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  1. Please let us know how it goes with the movement, I keep looking and nearly ordering but I'm not sure I trust the movement that much at present 🧐 Pics would be good too 😁
  2. Welcome to the forum A-M 😊 Have a look around and you will find some info for the piece your after, we have trusted dealers on here that will have what you want 👍
  3. My last attempt to fix a keyless works resulted in 4 strip downs and rebuild to find it still hadn't fixed it 😥 good on ya for getting stuck into it yourself 👍
  4. Gorgeous build and after seeing a few examples previously it looks bloody good, very hard build to do well done 👍
  5. Buy from @smp_lover and you won't go back to anything else I have bought a few now from him and his work is of Gen quality and at the same time it's also bespoke for you
  6. Because we can some fantastic pieces on here of late guys, keep them coming !
  7. Love a Tudor project, I'm following too although my watch smith skills are none existent atm I'm always up for extra knowledge
  8. Happy New Year to all the members here, wishing you all (except any scammers looking in ) a very safe and prosperous 2019 Stay healthy
  9. Nice review bud thanks for sharing They are an excellent piece, I'm going to do a Gen vs Rep comparison when I get time and must say there isn't much to tell them apart !
  10. My next purchase will be Gen Omega PO from a fantastic member here This piece is beautiful, not many like it around either I would think
  11. Welcome to the madhouse Ahmed you'll find us the better of all the forums !
  12. These BB reps are bloody good for the $$, just bought the Gmt and truly nice looking rep compared to the Gen, the 58 is on my radar at some stage
  13. Really great looking piece M Congrats and nice review too!
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