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  1. Got it all sorted, thanks so much!
  2. Thanks everyone! I am returning the one I bought and bought from one of the links Automatico provided! Strange that they don't have 1600 in the discription, only 1601. BTW, the WSO bezel says it is for '80's and newer, so it is probably for sapphire too. Very happy to tone down the bling on this watch and let the beautiful ghost dial speak for itself!
  3. Sorry about all the confusion, i’ll start over. This is a gen 1603 and I am trying to fit a 1600 smooth bezel. The 1603 bezel fits perfectly and the 1600 smooth bezel I bought has too tight an ID. I am wondering if the 1600 bezel should be modified to fit or whether is is not gen or correct anyway, so I should return it and find another. 1600 bezel ID: 30.38 H: 2.77 OD: 34.83
  4. Cool, so do you think that maybe this is not a gen bezel? It seems kinda tall and wide, especially compared to the 1603 bezel, but i have not handled one before. Maybe I’ll see what the seller says when I tell him the measurement.
  5. Hey there, I have a gen 1603 that I am trying to put a 1600 smooth bezel on, and it is just too tight. The crystal measures about 30.6mm and the bezel is 30.38. Do I need to shave he bezel a bit? I should probably have a watchmaker do it on a lathe, correct? Also, I kinda cracked the crystal at the bezel; are the Clark 25-118 xtals any good? If not, what do you recommend?
  6. I use a generic version of the Horotec crystal press. They are much easier to use and more precise feeling that the flexo type or Bergeon 5500 type, which I also have. They also have a lot of headroom. https://www.esslinger.com/watch-case-press-horotec-micropress-v2/
  7. Correct, started out as a complete gen 1002 with bracelet. Original xtal was a flat top and looked like a sapphire xtal.
  8. It is a 1979 1002 all gen with 1570. clark xtal and yuki dial + hands. this is the first time I have worked on a Rolex movement. I was pretty freaked out about messing up a very expensive movement. I actually had the watch serviced and I asked the watchmaker to put the dial and hands on. He said the dial wouldn’t work. I gave it a go when I got it home and found that the dial feet were about 0.002 too thick, so I took them down with sandpaper.
  9. I built one! Quite happy with how it turned out.
  10. I didn’t know they had 13mm ones available, they are the 6538 ones. I don’t think those were available when I built mine so I used 5513 hands.
  11. you are going to need a 2836 for a 1500 build and a 2824 for a 5500 build.
  12. You are just going to need to sand the magnifier off the plexi. I have bought my 6-7 non-magnifier plexis and none fit.
  13. I have one that I attempted to fashion a proper bracelet to springbar coupling, but it is a daunting task!!! I need to complete that project one day!
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