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  1. The v2 hands are totally different V2 hands are very 3D and almost 1:1 of gen. You can't go back after owning v2 hands.
  2. Gen case back is higher then tc?
  3. What u do to refinish the bezel?? V6 bezel? That looks so gen to me in ur pics
  4. I had talked with tc about the hole in the hand, he mention if he make it 1:1 cost will be over 150 just for a hands set
  5. The hole is my tell also. The rotor noise is loud. Gen eta is very quite
  6. The sel is biggest tell. The lugs are too fat. The rest is great
  7. Wait until you mod your tc v6, you will get more addicted to it. Just like me
  8. Please take some picture of the full watch I show us more.
  9. Holy , the last pic, which one is gen?????
  10. I heard there was winding problem too with the crown?
  11. Bro please let me know after a longer while. I am planing to buy another v6.
  12. Who here recently it a v6 with his new batch of movement? Is there any problem with it , or did they got better unlike the old batch which most have issue with
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