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  1. i meet with angus 3 months ago , i was in gz for more than a week and i meet with him for take breakfast 2 times , his a helpfull and nice guy , he gave me good advices what to buy or what not and i pick from him aprox 10 very good watches that time..most of it was ordered 10 days before i travel to china reguards
  2. humm well ....collector ll send casebacks ......ll change bridge with engraved in first watch in second watch its engraved in new color ..looks different but yes its engraved
  3. yes i reportedand he make little discount in next order i paid 198 instead 250 for the 114 ..i wasnt happy but i take it
  4. well im not the classic complaing guy ..but this time im really dissapointed with last deal with one of our most trusted colectors .....a month ago i buy from him a 111H (250 usd ) have to be a high end rep but ....watch comes with many bugs. movment not engraded comes with stickers and letters are disaligned (oficine) , wrong case back with serial E208P/4000 ,1 of the screws of case for remove bands its totally stucked imposible to remove it , well i had a correct case back and replace it , i drill screw and can fix it using river spring bars , and movment i decide eat me that bug ....i dont return watch bcs seller its friend and im stupid , well ....now today i recibe another watch 114 from same seller with exactly same bugs .....wrong case back ( same like 111h) , movment with stickers not engraved ( but now letters are aligned ) what to do ???? return both watches ?? or eat me again that bugs ..ill keep the colector name for myself waiting for his answer ,if he dont do something for correct his errors i ll made it public ... but now im really angry , there are many cheap reps and we supouse we are buying high end reps not cheap ......sorry for my bad english
  5. i have it same at pic and i hate it ...buckle its very fat
  6. well now i know with what kind of wood you was made ........all that kind of comments are preatty racist !!!!!
  7. well its a real tested and beautifull watch ..and i was moved in my heart for beg mercy for it heheeheh thanks Floyd
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