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  1. Happy Holidays everyone, I am aware this is not the right section but please have mercy :( I am looking for a IWC Aquatimer GST (titanium preferably but ss is fine too). It's the chrono version with asian 7750 movement. Please send me a pm if you have one for sale (even if broken with missing parts) Many thanks!
  2. ryaku

    Help validating a PO

    No, it's not
  3. ryaku

    Help validating a PO

    Looks good to me
  4. ryaku

    Q: Replace movement in Omega Seamaster

    It should be powered by a A2836. You can buy a ETA 2836 but you'd better check hands height if you want to attempt the movement swap yourself.
  5. ryaku

    Why so many time wasters lately?

    Name them here, please. Better we do not go on a witch hunt, I'll look into it. MOAB
  6. ryaku

    Time to Sell?

    Get a gen if the idea of wearing a rep bothers you so much and , as kernow said, decide yourself if the gen is really worth the extra bucks and sell one, rep or gen.
  7. ryaku

    Day 1 of my online watchcourse

    Very good to know. I wasn't aware of that. I might ask a tailored made kit for me as well. Thanks!!!
  8. ryaku

    Day 1 of my online watchcourse

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing I am gonna buy the online course as soon as the EURO gets stronger on the USD. Exchange rate sucks right now Hopefully it won't take more than 5 years
  9. ryaku

    Perfect Clones and EMS

    Get it fixed and ask him a compensation or voucher for the next order
  10. ryaku

    Josh's new site

    Couldn' agree more, PC was my fav website where to check new releases. It' not anymore.
  11. ryaku

    Gen 3707 parts fit 3719?

    AFAIK Crown IWA11296 Tube IWA02171 Ask a confirmation to SW
  12. ryaku

    Gen 3707 parts fit 3719?

    3707 and 3719 have completely different crown I would be surprised if they had interchangeable tubes. Why don' you source gen crown and tube for the 3719? Cost is probably higher but risk free.
  13. ryaku

    Getting scratches out of dial indices

    That's a difficult task. I am afraid electroplating is the only solution, as you said the risk of rubbing the plating off is serious
  14. My bad, you are absolutely right, bracelet is rep
  15. Not sure if the seller changed pictures but it seems all legit to me. The ss bracelet is not from a XVII but it might come from a UTC version (endlinks are thicker). I am saying that because the fitment doesn't look perfect but it might be caused by wrong springbars too.