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  1. Thanks for the side by side I have been tempted to buy a diver for quite some time now, this has helped my decision. Thanks Nas
  2. nass

    My IWC Journey

    I wanted to either add or change the Spitfire the Portuguese that MarkieMark was selling but I was too late!
  3. Thank you both! Micky you have a pm
  4. Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone can point be in the right direction, I would like to source and OEM crown and tube for my 5009 BP. Thank you in advance Nas
  5. Another vote for the BP
  6. Hi All, I have always admired IWC from a far and have been unsure of what to buy. I have always been a fan of the BP but never got round to owning one and always wondered if it would suit my wrist. That being said my IWC journey started last month when I made my first purchase which was a Mark XVIII on a bracelet which I bought from the forum it was a lovely watch great daily and looked very elegant, however I wanted something else and up came a 3878 a watch I didn't know much about but I was instantly in love with the dial, the fact that the it had a custom made strap, made it even more of a appealing, so the Mark XVIII was put up for sale and my 3878 arrived.The watch is fantastic the build quality coupled with the amazing strap made it look and feel spot on. The dial changes depending on the light and this watch just keeps giving. At this stage I thought I had found "the" IWC for me and this chapter of my collecting should technically of been closed. I was wrong having just missed out on AJ's BP, I decided I needed to own or at least try one and as luck has it Dury was selling his brand new 5009 ZF, so after a face to face I become the proud of BP, the watch is fantastic look and feel and surprisingly wear well on my wrist. I decided to bite the bullet and buy an OEM strap which has made the world of difference. I then started wonder how the 3878 would look on the pilot strap. Now for some pictures: The watch that started it all, the Mark XVIII (now sold) 3878 on brown leather The BP and the 3878, as they look now: I am thinking of changing the crown on the BP to and original crown if anyone knows where I can source one, please let me know. Thanks for reading!
  7. Having just bought the 5009 black, I have to say your review was excellent and very informative! Thank you
  8. Received yesterday and it's not been off my wrist!
  9. Great pics! I have just received my 243 from the forum and love the look and feel. How are you getting on with the cyclops, in my oppinion it has been a bit of let down for me would be great to hear your oppinion. Best Nass
  10. Have bought from both Trusty and Toro, more recently two purchases from Toro both great and will definitely be buying again.
  11. Great looking watch and fantastic pictures! Strap choice goes perfectly!
  12. drrea


    reply sent- my messages are playing up so not sure if you got them

  13. Yes, more info on your OEM straps would be appreciated.

  14. nass

    438 Ceramic

    Thank you for that, makes me confident enough to bite the bullet! Thanks again
  15. nass

    438 Ceramic

    Cheers, the perfect clone one looks very good. Will be interacted to hear any owner opinions
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