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  1. Thanks mate...will try to find a one !!! Just received my JF 16610lv and the second hand is twisted on the lenght
  2. Thanks mate, i was thinking the same but i wanted to be sure...there is no reason for the CP to have a different size indeed !
  3. All in the titlle...can i install a gen Rolex second hand a the JF sh3135...this is exactly a NOS second hand from a rolex 16710(3185 caliber) ?
  4. I am.glad you enjoy it bro
  5. Damn, it broke also at the sel ? So you used some spring bars ?
  6. I finally contacted the seller and he said: "It is an invisible said pump(spring bar), that assures(insures) the retention between the sel and the link" Well, it is something strange indeed, but it's common from what he said
  7. It's perfectly rounded and white to me.
  8. Very impressive
  9. Where is the chrystal ?
  10. Hi guys ! Was looking at Chronoshop store and while looking at some pictures of a 93250 bracelet, i noticed that the SEL was detached from the links... Could you just confirm that what i see on the picture below is a ceramic ball ? Pardon my ignorance but i wasn't aware of this thing regarding the gen 93250 construction
  11. Yes, i had the same watch with the asian2836 and the movement was very accurate and reliable, no worries !
  12. Good luck mate ! Where does this bracelet came from ?