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  1. This is one of the biggest WIS myths. If you don’t saturation dive you don’t need a 300 metre depth rating, if you do saturation dive you don’t need a 300 metre depth rating on your watch because you will be using a proper dive computer and not an obsolete piece of man jewellery I have a PADI open water cert that covers me to an impressive 18 metres. 200 is cold and dark and unless you are very well qualified it will be small consolation to know your watch will still be ticking when they pull your cold lifeless body out. I did two seasons diving with a fake Casio bombmaker with a depth rating of zero. I still have it, it still works Also if you open the watch, the depth rating is down to you and your greasing the seals and pressure testing
  2. @davdhaked90 Arrived on the scene and kindly let four members know his brother has the parts they are looking for just lying around. After I issued a warning for backdoor selling and hide his posts, I thought I would reach out and see what else they had. i asked if they had a 6263 exotic dial. Very quickly he responded with pictures of exactly what I was looking for, lucky me. The pictures did all have different backgrounds, but whatever So hardly believing my luck I asked how much he wanted for this rare genuine dial $2000 LMAO be careful out there
  3. I doubt you will easily find any pocket watch new of worthwhile quality at anything like an affordable price, let alone specific dial variations
  4. I imagine that there were some made back in the day. However I think your best bet would be to find something like a Waltham, American pocket watches still have a fantastic parts supply. It may need a service, and while it is stripped, get the dial reprinted to your specifications
  5. Good to hear from you. San Martin make very nice watches, I have a few
  6. No date 41mm Sub. My current understanding is there isn’t anything noteworthy as yet
  7. A timely reminder that not everyone is trustworthy and Christmas always seems to bring the scammers out. If you are contacted and offered a Watch by DM be especially suspicious. Is there a reason the seller isn’t willing to openly advertise it on the forum? Do they have any sales feedback? Are they active in the community? As always an offer that seems too good to be true probably is
  8. It is not your question, rather your challenge that prompted me to step in
  9. @freddy333 is a very long time member and former Moderator. There are build threads for those watches as well as a long history of posting them here. As to posting them on Rolex forums, please familiarise yourself with the rules of this forum. Posting reps on a genuine forum is a banning offence. In my book encouraging others to do so is also a banning offence. Fortunately Freddy has more white in his eye and knows we don’t ever do that
  10. Kif shock protection does nothing until you drop it😄 YMMV but I see little point in such attention to visual details of a movement as signed rotor and engine turning of the same pattern on a rep of a watch with a closed back
  11. None of these cases are 1:1, there are tells, tells that won’t in any way stop you enjoying your watch, but which are there nevertheless. It will look absolutely the part on the wrist, but a really knowledgable expert will be able to tell it from genuine, and in my opinion that is how it should be, this hobby is about the pleasure of building more affordable versions of classic vintage watches for one’s own pleasure, which seems to be your desire, if cases were ever completely indistinguishable, it would just encourage scammers and fraudsters Owning both Phong and other, cheaper Vietnamese cases, I’m not convinced Phong is worth over twice as much YMMV Try Arsla5 on eBay for ETA movements, he is very genuine
  12. Welcome home, it’s always good to see OGs return. Please show us anything you buy and let us know what you think of them
  13. You have to build your own, it's quite fun Although that dial is not available for sale, there are plenty of online sellers of dials for seiko movements
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