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  1. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    Seiko 5 helmet reissue...Nothing better for that price ! Édit : I just made a circular brushing on the bezel...looks fine now
  2. Something from our newest dealer

    Congratulations, this is really a nice piece ! How much for that ?
  3. AP FC Diver Noob V4 Loose Noisy Rotor

    Right ! I meant oil
  4. AP FC Diver Noob V4 Loose Noisy Rotor

    That's it ! Just put a small amount of grease in the middle, the bearing must be dry as they are old eta rotor...even WD40 is fine ! Don't forget the screw to install it, like this http://www.ebay.fr/itm/ETA-2824-2826-2834-2836-screw-rotor-vis-masse-Schraube-fur-Schwungmasse-/252666308583?hash=item3ad415e7e7:g:x6IAAOSwHMJYG2Tm
  5. AP FC Diver Noob V4 Loose Noisy Rotor

    Well, i guess this is a deco plate in the middle and the real screw is just hidden...So just remove this small plate with the both small fake screws, unscrew the real one, then try to find a simple eta 2824 2836 rotor ! Maybe i am wrong, but if it is right, the deco plate is just glued !
  6. Life in Alaska - part XXII

    Waouh, very impressive with these pics
  7. Life in Alaska - part XXII

    Nice ! White bear is bigger than a kodiak ?
  8. Gen or rep guys?

    The triangle at twelve is very nice and the numbers on the insert are deep and clear... The bezel teeth are good, the winding crown is perfect, the space between 12600ft and 3000m is perfect, the date is centered, and the sel is perfect...ETC ! This might be a gen deepsea
  9. Daytona 116500...which one to choose?

    Yes it doesn't have a full chrono, but this is a fine piece and the first daytona i would buy if i could ! Anyway, i will always go with Noob if i have to choose even with JF...BP is not in the race for me ! Noob wins because i have never been dissapointed by this maker with the finishing, the build quality and the movements....JF is great also but Noob is a great value to me.
  10. Daytona 116500...which one to choose?

    This one looks to be the best at the moment, but i am not sure if it is a full chrono working https://puretime03.com/daytona-116520-arf-1-1-best-edition-904l-ss-case-and-bracelet-black-dial-a4130-super-clone.html
  11. Noob Seadweller 4000

    I noticed that intime has a Noob v7 sd4000 https://www.intime01.co/rollie/4037-sea-dweller-116600-black-ceramic-1-1-noob-best-edition-sa3135-v7.html
  12. Wristies - thread consolidation?

    I would love to ! It's the Noob called v8 by Toro with swiss sellita
  13. Noob Seadweller 4000

    This is Nice indeed...but is it still called the v2 ?