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  1. colorao

    Shoe Porn!

    Could put links where buy shoes. Thanks
  2. What bracalet is this ? Where You get it ?
  3. But for a franken You need a gen dial. And I never I seen a chronopassion gen dial for sale. Where You get it ?
  4. Looks so good, but I 'll wait for any reviews . In these years I learn to be patient.
  5. Wen I see a review I belive, always all the watches are 1:1 and always go out a new versión. The Ap Diver 4 was close gen and ....
  6. I hope soon go out Becouse they have all.
  7. Impresisive pictures guys,Thanks looks so nice Hi Pete whats is your opinon about noob 217 ? I don´t see many reviews about 217
  8. Thanks dluddy, nice picture I see that look better dark straps with 217 or 127
  9. I picked a new 217 and I have a gunny 74 , I´m thinking in a burgundy calf, but I would like see your straps in these Pams, please show me your combination.
  10. Nice watches, the skyland is one the most beautiful breitling.
  11. You are crazy and I love this things. Impresive collection. Put one o more AP in your life.
  12. I enjoy with this post , thanks
  13. More pictures and coments please about your sensations, I love this model is one the most beautyful Pams.
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