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  1. Correct, started out as a complete gen 1002 with bracelet. Original xtal was a flat top and looked like a sapphire xtal.
  2. It is a 1979 1002 all gen with 1570. clark xtal and yuki dial + hands. this is the first time I have worked on a Rolex movement. I was pretty freaked out about messing up a very expensive movement. I actually had the watch serviced and I asked the watchmaker to put the dial and hands on. He said the dial wouldn’t work. I gave it a go when I got it home and found that the dial feet were about 0.002 too thick, so I took them down with sandpaper.
  3. I built one! Quite happy with how it turned out.
  4. I didn’t know they had 13mm ones available, they are the 6538 ones. I don’t think those were available when I built mine so I used 5513 hands.
  5. you are going to need a 2836 for a 1500 build and a 2824 for a 5500 build.
  6. You are just going to need to sand the magnifier off the plexi. I have bought my 6-7 non-magnifier plexis and none fit.
  7. I have one that I attempted to fashion a proper bracelet to springbar coupling, but it is a daunting task!!! I need to complete that project one day!
  8. Do you think the tubes are soldered into place or bonded? I have a set of genuine 580 endlinks and I have dislodged one of the tubes. I like to have yhe tubes really tight on the springbar because I am allergic to rattling!
  9. I bought one of those pricey aftermarket high dome 1016 crystals that are on ebay. Unfortunately, it is not a tight fit like the Clark Tropic 22 and the bezel wont even take a bite on it. I am using a JMB case. It might be the same one Michael Young sells.
  10. I found a rose dial for you: http://rafflesdials.com/vintage-tudor-ranger-prince-oysterdate-eta-2824-or-miyota-8215-dial-29mm/
  11. The rep oyster prince case has a sapphire crystal though.
  12. Hey there. The jmb case is not correct, as you need a 34mm case, not 36. No one makes the rose type dial; the yuki is the best one out there but it is not perfect. You need a 5.3mm Rolex crown. I put a 6mm one on mine.
  13. Here is mine. JMB V2 whoopy helenrou handset with tapered second hand I have a gen bracelet with gen 580 ends but it needs to go to Michael Young
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