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  1. Overall I just think just a cool watch, I love the color scheme.. The rep is excellent. reliable ETA movement, and The curved case fits my wrist better than a 44mm panerai. I was thinking of getting a 005 and getting it PVD but I prefer this. The gen retails for $7k. Case - the biggest difference, the color of the coating on the gen lighter, more of a dark grey than black. the gen you can see more of the brushed finish through the coating and the polished edges very shiny Bezel- finishing is different, gen is matte and not as brushed. The screws are also more flat, matte finished Crystal- gen looks more clear, otherwise identical Dial- the spacing and location of "cartier and "automatic" are a bit off, the numerals are smaller and whiter and raised on the gen. the black background looks more matte and textured on the gen. Clasp- gen has a nice quality feeling snap to it and screws are aligned Crown- the rep takes more effort to turn the crown, and the black crystal looks deeper and glossier, the edges of the gen crown are chamfered Movement- both have an ETA movement.. not sure which one but they sound different.. the gen is quieter. turning the crown on the gen, you can only hear clicks Weight- the gen is about 1oz heavier Hands- the rep hands are excellent, but the gen hands are shinier, and lumoniva much brighter Strap- rep strap is really excellent. The stitching isnt as as neat and the inside of the gen strap has brown/goldish lettering
  2. Westime Beverly Hills, Ca.

    umm.. the rose gold weighs 8oz.. and it feels it.
  3. very nice, i wish AP would update their rubberclad line
  4. Help with AP Purchase

    thats a genuine watch. it is a stunner, ultimately I sold mine due to its weight some thoughts: it should have the 2226 movement. when you wind the crown, it should feel buttery smooth and near silent, with almost no resistance. the case looks like its been refinished more than once. if you decide to get a new rubber bezel, you have to get the one with rose gold on the inside ( as opposed to stainless steel which is much cheaper) and it costs like $2500 also the watch being an early F serial, its ~5 years old and there is no AR coating over the date bubble (they changed this around F 50xxx) and it will due for a service soon if it hasnt been done already.
  5. RB2 - Rep vs Gen Mini Review

    the rep strap is great quality and looks very close in texture and feel. on mine the stitching wasn't straight was the only thing that gave it away the rep clasp looks decent, but it has screw holes where there are none on the gen, and wouldnt close securely. the gen finishing is different, more matte and detailed, and of course feels solid as a rock, but the gen clasp by itself costs more than the entire rep watch lol
  6. RB2 - Rep vs Gen Mini Review

    i dont have the rep anymore to take pics, but the caseback is very accurate. Id need a real macro lens so you can actually see the difference in pics, but the finishing in the "B" is incorrect and overall too thick, lettering not as defined. you're only supposed to be able to order parts if you own the genuine watch, PM me
  7. (both have a gen strap and clasp) For years I had lusted after pictures of it. The RB2 is the AP holy grail for me. Limited edition only 1000 made in titanium. These pictures show how close the two look from a foot away. The rep case is absoutely excellent 1:1 size. inish is very good, but the backplate is a little too thick. Overall, people who have only seen pics would be fooled by a replica. Comparing the two in person in person not as convincing as these pictures, many details that are innacurate. Weight- the rep weighs about 1oz more. surprisingly it makes a big difference in the feeling Ceramic Bezel- the rep is excellent. but the genuine has a deep glossy black polish that looks like its wet. Its also more curved on the edges the finishing is much more finely brushed and exactly staight. the screws perfectly milled on the gen, the rep look like plastic instead of metal Dial- the most innacurate. Everything the rep has, the gen has in the right place but much sharper and shinier. The date window is in the too far to the right, in the wrong color size and font and not AR coated on the rep. The subdials on the rep are too shiny. The black cut-out dial is more matte and thicker, of course the coto de geneve coating. the silver tech ring on the rep is very very close. Overall the gen dial just pops and looks like it has so much depth and incredibly sharp and detailed. sadly the rep only captures a fraction of that effect Hands- i thought the rep hands were good, but the gen is much shinier, and look like tiny sharp polished swords and are more visible, the rep I sometimes struggled to tell what time it is Crown- very good, except for the black glass AP logo, the gen is etched deep and big and straight. Ceramic Buttons- very good, but the gen tilts outward a bit, rounder edges and glossier Cost- $600 vs $45,000 Enough said.
  8. it has black luminova, not very bright but still nice to have! I also like the new metal rings around the subdials and the metal AP logo
  9. 2009 APROO

    they do make some minor improvements to the dials over the years.. re case finishing, early E serial finishing was poor compared to the F serial. mid F serial they added AR over the cyclops eye G serial they widened the polished edges on the case for 2009 the themes have new silver and charcoal dials
  10. Fully Modded Rubens Barrichello

    if someone has seen a real RB2 in person they will not be fooled. but i think not so many have seen a genuine rb2 so, ya
  11. Fully Modded Rubens Barrichello

    well i guess the rb2 has been a grail watch for me for quite some time.. prices have come down a bit lately and I was shopping for one.. i first saw the replica when a grey market seller presented it to me as genuine, so..
  12. Fully Modded Rubens Barrichello

    $1500 sounds reasonable to me. yes he is making $ from the servicing but its alot of labor and time, r/d investment show pics of finished product and if the quality is good you will have buyers for sure.. just prob not many on this board since they are enthusiasts who would rather mod themselves
  13. Pam 217 1950 Crown Lever Needed

    bump? still looking~
  14. I need a new crown lever with pin Can anyone help?
  15. Show me pics of your 177H ! !

    I would like one as well. Please PM me with price, thx