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  1. Welcome mate, enjoy !
  2. Yes, this is the true Intime... No worries !
  3. Me too...
  4. Noob, always Noob...Quality is over !
  5. Hi mate ! Have you tried one of our Trusted dealer ?
  6. That's a wonderful piece, congrats !
  7. Welcome to the forum mate ! I had also a noob sub v7 and i didn't do anything. I consider this is one of the best rep out of the box, even if she has some flaws. You could consider a bezel paint mod because the numbers are still too dark. There is currently a great thread made by altesporsche in the rolex area Other than that you can change some parts for genuine like the chrystal, the crown or the bezel but it depends of your wallet !
  8. Glad you found this nice first rep, you will be impressed by this Radiomir ! Which one did you buy ? Do you have a link ?
  9. Very impressive....But i just don't want to be the watchmaker who will have to service it after some years
  10. 100USD
  11. This is really a fine piece, i love it !
  12. This is great, congrats ! How is the texture of this paint ? Does it stay thin and smooth ?
  13. I can't believe we can find these ugly reps on Ebay...The 111 is awful, i just reported it !
  14. Thanks bro...hfac dial installed in this noob case but i wait for a kw dial and will decide wich one is the best when its landed This daytona looks awesome !