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  1. Hi, sent you a message, but did you receive it?

    best regards,


  2. Nightwatch your Omega nato looks very nice. Care to share who the maker or seller is? Planning to find a nice one for my gen Tudor BB blue... Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. Like it, but would never buy gold plated reps. Unless I only would wear the watch at special occasions. In my experience, the plating either wears off or will discolour. Only a gold Hublot that I had were fine, but because that was some kind of pvd.
  4. It has been more than 3 weeks now. Hope the best for him.
  5. And not upside down ;-). Congrats on the watch! Looks great
  6. Great read and inspiration for owning a Speedy myself one day.
  7. Hey fellow dutchy, don't know about mr Hanz, but the next strapmaker I would commission to make a custom strap would be Mario from Orloff straps again if it would be for a croc strap. Had many aftermarket strap makers straps. But Mario's texture of the croc I never seen in other straps. They are awesome. He is cheap, fast and good quality. Send the dimensions of the strap, even with the position of the holes and you're all set. http://orloff-straps.blogspot.nl/p/straps-ready-immediately-available.html http://s831.photobucket.com/user/orloff1812/library/ORLOFF%20STRAPS?sort=3&start=all&page=1
  8. Hey noob ;-). Best way of getting your money's worth is buying from this board trusted dealers. The watch you chose is a nice one. Had this model myself many years ago. The price is a bit high though. Will be cheaper at the trusted dealers. And you will get reliable quality control and some warranty. Good luck!
  9. Cats, for the many years here on the forum I always loved your profile picture, showing what a great dad you are and the connection as a father with your boy. And once again to see your thoughts, it proves so much what a gread dad you are. Great respect and so sad to hear this devastating news. Wens jullie heel erg veel sterkte en kracht toe en geniet van alle momenten samen. Wish you all a lot of strenght and enjoy all of your moments together.
  10. 47 model the pam448. The 388 is very nice, but quite tall. The 380 is also ok, but I heard the lume can be weak. Tough choice imo.
  11. Is it something that an average person that don't deal with leather stuff everyday may know? I did not see that question being answered yet. I think the 50usd might be a good deal. But as a business owner, you know your products and the risk of humid and warm areas on this planet. The customer might not be aware of that. Thus, imo, the seller should have a process available for return products. Like a document, with the shipping address and clear instructions on how to pack the returned item to protect it best. Similar to a users manual for the new product. Common sense might be your common sense, but not all are aware of these things. Indeed, you are in the business for almost 10 years or so. I see it as part of the company's responsibility to help the customer returning the goods in the best way possible. So was there a clear instruction on packaging and how to return the item?
  12. wow! Just checked that thread, amazing! What an inspiration and example for starting my long in the closet 6152/1 project!
  13. Hi Henio, that is a great build! Congrets on the hard work and superb result. Do you also have some pictures of during the build, the artisan work?
  14. Indeed, better stay away from gold plating. Also often after some time there could be changing/fading/darkening of the gold color. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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