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  1. ROLEX DAYTONA 116500 LN

    Of course it's a gen piece, congratulations, great purchase !
  2. hi.. can i bay best YACHT-MASTER II 116680  ss JV A7754

    1. rubino303


      sorry yachtmuster II 116680 ss JF A7750

  3. GREAT REVIEW !!!!! Thanks for sharing that....it's a beautiful piece And i like the jubilee !
  4. Best Daytona rep

    This one mate ! http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=39_214&product_id=2618
  5. More than fifty dead in Las Vegas

    This is a very shocking thing !!! My thoughts go to our US brothers I am very sad for all these nice people and this remind me what happened in Paris in 2015 !
  6. Hi and welcome sir ! Yes, this is a true deal because BP factory is known to make some decent watches at a good price also....this is a pretty good choice but afaik there is no super replica of the 126600 right now, even this one You will find better reps like the Noob sub V7, the New ARF Daytona, the OP 114300 from JF ....They are more expensive but really near the real deal !
  7. Noob Seadweller 4000

    Yes, yours is correct
  8. Best Explorer II CHS version I've seen yet !

    The date wheel is not centered !
  9. Noob Seadweller 4000

    The SEL is a big big tell ! I really don't understand the Noob factory this time...But it looks like prdubis was luckier with his SEL from his picture !
  10. Well i will give it a try ! So you said i need a special paint for steel ? How long it takes for this kind of paint to dry ?
  11. Hum, except this paint issue, i have never seen a rep like that...there is a high building and finishing quality and the gen feeling is great too ! Might be hard to go back to the standard Noob factory watches after that
  12. Many thanks for this great explanation bro but i am sure i will do some bad things if i try this, so i will let the future buyer play as the watch will be for sale soon
  13. AP FC Diver Noob V4 Loose Noisy Rotor

    So you got it already. ..great my friend !
  14. Well, the bezel engraving is not deep enough and it might be hard to paint it and to remove the excess of paint ; i think i am not able to fix that....But i am sure that someone will have the skill and the time to do this job. So i just ordered another ARF Daytona from Toro and he was kind enough to give me a discount on this one. Regarding this current watch, as i am not able to let her go now until i have the next one, i keep her and i will put her for sale in 3 weeks for a good price with this bezel paint issue.....
  15. Well, Toro didn't see that during the control but we will say that "errare humanum est" Conclusion....Double check that bezel paint on you QC pics when you order this awesome watch; believe me it's a true beauty !!!