no time, so there was no before, at least not in this universe. So as the universe cools, we can expect time to slow down, which is really going to mess with all those fancy perpetual calendars