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  1. seafoam

    sWatch out!

    That is pricey. I guess i meant the higher end brands that still use ETA like Omega.
  2. seafoam

    sWatch out!

    Selitta has hurt Swatch co as well. They're versions of the ETA movements with expired patents have proven to be just as good if not better that the ETA versions. And they're a LOT cheaper.
  3. seafoam

    20-02-2017 Wristshots

  4. seafoam

    18th Feb

  5. seafoam

    02/15 feb...wrist.

    New BP classic SD... not bad
  6. I just logged in twice without issue.
  7. seafoam

    Feb 4th

    Man did know miss the vintage Rolex Daytona memo? ?
  8. seafoam

    Cannot upload pics anymore

    I had the same problem for a few days but now it seems to be working fine.
  9. seafoam

    16610 LV

    I just pulled the trigger on LV's cousin: http://www.pf-818.com/0-0-rlsd00021-16600-classic-sea-dweller-ss-black-sa-3135.html I'll report on him as well