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  1. so this is the watch bunker !
  2. Yes you're right, i forgot these from Davidsen ; but it's not a common rep unfortunately !
  3. They are really nice, but i always wonder why we don't have some good reps of the old FF
  4. http://www.tb-688.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=35_52&product_id=1959 Plus you have a Y incabloc on this one from Toro, not on the one from Ebay if i am not mistaken
  5. Looks rep to me, from NOOB i think; crown guard lever, movement, everything is wrong !!!
  6. Stunning built and great combo with this black dial and green insert...Wait for a wristshot
  7. This is very interesting, many thanks ! Mine is definitely like your v7 on the left regarding the numbers presence. The v6s numbers look «ghost» on every angles.
  8. I see exactly what you mean, this watch is a mistery ! I think my judgment has been impacted too much from the pictures i saw on the other forums...i thought i lost the lotery when at first seeing this dark insert. I would be very curious to see a gen under different lighting condition Nonetheless, i know this v7 insert has not yet the fine color; she is way too dark and less greenish than the real deal...BUT, what a beautiful watch, i don't regret it !
  9. 02/11/2017 wristorama
  10. That's right indeed with the dial...it can goes from "black" to light green !
  11. Ok, so maybe i am wrong, thanks for your input mate
  12. Hi everyone ! I finally received from Toro a beautiful Noob hulk v7 but it looks like the maker built it with another insert color, darker from what i saw on every forums. What do you think mates about that ? Is it me or the bezel color can change at this point according to the photos setting ? These pictures of my watch were taken under too different strong spotlight. This one download from another forum, with what looks like the good light green color !
  13. Thanks, i will try it asap !