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  1. Very nice buddy, congrats. This makes me wanna get a V6s
  2. Very nice gesture, bro. If someone is interested to have it on a Noob FC V4???
  3. The dial logo, caseback number, Xtal, cyclops say JF.
  4. Stop teasing the guys, bro. You're making yourself a better one. A bird just tells me it's already done
  5. Thx bro What about this one?
  6. I remember for only 1 incoming Franken, haha And no, I don't see anything familiar ;)
  7. Huge congrats, bro It's one my favorite ROO. Enjoy it ;)
  8. I love my diver, haha https://vimeo.com/136716251
  9. Honestly I don't know, but I think the whole project is about +or- 1k
  10. It just back with a low beat movt, haha Thx to my buddy Chris3007 (RWI) for the insane work he did
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