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  1. Guys, Always loved the SOHC, and had a few fantastic reps of it over the years. I see there is this new version out, like this one on PT..... has anyone bought this yet, or know what the rep is like? https://puretimewatch.io/superocean-heritage-chrono-ss-black-dial-rg-markers-on-ss-mesh-bracelet-a7750.html
  2. Interested in the Pam 127 if you can pm me?

  3. Hi, please reply to my last PM.


  4. Hi, sent you a message, but did you receive it?

    best regards,


  5. Brian,

    having trouble with my pm's- I can have the watch posted tomorrow if you want it?



  6. drrea


    reply sent- my messages are playing up so not sure if you got them

  7. Hi guys, in need of a bit of advice. I just received my heritage chrono which is a beauty, however the power reserve is only about 3 hours after a full wind etc. I don't want to send it back, as i think a good service would sort it out. Is there a watchsmith based in the uk I can get in contact here on rwg? Thanks
  8. Thanks guys, I think I am going to go for the black dial version!!!!
  9. Ah ha, thank you. I have only just got a AP Roo and am already on the hunt for another watch.... it never ends! I was looking at Skylands, is V3 the latest? I had a V2 i think, it was a fantastic watch!!! So many choices!!!
  10. I saw a man today wearing a seawolf with blue face which was beautiful. I have done a search on here and worried that it is not available anymore. I spoke to Josh and he said they are out of stock. Would anyone know where to get one, which dealers may have them? thanks guys
  11. drrea

    SOH Brown

    Thanks guys for the response. I think I will go for the blue one then, it looks really nice!! Now just need to get the mesh bracelet!!!! Thanks
  12. Hey!! Haven't been around for along time but really love the Superocean heritage in Brown. I am looking at both Puretime and Precious time, has anyone bought this watch from either of these? If so, what is the quality like? Thanks
  13. I have a ocean racer strap which is 24mm. It is awesome but I was wondering if there is a rep of the 22mm strap? If so, any anyone has the rubber straps (not the clasp), please contact me!
  14. that looks incredible with the strap!! May I ask where you got that strap as I have my skyland coming this week!!!
  15. Excellent, thanks. I sent Precious Time a message so hopefully hear back from them asap. I tried a google search for Narikaa watches...I couldn't find anything? Sorry for all the questions, but are Precious Times' watches the V2? Many thanks, Simon
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