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  1. sgtguk

    What will be your next purchase?

    My next purchase will be Gen Omega PO from a fantastic member here This piece is beautiful, not many like it around either I would think
  2. sgtguk


    Welcome to the madhouse Ahmed you'll find us the better of all the forums !
  3. These BB reps are bloody good for the $$, just bought the Gmt and truly nice looking rep compared to the Gen, the 58 is on my radar at some stage
  4. Really great looking piece M Congrats and nice review too!
  5. sgtguk

    Legit check?

    Looks good but as said its hard to tell from those 2 pics
  6. sgtguk

    Trading watches on RWG

    Hi Bud, You can become a full member via the store links above either Vip or better still Platinum which opens up the whole site for you! Good to see you back again too! Sgt
  7. sgtguk

    Tudor Gmt black bay is out

    Exactly right ! @ Mike, yeah usual with these isn't it ☺️
  8. sgtguk

    Tudor Gmt black bay is out

    Your quite right the hand stack is a dead giveaway but to the average bloke in the street he'd never know...
  9. sgtguk

    Tudor Gmt black bay is out

    Both correct guys Gen is on the left ☺️
  10. sgtguk

    Tudor Gmt black bay is out

    The reps in and on first glance its looking good, quick n dirty pic for you, which ones the Gen?
  11. sgtguk

    Problems buying with Intime/Ryan

    Hi Richard, Sorry to hear the banks are giving you an issue, but seems as if you've soon sorted them out! I've just dealt with Ryan again for the umteenth time with no issues with the transaction or subsequently the order with him.
  12. sgtguk

    A little help.....

    Just pm'd you Mike 😄
  13. sgtguk

    Tudor Gmt black bay is out

    Agreed it does look good on the site but I'll do some side by side when it gets here and see how it stacks up for us ! YEP lol Good job she loves the crap outta me ! Hey coulda been worse I was trying to find a 126710 but no dealer could get hold of one for me !
  14. sgtguk

    Tudor Gmt black bay is out

    I'll get some loaded up soon as I can guys! Is it worth doing the Gen/Rep comparison though for the forum? If so I've no issues doing one, the depth of knowledge here has helped me out over the years, pay it forward eh!
  15. sgtguk

    Tudor Gmt black bay is out

    Yes mate I’ve got the Gen already and just ordered the rep with Ryan 👍