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  1. New Customer TB question

    Toro is always very fast to reply...in the hour ! Check you have the right email adress torobravo.rg@gmail.com
  2. Daytona ARF 4130 calibre clone

    I find that exicting if NOOB release a 4130 clone, but how about the reliability of this future movement, when we see the issues reported by a ton of member whith the 3135 clone....Needless to say that the Rolex 4130 is a more complicated piece ...
  3. What's the new hotness for PAM straps?

    Yes, maybe too clean for you lol !
  4. What's the new hotness for PAM straps?

    Or maybe this one.....
  5. RWI Hangout

    Please forgive my ignorance but i am curious ....why is it so long for RWI to be back ? What is the most difficult thing to work on ?
  6. Daytona ARF 4130 calibre clone

    Hum...I think that when you have it on the wrist you realize it worths the money, and believe me the non working chrono is a non issue !
  7. http://trustytime.store/

    This result on the timegrapher is stock or you made a regulation ?
  8. Daytona ARF 4130 calibre clone

    All the Trusted Dealers sell this Watch...It is a Asian 7750 base with a fake 4130 deco plate. This is not a full working chronograph...Only the small second at 6 and the chrono center hand work; both sub dials hand at 3 and 9 are just stuck. I consider this Watch as a superb piece to own ....
  9. http://trustytime.store/

    I guess it's the same and you will have to choose between the same shipping options; i have dealt with Trusty in the past and that was great !
  10. JF 16610 SH3135 - no rehaut engraving

    You have a great project build here mate but be careful if you buy a gen bracelet for it...I installed a gen bracelet on this JF 16610 and the end link had not exactly the same shape, the gen SEL was a bit too short and really thinner than the rep SEL....the red arrows show you where it is different(thinner) than the rep bracelet !
  11. Server/software upgrades

    Thanks for the work !
  12. Go ARF or Noob v7 SubC

    Sorry for my question, but where have you seen a sub ceramic from ARF ? Edit, sorry: Found it here https://www.intime02.co/rollie/4040-submariner-116610-ln-black-ceramic-1-1-arf-best-edition-a2824.html Looks great, better than the NOOB V7 ! The bezel engraving is by far the best...